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Oracle SOA Suite 10g and 11g resources, news, and support articles.

JDev ps1 : adf-config.xml invalid & SDO / TaskForm deployment

There are two behaviours in JDev 11g ps1 that you do not want in conjuction with a Subversion checkout source directory:

1) Open SCA composite in JDeveloper
When you create SCA compsities with the latest release of JDeveloper 11g patch set 1, you could run into an frustrating error:

Solving “javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: Unable to resolve ‘jdbc.SOAAppUserDataSource’ “ with Oracle SOA Suite 11g Adapter S

I ran into this rather “stupid user error” a couple of times already. It’s very easy to solve, however it’s also very easy to do it wrong when configuring Oracle SOA Suite 11g Adapter services through the WebLogic Console. I hope this blog entry will help new users when running into this problem: You get the [...]

Troubleshooting ORABPEL-05215 errors

The ORABPEL-05215 is annoying to troubleshoot. Advice online is pretty generic, and when I ran into this, I decided to once and for all get to the bottom of it.

My Scenario

Virtualization for Windows: An Update

Even though the technology has been with us for some time, virtualization remains a big deal. And while hardware virtualization still gets most of the attention, other aspects also matter, including desktop virtualization and application virtualization.

I wrote an overview of Windows virtualization technology a couple of years ago. An updated version of the paper, once again sponsored by Microsoft, is now available here.

Interesting bug related to ANT deployments and importing JARs

This finding is related to the same issue I was troubleshooting in my next post.

Using SnagIt Screen Capture Plug-In for Windows Live Writer

Screen captures are important when blogging and having an easy way to capture images from the screen and embedding them into a blog entry is a key feature. SnagIt from Techsmith Corporation is a popular and very usable utility for taking such snapshots of screens. When using Windows Live Writer blogging client software there are [...]

Posting Source Code with Microsoft Live Writer and WordPress

Today I searched for a solution to post source code using Microsoft Live Writer to my blog hosted on WordPress itself has an integrated Syntax Highlighter supporting most popular languages. Details of how to use it can be found here. But how do you use the WordPress Syntax Highlighter when using Microsoft’s Live Writer [...]

Oracle VPN

Virtual Private Networks have made remote working and access to critical corporate resources so much easier over the past few years.

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