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Oracle SOA Suite 10g and 11g resources, news, and support articles.

Meet Thomas Erl, Dirk Krafzig and many more @SOA Symposium in Rotterdam

I am looking forward to the SOA Symposium! We will give a preview together with Thomas Erl to the upcoming book “Next Generation SOA and meet David Chappel and Dirk Krafzig. This symposium features the creme de la creme in today’s SOA world, I am also happy that a hero of the 90ies, Grady Booch is there too! I am curious what he has to say on SOA…

Your hosted application is a virus vector

We are all used to seeing SaaS as an acronym for Software as a Service.

Alternative Engineering

Dan Creswell pointed me towards an interesting blog on Cargo Cults and Computing on the same day I looked at this video on YouTube...Then yesterday I was talking with someone who is helping dig out a project that has been driven into the ground by some people with very firm beliefs about how things should be done these were people who had taken pieces from agile, from waterfall, from TOGAF, from

American Express - Which number is greater?

Sometimes you just sit there and wonder about how the code managed to get to a certain end point... take my current Amex online bill...Now it could be the surprise that its the lowest monthly bill I've had since I got the card, but I don't quite think that "surprise" is something that should be built into a financial system. But some how the amount that I have to pay (the last bill) is now less

SOA Manifesto

Since I'm presenting on Agile SOA tomorrow at the MITRE conference, I thought it appropiate to create a slide on a proposed SOA Manifesto. Let me know your feedback:

1) Architecture driven (over product driven implementation)
2) Integrated Systems, Processes, and People (over individual silo's)
3) Business Visibility and Understanding (over IT priorities)
4) Re-usability (over redundant efforts)
5) Standards and Governance (over non structure)

In praise of vendor shipped AMI's and virtual machines

Roman Stanek is one of those guys who consistently gets things right and his point around AMIs and Virtual Machines not being SaaS is absolutely 100% spot on. These aren't SaaS solutions they are PaaS solutions and they do indeed leave a huge amount of work for the developer to do. Part of the problem is of course that the name Software as a Service is of course wrong its really Service as a

Why do games need an operating system?

Using my iPhone and looking at a PS3 console in Selfridges made me think about what the future could hold for games. While there are companies looking at doing server side games and a VDI solution to the end device I just don't think that matches against Moore's Law. But equally the model of downloading and installing loads of games onto a single device with multiple different anti-piracy tools

Azure Speaking Tour: Asia Dates

It's taken a while to come together, but the Asian cities and dates for this tour are now firm. They are:

  • Tokyo: October 13-14
  • Singapore: October 19
  • Bangalore: October 21
  • Mumbai: October 23

I'm really looking forward to returning to all of these cities.

Oracle OpenWorld 2009: Focus on AIA

It’s that time of the year again. Be sure to visit Oracle OpenWorld 2009 at San Francisco October 11-15, 2009. There is going to be a lot of focus on AIA (see this pdf containing a list of all AIA focused sessions), so do schedule this during your visit.

Sanity check your ORM

Have you ever had your application completely crash under load and wondered why something that just worked fine yesterday can drive you mental today?

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