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Using JPA And CDI Beans With Camel on WildFly

I didn't really plan for it, but with a conference free month, I had the chance to dig around a little more and show you even more of the Camel on WildFly magic, that the WildFly-Camel subsystem provides.

The Business Background

Launch Webcast: Oracle Process Cloud Service

Are you awaiting eagerly to hear from the experts on Oracle Process Cloud Service? Would you like to listen to customer stories, see the product and consider the pros and cons of running process automation on the cloud?

#418 Process Cloud Service - REST API

Using the REST API, you can integrate with applications
outside of Oracle Process Cloud Service.

So say the ORCL docs - so what does this look like?

#417 Process Cloud Service - Defining and leveraging Web Services therein

Here is my credit card validation web service -

As you can see, I have zipped it up.

#416 Process Cloud Service -> Interplay with BPM-on-Premise for Design Time

Here is my PCS process -

I have 2 Data Objects defined -

#414 Process Cloud Service - Monitoring Dashboards

Our user,phillip, is an administrator and sees the above icon on his home page.

#413 Process Cloud Service Administration

carrying on from the previous 2 blog posts...

user phillip is our admin -

Sending JMS Messages From WildFly 8 To WebLogic 12 with Camel

System integration is a nice challenge. Especially, when you're looking for communication standards and reliable solutions. In today's microservices world, everybody talks about REST services and http-based protocols. As a matter of fact, this will never be enough for most enterprise projects which typically tend to have a much more complex set of requirements. A reasonable solution is a Java Message Service based integration. And while we're not looking at centralized infrastructures and ESBs anymore, we want point to point based integration for defined services.

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