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Oracle SOA Suite 10g and 11g resources, news, and support articles.

Invoking EJB's from Oracle ESB using WSIF

A common requirement with the Oracle ESB is to use it to invoke one or more EJBs; one way to do this is to create a standard SOAP service from an existing EJB using the wizards in JDeveloper.

Whilst this is straight forward, it has the disadvantage that you introduce the overhead of using SOAP/HTTP as well as losing the ability to invoke the EJB as part of a wider transaction.

SOA Down Under

Well it's been a while since I posted my last blog, and since then a lot has happened!!

On a personal note, I have moved half way round the world, re-locating from the UK to Melbourne, Australia. As you can imagine the process of tearing down your life on one side of the world and then rebuilding it on the other side is quite a time consuming but strangely cathartic activity (as well as leaving little time for blogging).

10th Berkeley Business Plan Competition - we are semi-finalist

We moved to semifinal round with our business plan to build an new enterprise mashup platform. We are one of the lucky 25 teams [ out of 70-100 teams ]. 25 teams are : Culinary Talent Management (CTM)Noca, Inc.FanatixActionPactSteel & CanvasVyoo, Inc.KebimaImplicit InterfacesStakkitCarsalaMyCatalogSpaceLReadyreporterist, inc.DatasporaTixonomyWorld Hearing Organization Inc.IQ

2008 predictions - big win for enterprise mashup

Different predictions for 2008 enterprise software landscape by Chappell ,Hinchcliffe , Zapthink are highlighting the significant emergence of enterprise mashup in the enterprises.It is also getting highlighted how mashup governance will be very critical for enterprise IT.

OASIS Open Std. 2008 Symposium

I got a chance again to speak about my "enterprise mashup" framework in another technology conference. I am really glad that they gave me an opportunity to speak about it in front of all the industry and std. leaders. This is going to happen on April 28-30 , 2008 at Santa Clara Marriott.More details from OASIS : "This exciting two-day event will explore the advantages of

BEA mashup platform - Genesis

BEA announces product suites for enterprise mashup creation platform. The project name is "Genesis" which also has touch of SaaS. Please see the complete press release here product suite has been scheduled to be released on Q2 of 2008.

SOA Grid - ESB as Grid enabler for SOA

ESB can be enabler of SOA Grid. ESB can be used to "gridify" SOA activities - a complete BPEL process , complex event processing or expensive DB transaction. Thus ESB can play a role of SOA computational grid framework.Designer simply attach annotation to a SOA task and ESB make sure that the task execution will be grid enabled.

Screencast of JackBe enterprise mshup platform

Please visit the link to see the screencast ..

2nd day at sys-con conference

Today I presented enterprise mashup with SOA. People were little sceptical about inclination of enterprise user to build their own application. But I guess when current facebook users will join the workforce even as a business user, what we can expect ?People asked few questions about how to use this technology in conjunction with Portal/Reports. Overall people were liked the idea eve if they are

First day at Sys-con soa conference

First day at the conf was really exciting experience. Talked to very interesting people about very interesting technology. Particularly , Tibco's Ajax framework was quite impressive. I don't think anything remained to done to provide same user experience in browser as in desktop. Nexaweb's technology also quite appealing. Good to know that my idea of enterprise mashup is not completely

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