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Securing Big Data - Part 1

As Big Data and its technologies such as Hadoop head deeper into the enterprise so questions around compliance and security rear their heads.

The first interesting point in this is that it shows the approach to security that many of the Silicon Valley companies that use Hadoop at scale have taken, namely pretty little really.  It isn't that protecting information has been seen as a massively

#364 Fixed Length file processing part 2

Here we receive a fixed length text file of type A and
write it to a fixed length text file of type B

Type A -

#363 Fixed Length File processing with SOA Suite 12c

Here is a simple example -

My flat file is as follows -

New White Paper: Understanding NoSQL on Microsoft Azure

Strictly speaking, this isn't a new whitepaper--it's an update of an earlier paper I wrote on this topic. But Azure's native support for NoSQL has gotten so much broader that the paper is almost entirely new.

The technologies it covers are:

2014, twenty fourteen going on fifteen. Happy Holidays!

I can't recall when I started doing those end-of-the-year blog-posts. But it became something that I am really looking forward to do. Getting into the mood of looking back at 12 months, 365.242 days, 8765.808 hours and even more seconds. By the average 6.8 hours of sleep per night, this gives us ~17 hours per day. A decent percentage of this went into my jobs and hobbies. I've always been passionate about what I've been doing. And this did not change since mid July, when I decided to join Red Hat.

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