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Oracle SOA Suite 10g and 11g resources, news, and support articles.

Architecture: Burden or Blessing?

I'm a big fan of architecture. I really think it makes a big difference whether or not you have an architecture in place to build upon. However, I get into discussions with program- and projectmanagers, who think that architecture is nothing more than a burden for the project. Often I try to explain to them what the benefit is from architecture, even teaching them that architecture and programmanagement have the same goals: realizing business goals (by implementing software).

A new decade for Enterprise Java Applications

We are coming up on the 10th anniversary of the EJB 1.1 final release. When you take a look at the J2EE specification and the Enterprise Java Application programming models and frameworks that are out there now you begin to appreciate what an important step the EJB specification was. Not so much for what you can do with it today, but how it introduced a paradigm shift.

Theory v Practice - the opposite view

There is an age old sayingIn theory, practice and theory are the same thing, in practice they aren'tThis is true 90% of the time, but in Engineering it isn't always the case. I was speaking to someone a day or so ago about interviews and they were nervous as the job they were applying for required a specific programming skill and they had only done "a bit" of it.What I told this poor young fool

Azure Speaking Tour: Europe Dates

Here are the European cities and dates for my fall Windows Azure speaking tour:

  • London: October 6
  • Munich: October 7
  • Paris: October 8

It's going to be a busy week.

REST-* can you please grow up

Well didn't Mark Little just thrown in a grenade today around REST-* by daring to suggest that maybe just maybe there needs to be a bit more clarity on how to use REST effectively.As he said this "The REST-* effort might end up documenting what already exists which indicates that part of the challenge is that lots of people don't really know what REST is and certainly struggle as they look to

Business Utilities are about levers not CPUs

"As a Service" is a moniker tagged against a huge number of approaches. Often it demonstrates a complete marketing and intelligence fail and regularly it just means a different sort of licensing model."As a Service" tends to mean utility pricing and the best "As a Service" offers have worked out both what their service is and what its utility is. have a CRM/Sales Support service

Updating the Windows Azure Story

If you're paying close attention, you already know this, but it's still worth pointing out that Microsoft has changed various aspects of what was called the Azure Services Platform. It's now known as the Windows Azure platform, and some pieces have been deleted, such as the Workflow part of .NET Services. For a current description, take a look at the updated version of my paper Introducing the Windows Azure Platform (formerly called Introducing the Azure Services Platform).

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