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Oracle SOA Suite 10g and 11g resources, news, and support articles.

Open Source as religion - when the Bazaar becomes a Cathedral

The seminal book on Open Source development "Cathedral and the Bazaar" talks eloquently about the difference between commercial software development and open source development.  In the past few years however there has been another shift, a shift where companies are actively releasing their technology into Open Source as a competitive differentiation.  A claim of 'we are open' because the source

#10 SOA 12c New Features - Enterprise Scheduler (ESS)

SOA 12c comes with its own OOTB scheduler.
It is integrated in em

#9 SOA 12c New Features - Managed File Transfer (MFT)

Here is a simple example based on MFT running on a compact domain.

The MFT design time is web based.
URL:    http://localhost:7001/mftconsole

I login as weblogic/welcome1

#6 SOA 12c New Features : Encrypt/Decrypt Personally-Identifiable Information (PII)

Nice feature -

Here is a BPEL process that accepts in an order containing credit card info.

# 5 SOA 12c - Composite Debugging

Simple Example of the above...

Start the Integrated Server.
Start the Debugger

#4 SOA 12c New Features - OSB design time in JDev / REST services

In this post I will create a simple OSB process that calls the BPEL process, created in the previous post.

#3 SOA 12c New Features - BPEL --> SubProcesses / Component Templates

Here is a quick overview of the new design time BPEL features -

I add my obquitous xsd to the project -

# 2 SOA12c - New Features - Project Structure / Technology & Cloud Adapters

12c SOA Project Structure

With 12c we get a new project structure when we create a new SOA App/Project.
This is easier to read as the 11g equivalent.

# 1 SOA 12c New Features - an overview

Welcome to SOA 12c.

Aligned with industry drivers such as Cloud, Mobile and Data.

Here are some of the new features I will detail in future posts -


1. Single JDev based developer install. Jdev's embedded WLS has the SOA engine deployed on it.
1.1. Uses JavaDB for soainfra schema

The weblogic server is installed here -


2. Debugger

3. SOA Tester

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