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Oracle SOA Suite 10g and 11g resources, news, and support articles.

The New Big Picture for Data

It's a heady time for data. We've seen more change in the last few years than in the previous couple of decades.

#17 SOA 12c New Features - ESS --> incompatible jobs

Here is a simple example -

I have a composite with 2 sync BPEL processes -

Bridging the Gap Between Vision and Execution with BPM

Today’s organizations face increasing business pressures due to globalization, changing competitors, stricter regulations, faster pace of innovation, and demand for better customer service. Trends such as mobile, social, cloud, and analytics have a profound impact on a company’s business and its core business processes. Companies expect business driven rapid process automation, seamless collaboration among all stakeholders, deep insights for better busness decisions, unprecedented agility and operational excellence.

# 16 SOA Suite 12c New Features - Coherence Adapter

Here is a simple example of using the above -

I have a web service that checks the inventory status of products.

SOA 12c Debugger issue --> cannot initiate debugging

Check the following - thanks to Luis Weir - he also Tweeted this - I don't like Twitter myself!
Too limiting, I am more into writing longer texts!

This issue may be caused by the debugger trying to use the ip address under which the SOA app was deployed.

1. Make sure the listen address is empty.

I should play more lotto

Just my luck: Friday afternoon and I hit an error in the Oracle VM.
OVMRU_001020E does not show on Google or inside Oracle Support ;-)

Am I really the first to hit that problem? Seems to be an issue with the network cards in my virtual machine. I guess I will do some more reading before I can continue installing my virtual machines.

Solved it. In the view I went to the Network Ports and selected additional ports, added them to the machine and off we go.

Trip Report: OpenSlava 2014

I had the pleasure to attend OpenSlava conference in Bratislava last week. It is a one day event which is comparably new and launched last year.

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