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When you know it isn't a cloud

Following up on the previous post I thought I'd do the REALLY obvious ones that indicate it isn't a cloud. James' list wasn't nearly cynical enough in light of the things that are claimed to be a cloud.So here goesIf its just a single website with no backups storing stuff to disk then its just a standard WEBSITE not a cloud (Hello Sidekick)If its a physical box that is meant to help you manage a

OOW SOA Gems: SCA is the J2EE of SOA

Here are some takeaways from Greg Pavlik’s and Clemens Utschig’s outstanding and inspiring presentation yesterday at Oracle Open World on key architectural aspects of Oracle SOA Suite 11.

How you know a phone is rubbish

My ever perceptive wife Heather spotted something the other day about mobile phone adverts. They basically come in two flavoursiPhone adsThe restThe difference between them is simple here are the apple ones, first from when it launchedand an "there is an app for that" oneNow for the competition: SamsungMicrosoftand (with the Omnia)and Google's Android (via HTC)See the difference? The Mrs did

Bug in the SOA Suite 10g patchset for Windows affects BPEL redeployments

My recommendation at this time is not to proceed with applying the Oracle SOA Suite 10g Patch Set 5 ( for Windows. There is a bug that causes redeployment of BPEL processes to fail.

When redeploying an updated version of a BPEL process that is already deployed to the server, your ant or JDeveloper will return the following error:

Open World Update #1 - Boys and their Toys

Oracle Open World 2009 was opened last night by a presentation from Scott McNealey, the - still - current CEO of SUN. As always, Scott has a free style of presenting, laced with a lot of humour. I got a sad feeling from him, as these are his last days as SUN CEO. One time he mentioned: this will probably the last time for a while that I'm able to present for such a large crowd. However, there was also a lot of pride in what was achieved during his 26 years at Sun.

Not a cloud? Then what is it?

Redmonk are one of those smaller analyst companies who make up for a lack of numbers with a refreshing depth and honesty. James Governor's latest, and I assume light hearted, view of "15 Ways to Tell Its Not Cloud Computing" however does a bit of a disservice to the debate around clouds. Mostly right but with a few glaring pieces I felt I had to disagree with.If you peel back the label and its

BPM 11g Hands-on-lab

We had a very successful hand-on-lab (HOL) for BPM Suite 11g at OOW 2009. Some of the features touched upon at this lab are:

BPM 11g Hands-on-lab

We had a very successful hand-on-lab (HOL) for BPM Suite 11g at OOW 2009.

BPM 11g Hands-on-lab

We had a very successful hand-on-lab (HOL) for BPM Suite 11g at OOW 2009.

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