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Oracle SOA Suite 10g and 11g resources, news, and support articles.

New Podcast on OTN: Interview with "SOA Design Patterns" authors

I recently did an interview along with co-author's Thomas Erl and Clemens Utschig-Utschig regarding the SOA Design Patterns book that we recently published.

When is a string literal too long?

When it's a multi-byte encoded string, that's when.

My Take on Governance: People, Process and Tools

I was reading Dave Berry's blog on how to achieve the ROI on SOA by implementing Oracle SOA Governance tooling. Dave starts with a simple example of how customers - using Oracle BPEL PM - have no clue as on how to achieve reuse. In his blog he states that 'one of the main values of SOA Governance is to deliver savings by enabling this reuse of existing services'. From there on he moves towards governance tooling, enabling visibility, control and monitoring of all SOA artifacts.

Oracle Service Bus Explained

There's a lot of confusion towards the positioning of the Oracle Service Bus. In this post I'll try to clear up the issue as best as I can.

First of all, Oracle has already shown a convergence of BEA and Oracle FMW. This will continue even stronger in the upcoming releases, 11g in particular. The strategic platform as it will be introduced with 11g will consist of two main components: Mediator and Oracle Service Bus.

Best of Breed Mainframe Integration and SOA Tools

I came across this white paper recently which touched on a number of the confusing aspects about SOA 'terminology' for want of a better word. Statements like '...with the connectivity and accessibillity offered by an SOA offers a great deal of promise....' confuse the issue even more IMHO as implementing a SOA in itself does not help with connectivity, accessibility or integration.

Use Social Networks for Competitive Intelligence

In a recent article, Outward Insight's Ken Sawka examines how Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networking Web sites and tools have enormous potential for establishing a network of competitor information sources.

In combination with other primary and secondary information sources, LinkedIn can contribute to locating and communicating with business professionals that have the knowledge and expertise to address your company’s competitive intelligence needs.

What colour is IT?

The IDC estimates that for every dollar spent on IT, 50% is spent on related energy costs.
Source: IDC, Worldwide Server Power and Cooling Expense 2006-2010 Forecast, Doc # 203598, September, 2006

Social Networks in Business

Last week I heard on the radio that The Sunday Business Post Computers in Business magazine was doing a special 'Social Networking in Business' edition. Since I'm more of an online news hound, I can't remember the last time I bought a physical newspaper, I put a reminder on my phone to pickup a copy of SBP on Sunday May 4th. Which I did. It's a rarity these days, but Sunday was not too bad weather-wise, so I sat down in a local park to enjoy Computers in Business and the sunshine.

BPEL Cloning

Sometime you want to have copy of your BPEL production environment to reproduce issues or test cases. Cloning an Oracle Application Server environment is not so complicated. The whole cloning procedure is described in the Oracle Manuals.

To clone the BPEL environment follow the instructions described in the manual “Oracle® Application Server Administrator's Guide 10g Release 3”, chapter 9. There are a few flavors of this document:

Standards Based SOA

When I originally came across the term Service Oriented Architecture or SOA, my understanding was that this related to an infrastructure in which standards were used to build services that would become part of a wider architecture. The primary standards in this area from my perspective are:

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