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Oracle SOA Suite 10g and 11g resources, news, and support articles.

Boiling SOA to 3 Simple Patterns

I love SOA. There I said it! It's done more than pay my bills, it's helped me strategize robust solutions to help businesses succeed. I can't see how any organizaiton can survive without a SOA an strategy! Ok, enough with the SOA love fest. Recently, I have been discussing and debating with some of my colleagues my thought process that Services should be the foundation for anything integration. Even when Ms. Maine proclaimed “SOA is Dead”, she followed up with “long live Services”. Let me explain my rationale.

What conference calls tell us about REST

I've just got off a conference call, the topic isn't important. What is important is that at the end of the call lots of other people started joining. Why was this? Well they were joining the next call that the meeting organiser had.This got me thinking about REST and resource identifiers and why if you are doing REST its really important to understand what the right resource is. With

Participate in Burton Group's BPM Contextual Research Project

During the second half of 2009, Burton Group is conducting a qualitative research project to assess business, cultural, and technology trends driving business process management (BPM) efforts within the enterprise. We want to understand how organizations are deriving value from BPM. We want to gain insight into the factors that enable them to succeed, and the barriers causing failure. What is the set of product requirements that enable effective and efficient business process design, implementation, integration, execution, monitoring, and management?

IBM DB2 Data in action

I was recently invited by IBM to paricipate in a virtual conference called Data in Action essentially about their DB2 product. This was an interesting experiment as it had a number of virtual booths that were 'manned' by IBM personnel and then there was a solutions area where we presented. There were approximately 800 non IBM personnel and 100 people from IBM personnel registered. At one point when I checked, it appeared that there were over 400 people in attendance.

Is there a Cloud programming model?

I have been participating in a lively cloud-computing@googlegroups discussion focused on Cloud programming models.

When considering Cloud Computing’s impact on application development and architecture, I have continually asked my team the following questions:

  • What is unique?
  • What is new?
  • How does Cloud Computing change application development and application architecture?

Is SOA Failing? A 2008 Interview

I've avoided commenting much on the collapse of SOA. This is partly because I've been focused on other things, like cloud computing. It's also because I wanted to avoid colliding too much with the Oracle David Chappell, whose perspective on this issue has been somewhat different than mine. Plenty of people were out there making the points that I would have made, and so adding to the confusion didn't seem to have much value.

Computer Software articles to use on your website

Often, when getting a web site or online service started the 'shop front' can look bare until you build up content. Producing your own content can take time. One option is to use free articles from other sources. The Computer Software section at Article Alley has hundreds of software product and software development articles that are free to use.

To 11g or not to 11g

I know, it's cheap to paraphrase a well-known writer. However, it doesn't make the question less valid. Usually the migration to a new major release of a software product is quite an undertaking. This is certainly true for Oracle SOA Suite 11g. That said, there are more than enough reasons to go for 11g, as it delivers a whole lot of new functionality that you might need. That new functionality is not the subject of this post, but you can find any information you need on OTN.

Podcast on SOA Governance

A while ago I was at Oracle HQ talking to Dave Berry, product team manager of Oracle Fusion Middleware, about governance. We started out a discussion on our blogs and we felt it would be a nice idea to convert our discussion into an article.

Somehow Bob Rhubart, manager of the Architect Community within Oracle, got wind of our discussion and invited us to give our take on Governance in general. The result is two podcasts on Governance:

New version of WLS & SOA Available

Oracle WebLogic Server 11gR1 (10.3.2) is now available


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