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NYC 2014 – Registration open

nycRegistration is now open for my 5-day Advanced Distributed Systems Design course in New York City on May 12-16. Register here.

I’m afraid that the venue we’ve got only has 24 seats and about half of those have already been sold, so if you’d like to register, please don’t wait.

#306 Adaptive Case Management API Part 3

Firstly kudos to my colleague Venugopal -
In this lab we look at the Java API and how you can use it to -

Gartner's 2014 MQ for PaaS: Organizing the Chaos

I don't envy the Gartner analysts whose job it was to put together their new Magic Quadrant on PaaS. Even defining PaaS is challenging--different vendors provide quite different offerings--and so figuring out how to position this diverse bunch on an MQ couldn't have been easy.

Figure 1.Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Application Platform as a Service

Java and Analytics the next frontier

I've been pretty verbal about Java going down the wrong path and my view that what Java should do is start having a 'core' which is just the real basics of the VM and the language and then a few profiles which specify what needs to be loaded, with the rest coming in on-demand based on the requirements of a given project.  The old 'it needs to have everything so the browser/desktop/etc' is just

There is no Big Data without Fast Data

Which came first Big Data or Fast Data?  If you go from a hype perspective you'd be thinking Hadoop and Big Data are the first with in-memory and fast coming after it.  The reality though is the other way around and comes from a simple question:

Where do you think all that Big Data came from?
When you look around at the massive Big Data sources out there, Facebook, Twitter, sensor data,

Whatsapp on 2 devices: "does not work, tell why!"

After nearly everyone of my friends is using whatsapp, it was overdue to download this app.
Why is this app used by everyone? What's cool about this app?

  • You have to do nothing after the download except this sms-verification
  • No account creation
  • No new password (or reuse another one <- li="" nooo="">
  • No need for searching addresses
  • You do not have to take care about your contact list

EDW in the Library with Single Canonical Form - get a clue about killing the business

The game Cluedo (or just plain Clue in North America) is about discovering which person committed the murder, in what room using what.  What is amazing is that in IT we have the easiest game of Cluedo going and yet over and over again we murder the poor unfortunate business in the same way, then stand back and gasp 'I didn't know that would kill them'.

I talk about the EDW, the IT departments

WildFly 8 vs. GlassFish 4 - Which Application Server to Choose.

It's been a while since my last blog. I've obviously been busy with different things including my main job. After some more questions regarding the right choice for application servers cross my way it is the right time to pick this topic up again and share my thoughts.

Six things to make your Big Data project succeed

So I wrote about why your Hadoop project will fail so I think its only right that I should follow up with some things that you can do to actually make the Big Data project you take on succeed.  The first thing you need to do is stop trying to make 'Big Data' succeed and instead start focusing on how you educate the business on the value of information and then work out how to deliver new value..

# 305 Adaptive Case Management Java API Part 2

Building on from the previous post - let's get some more information -

        Case myCase = new Case();
                List caseInfo =
            new ArrayList();

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