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Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g Launched!

Today is the day we officially launch Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g.

Fusion Middleware 11gR1 is the result of a herculean effort that is 3+ years in the making.

Oracle SOA Suite 11gR1 download avaiable

At last it is there. FInally we can use the new featrues of Oracle Weblogic Server 11gR1, Oracle SOA Suite 11gR1. It is available for download!

Oracle SOA Suite 11gR1 download avaiable

At last it is there. FInally we can use the new featrues of Oracle Weblogic Server 11gR1, Oracle SOA Suite 11gR1. It is available for download!

Error: Remote request refused because authentication is not configured

This error can occur because of wrong configuration at opmn.xml. OPMN supports remote requests to other OPMN servers in the same cluster, but for security reasons all process control requests (start, restart and stop) are only enabled if SSL is enabled in the opmn.xml file and a wallet file is configured. If neither SSL nor [...]

Process Engines vs State Engines

Process Engines, usually BPEL engines or Workflow engines, execute proces-steps based on a predefined process. This is a sound practice, however not for long-running processes.

Long-running processes have the nasty habit to change over time. This will affect all active and running processes. Why? Because the process engines usually store the process state and corresponding data in a persistence store. The effect of a change in the process requires you to migrate all those saved instances, unless you are able to leave them running the old version of the process.

Are you ready for the Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g launch

Welcome to my blog. The 11g launch seems the perfect catalyst to start sharing my thoughts and experiences on Oracle middleware. I am a UK based ACE Director for Fusion Middleware with a lot of experience of SOA solutions through many many implementations - I will be telling you about some of these over the coming months.

Oracle releases its next generation middleware tomorrow on 1st July 2009 which will underpin Fusion Applications. Its an existing time for all Oracle customers and partners and I will be giving my thoughts as soon as the launch is over ..

When successful systems go bad - boiling frogs with Technical Debt

One of the challenges I often see in companies is when successful systems go bad. These aren't the systems that were delivered 3 times over time and 5 times the budget, these are the systems that many years ago delivered real benefits for the business and delivered in a reasonable time and budget.The problem is that all those years ago the team in question was focused absolutely on getting the

Another great document on Cloud Computing

I recognize a lot of cynicism about Cloud Computing. People see it as a buzz word, which it is, and for this reason play down this technology trend. I think CIO's should not be happy when this happens in their office.

Counting down to Oracle 11g Lauch Event

Hey all!
Mark your calendar and plan to attend the Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g launch event in Washington, D.C.,on July 1. Join Oracle President Charles Phillips and Oracle Senior Vice President Thomas Kurian to see Oracle's Fusion Middleware in action. Click here to register.

Lifecycle Governance of your core assets

The SOA Gateway enables your core software assets, including data and business logic, to be exposed as standards based services that can be used from multiple client technologies. Once a service has been deployed and is in use from one or more systems, there are reasons why it may change:

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