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JavaLand4Kids Celebrates Successful Premiere and Thrills Tomorrow's Little Programmers

All of my readers should know, that I am part of the organizing team behind JavaLand.

Review: "WildFly Configuration, Deployment, and Administration - Second Edition" by Christopher Ritchie

Travelling has downsides. Especially when coming back to the office to catch up with all the tasks being actively postponed. One of them has been sitting here for too long: It took me a while to get this latest review for Packt Publishing out the door. But this is the good side of traveling, you have plenty of time to read and educate yourself on topics.


#388 Stream Explorer --> Patterns - Eliminate Duplicates etc.


According to the ORCL docs -

A pattern provides you with a simple way to explore event streams based on common business scenarios.

A pattern is a template of an Oracle Event Processing application that already has the business logic built into it. The visual representation of the event stream varies from one pattern type to another based on the key fields you choose.

So which patterns are provided?

#387 StreamExplorer --> Source - JMS


In this blog post I detail the setup/creation of a JMS Stream.
I will create a JMS client that writes credit card TXs to a Queue.
This queue will then be the source for my Stream -

Providing Oracle Stream Explorer environment using Docker

In the past week I have been experimenting with installing Oracle Stream Explorer into a Docker container, in order to simplify provisioning development/show case environments with a single docker run command. 

# 386 Stream Explorer - Targets --> Type: CSV File

According to the ORCL docs -

Every exploration must be configured with a target to send the details downstream. Unless the exploration is published, you cannot send the events downstream to the configured target.

Ok, so Targets are required to send data downstream, e.g. via EDN to a SOA composite, or simply via a file. Before we look in detail at Targets, a word about the difference between draft and published.

#385 Stream Explorer - Preferences

In the previous posts I have covered data manipulation via summaries, group by, filters etc.
I also demonstrated the use of a simple time window - analysing orders over a rolling 5 minute time window.

Now I would like to take a step back and look at the Stream Explorer Preferences and what we can do with them.

#384 Stream Explorer - References

Let's go back to our order exploration app -

Remember, this is what our input file looked like.

#383 Oracle Stream Explorer / OEP basics

Just to demo Stream Explorer interaction with OEP -
I login to the OEP console -

Note the url http://localhost:9002

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