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Oracle SOA Suite 10g and 11g resources, news, and support articles.

# 331 - OEP 12c leveraging EDN Lab

Here is a simple lab that shows OEP and EDN in action.

With 12c, OEP now includes EDN adapters.

Process Documentation in Oracle BPM 12.1.3

Your ability to add process documentation has been greatly enhanced in BPM 12.1.3. Some of the key enhancements are:

# 330 BAM 12c first impressions...and my first 12c Data Object / BAM Dashboard

I just installed BAM 12c and am now kicking the tyres -

login url is http://localhost:port/bam/composer

Capture Higher Level Business Models with BPM Process Composer in 12.1.3

When customers extend their project objectives from beyond
traditional departmental boundaries to the enterprise as a whole, the BPM
strategy is not driven by only a few processes but by hundreds of processes,
some mission-critical to the overall value stream, others in a supporting role.
There is a need to capture a macro, or big picture view and provide a way to
categorize, analyze, and document these vast collection of processes, and
understand their m

New release of Solution Accelerators now available on OTN

The new release of Solution (aka: Process) Accelerators is now
available on OTN.  This new release has
been focused on improving existing accelerators with most customer demand while
adding a new accelerator to the catalog which showcases Adaptive Case
Management (ACM): Complaints Management.

Big Data doom mongers need to look outside of the marketing department

In every change there are hype machines that over play and sages who call doom.  Into the Big Data arena steps David Searls to proclaim that Big Data is a myth and simply hype which is set to burst in an article over at ZDNet.

But big data, he said, is nothing more than the myth that collecting vast amounts of data can help companies know customers better than those customers even know

#14 SOA 12c New Features - Encrypting personally identifiable information (PII)

Great new feature enabling the encryption of sensitive data such as credit card number or SSN.

Here is a simple example of a order process where I can encrypt the (credit card number) field.

Here is my order XSD.

Azure for Enterprises: A June 2014 Video from Cloud Expo

I gave a general session on Azure for enterprises at the Cloud Expo conference in New York City last month. The target audience was IT leaders, and my goal was to describe why and how enterprises adopt public cloud platforms, using Microsoft Azure as a concrete example.

#329 Oracle Event Processing book from Packt

Excellent book from Lloyd et al.

Applicable to OEP 12c.

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