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Oracle SOA Suite 10g and 11g resources, news, and support articles.

The World of SOA: Laundries, Legos, and Home Construction

As an architect explaining SOA concepts to developers of traditional enterprise applications, I encountered various analogies comparing the concepts of SOA to LegoTM blocks, which are actually considered by some experts as being

Schema Centralization Pattern

The SOA Design Patterns site (and book) has an interesting chapter on the topic of schema centralization.  The recommended solution is essentially the pattern used in AIA.

1. Establish your service inventory using a top-down business process model driven approach.

2. Identify the Enterprise Business Objects (EBO) and Enterprise Business Messages (EBM).

3. Create the EBO Schema canonical definitions using the industry standards.

Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog!

Update: September 09, 2010

The goals of this blog as well as information about me are listed on the side bar, so I would like to take this opportunity to spell out the code of ethics for this blog, adapted from my colleague’s excellent blog.

Hangover of FND_CONCURRENT.wait_for_request

It is a well known fact that the following APIs are used in Oracle eBusiness Suite to control the submission of concurrent requests:

This API is used to submit the concurrent request and get the request id for the submission


Enterprise mashup solution from Big Blue

IBM recently announced the availability of it's enterprise mashup solution, IBM Mashup Center, which will be coming to the market in 2008. For more details on IBM Mashup Center , you can visit the homepage - and interesting Beta launching video in Youtube -

Email XML Publisher generated output

How do we identify the output generated by xml publisher via a concurrent request in oracle ebusiness suite and email it to users?

In order to implement this functionality, we would have to know the following:

1. The concurrent request id of the program that is tied to an xml publisher defined layout
2. The path and name of the output file that is generated by the output post processor for the concurrent request
3. An email utility that can mail the generated output as an attachment

On-Demand mashup - Kapow OnDemand

Kapow Technologiy recently announced industry's first on-demand mashup server "Kapow OnDemand". According to the company source, this solution "will help turn the Web into a personal information service for users".This solution also comes with excel connector so that user can find and execute Web services that deliver data directly to their spreadsheet. This solution also capable of delivering

The mystery of ORA-02069

Recently, I stumbled upon the ORA-02069 error while trying to insert a row into a remote table referenced via a db link. True to the nature of the DML, the error indicates that the global_names parameter should be set to TRUE to complete the remote DML. The curious thing about this error is that it appears only when I try to do the insert via a concurrent program in Oracle eBusiness Suite. If the remote DML is performed thru a tool like TOAD, it works fine!

OASIS Symposium 2008 - mashup everywhere

The conference went very well with so many great sessions. Nortel presented their idea moving up in value chain by providing communication building blocks so that different solution provider can "mashup" those components to build the solutions.My presentation and SAP's presentation on mashup in middleware very well accepted. People raised skepticisms about IT politics in enterprise which may not

OASIS Symposium 2008 - composability within SOA

This will be great event for learning how SOA supports composability.For the event home page : " This exciting two-day event will explore the advantages of applying Service-Oriented Architecture techniques for assembling and tuning applications developed on different platforms and managed by different owners. You'll learn how others are addressing challenges, share your own viewpoints, compare

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