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Oracle SOA Suite 10g and 11g resources, news, and support articles.

Tinkering with the Database Adapter

The process of creating a connection factory for a database adapter in Oracle Weblogic Server can be quite baffling since it allows us to create the factory in the weblogic console but does now allow us to set the properties for the connection factory!

Typically, the property that we would be interested in would be dataSourceName or XAdataSourceName. We would be giving the jndi name of our data source as a value for this property. If we cannot do it thru the weblogic console, then how do we do it?

Directory Browsing in Apache

To enable directory browsing in Apache web server, edit httpd.conf file and add option “Indexes” to “Directory” tag.
So your tag will look like this
<Directory />     Options FollowSymLinks MultiViews     AllowOverride None </Directory>

and modify it like below
<Directory /> [...]

Downloading the SOA Design Time for JDeveloper 11G

Oracle Fusion Middleware 11G Release 1 was officially launched by Oracle on the 1st July 2009; included in this release are the 11G version of WebLogic, SOA Suite, WebCenter and Identity Management. You can download all of the required components from

Vendor Managed Infrastructure - Are clouds just a VMI solution?

Tweeting with Neil Ward-Dutton I had a thought about what he has written on public v private clouds and it made me think that the only real difference between them is in the who manages and pays. This might sound like a big thing but taking a leaf out of the retailers book it doesn't need to be that large.Vendor Managed Inventory is simply where a supplier takes over the management of a products

Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g launched. Did you miss it ?

Yesterday Oracle launched the long-awaited 11g release of Fusion Middleware. Perhaps you missed it? Well, nothing lost! You can go to OTN and see a replay of the launch. You'll also find all the downloads and additional information that will help you get started!

Go for it! It's definitely worthwhile!

The CIO's top 3 priorities

New waves of technological innovation lead to new businesses for IT-delivery. These new businesses use very fast and ultra large scale models to deliver IT-services to consumers. These businesses deliver infrastructure like high volume processing, storage and network facilities within minutes at rates of a few cents per hour usage. Consumers can access virtual PC-s in virtual LAN-s at any size for any period of time on demand using protocols like RDP (Remote Desk Top), which gives the user a local experience of high capacity.

Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g Launched!

Today is the day we officially launch Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g.

Fusion Middleware 11gR1 is the result of a herculean effort that is 3+ years in the making.

Oracle SOA Suite 11gR1 download avaiable

At last it is there. FInally we can use the new featrues of Oracle Weblogic Server 11gR1, Oracle SOA Suite 11gR1. It is available for download!

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