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Oracle SOA Suite 10g and 11g resources, news, and support articles.

#384 Stream Explorer - References

Let's go back to our order exploration app -

Remember, this is what our input file looked like.

#383 Oracle Stream Explorer / OEP basics

Just to demo Stream Explorer interaction with OEP -
I login to the OEP console -

Note the url http://localhost:9002

#382 First steps with Oracle Stream Explorer

When you login, you see the five default catalog sections. In this version of the product, they simply provide the ability for you to do functional categorization. 

SOA Software/Akana API Gateway

There is wide adoption of REStful services across enterprise. Initially we had exposed services on OSB even though the json support was not that great with OSB. There used to be lot of custom java codes that needs to be used to maintain these services. All oracle 11g products were fully focused on the XML , so the json support want great.

Oracle Streams Explorer

At the recent Oracle SOA Suite community forum in Budapest I had a hands-on experience with the Oracle Streams Explorer. Having worked with the Oracle Complex Event Processing and also some hands-on exercises with the new
Oracle Event Processing, the Oracle Streams Explorer is a very easy to handle and useful addition to the area of near-real-time data insight and analysis.

Sneak Preview of Oracle Process Cloud Service

The secret is out - all of us here are heads down working on BPM as a PaaS. You may have already visited us at and like most BPM enthusiasts, perhaps you can barely wait to get your hands on the service and see how you can automate your turnkey business processes in a snap. A BPM PaaS solution, where all the maintenance and infrastructure is taken care of for your behind the covers allowing a true decoupling between IT and Business.

Developer Interview (#DI16) with Veer Muchandi (@VeerMuchandi) Docker, OpenShift Enterprise v3 and Kubernetes

TGIF! And time for a new episode in my developer interview series. With everybody going crazy about containers, Docker and such I decided to talk to someone who once was a middleware/Java EE guy and let him introduce all the latest news and stuff around OpenShift Enterprise v3.

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