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Oracle SOA Suite 10g and 11g resources, news, and support articles.

The Clint Eastwood school of change

Change is hard, change against people who don't want to change is extremely hard bordering on impossible. In any change programme therefore you need to be clear about what you are up against and what success looks like.This is where Clint Eastwood can help. Sure Chuck Norris can run around the world and punch himself in the back of the head but Clint Eastwood has many more lessons on delivering

SOA beyond the hype

The SOA-storm has tempered down. The extremely enthusiastic opinion-makers are cooling down. The hype is over, and SOA is there to stay. Tools are evolving toward maturity and enterprises are serious in adopting the architectural style of SOA. A new layer of governance, the hardest part of SOA, will slowly grow on top of today's IT-governance once the new CIO has convinced the board. Roadmaps are in place.

Why would a cloud appliance be physical?

IBM often lead in technology areas and with the history of LPAR on the mainframe they've got a background in virtualisation that most competitors would envy. So clearly with cloud they are going to go after it. Sometimes they'll do what they did with SOA and tag a (IMO) dog of a product with the new buzzword (MQSI = Advanced ESB - I'm looking at you) and other times they will actually do

Accessing Oracle SOA documentation

Ever tried to find that one document about the ESB on OTN? Did you quite remember where you found that BPEL Developers Guide? Well, life's been made easy for you. Marc Kelderman (Oracle Consulting) has made a list of just about all you need to start out with SOA from an Oracle perspective. Go and have a look at Marc Kelderman's shortlist.

Enable ASControl application

If you want to move your ascontrol application from an existing OC4J to new one, you need to do something more than simply starting it on one and stopping on another. You have to set ohs-routing which can’t be done from EM console.

Edit server.xml located under $ORACLE_HOME/j2ee/<oc4j container name>/config and set the start attribute [...]

Arch2Arch Podcasts

The Oracle Technology Network Arch2Arch Podcast brings together architects and other experts from across the Oracle community and beyond to discuss the issues, tools, and technologies that are a daily part of the software architect's ever-changing world. I've always enjoyed these podcasts and find them an extremely useful and convenient source of information.

Single Canonical Form? Only Suicidal Dinosaurs need apply

Now I said a while ago that Single Canonical form wasn't for SOA well now I've been doing some SaaS projects and I've realised with traditional modesty that not only am I right, but that people who are still pushing it as an approach can be described as suicidal dinosaurs.If SaaS is anywhere in your future, and it will be unless you are a military secure establishment and even then it might me,

The challenge of "build for the web" to SaaS economic models

Build for the web is a strong meme. Most of the time people focus on the technical elements of this and the end user elements. What I haven't seen people talk about much is the impact that this has on the current financial models from SaaS vendors. SaaS can give great benefits for companies by enabling an OpEx rather than CapEx model but the solutions today do assume that a person is using them

Data Grids and Service-Oriented Architecture

This paper looks at the challenges of selecting an
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The increasing rate of change in the modern business environment demands greater agility in an organization’s technology infrastructure. Service-oriented architecture (SOA) provides a means of integrating disparate applications within an enterprise, improving reuse of application logic while eliminating duplication of production environments. SOA avoids silos of disconnected information that make it difficult to service customers, meet production demands, and manage large volumes of information.

Response: Remote request with weak authentication.

The ‘weak authentication’ message means that ONS is using the default wallet (or some other demo wallet) that ships with the product. Note that this wallet is a DEMO-only wallet, and is not secure! For security it is necessary to configure a real wallet for use with OPMN. You will need to either create a [...]

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