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Microservices presentation [London 2014]

… in which I realize I shouldn’t put off blogging about the presentations I’ve given.

This one is from µCon 2014: The Microservices Conference at Skills Matter in London.


#423 Process Cloud Service --> Exporting Audit data

I log in to Workspace as my admin user, phillip.

I click on Tracking, and check on completed instances.

Monitoring DevOps Style With WildFly 9 And Jolokia

DevOps is among the hottest topic these days. And the wide range of topics around it makes it hard to actually find a complete description or something that covers everything on a decent granularity. One thing is for sure: One of the most important parts is to deliver the correct metrics and and information for monitoring of the application.

Java EE and JMX

#422 Process Cloud Service --> testing processes from SOAP-UI

Here is my sample process -

Interface (Start Activity) -

#421 Process Cloud Service --> Resolving Recoverable Instances

Still using the ubiquitous order process...
I add a new Service Task to call a Security Check Service.

Here are some test results for the service, using SOAP-UI.

Using JPA And CDI Beans With Camel on WildFly

I didn't really plan for it, but with a conference free month, I had the chance to dig around a little more and show you even more of the Camel on WildFly magic, that the WildFly-Camel subsystem provides.

The Business Background

Launch Webcast: Oracle Process Cloud Service

Are you awaiting eagerly to hear from the experts on Oracle Process Cloud Service? Would you like to listen to customer stories, see the product and consider the pros and cons of running process automation on the cloud?

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