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Oracle SOA Suite 10g and 11g resources, news, and support articles.

Modern SOA Infrastructure Book nearing completion

Hi all,
I have been holed up since December finishing up my latest book endeaver titled Modern SOA Infrastructure. This is part of the Prentice Hall Service Oriented Computing Series with Thomas Erl. I worked with Thomas Erl on the SOA Design Patterns book and found it to be a positive experience so I jumped at the chance to do this too. So far it has worked out well.

NServiceBus 2.0 RTM

Well, it’s been a long time coming.
NServiceBus 2.0 RTM is now generally available.
There were some small tweaks after the RC2 but I’m happy to say that, all in all, this was a very quiet stabilization period. Key customers have reported very high levels of satisfaction with the NServiceBus stability, scalability, and simplicity.
For example has very [...]

ESRI Developer Summit Keynote

The people at ESRI have kindly invited me back to keynote their Developer Summit in Palm Springs later this month. I'll be talking about cloud platforms, describing and comparing some of the most visible examples, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft's Windows Azure platform, and Google AppEngine.

Setting Proxy Authentication in Java ( Proxy or Server Authentication Required) Proxy or Server Authentication Required

Oracle ADF and Google Translate : Leveraging Google Translation Services in Oracle ADF Applications

An application that will be used in a multi-cultural and multi-language environment can leverage the free translation service of Google through Google Translate API.

This post recreated the Google Translate service using Oracle ADF Faces RC in JDeveloper 11g to demonstrate the simplicity and the possibilities of using the Google Translate API.
Below are screen shots of our completed Google

CQRS Video Online

A couple of weeks ago I gave a talk on Command/Query Responsibility Segregation in London.
The recording of the talk is online here.
There is one important thing that I didn’t have enough time to cover, but I want you to keep in mind as you’re watching this. It is that CQRS is applicable only *within* [...]

IDS Scheer BPA tool leader

Few days ago Gartner published it’s Magic Quadrant for Business Process Analysis tools. ARIS is one of the most comprehensive enterprise and BP architecture toolsets on the market, with strong support for a wide variety of standards, methods and frameworks.
IDS Scheer OEMed ARIS to both SAP and Oracle. Oracle and SAP use ARIS as the [...]

Oracle SOA Governance 11g release?

Recently, in a press release, Oracle introduced Oracle SOA Governance. This component of Fusion Middleware consist of the following components:

Oracle Enterprise Repository – OER
Oracle Service Registry
SOA Management with Oracle Enterprise Manager (SOA Management Pack)
Web Service Manager

According to the press release it is already fully integrated with Oracle Amberpoint:
Oracle SOA Goverance 11g is fully integrated [...]

ADF Faces RC: Building a Reusable Google Map Viewer that Supports both Geocoding and Reverse Geocoding (Applying Frank Nimphius'

In this post, I will show you how to build a reusable Google Map Viewer that supports both Geocoding and Reverse Geocoding. This map viewer is implemented based on Frank Nimphius' declarative lightweight popup pattern. This can be incorporated from anywhere in your application that has address information.

Our steps to recreate this would be as follows:

Sign up for the Google Maps API

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