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How to select a Hadoop distro - stop thinking about Hadoop

Scoop, Flume, PIG, Zookeeper.  Do these mean anything to you?  If they do then the odds are you are looking at Hadoop.  The thing is that while that was cool a few years ago it really is time to face it that HDFS is a commodity, Map Reduce is interesting but not feasible for most users and the real question is how we turn all that raw data in HDFS into something we can actually use.

That means

Mounting VMWare-Volumes/Disks with Debian

Some time ago a vmware server did not recognize any more a data disk. This disk was formatted with vmfs v3 (enter the vmware server via ssh and type mount..). First thing i did, was creating an image of this disk, to play around without any danger of data loss.

There is a good article how to mount vmfs, but on debian i had to install the package otherosfs.

JDBC and CMAN and a new location for the database

I had an interesting issue this week.

The setup is as follows:

WLS with Webcenter. The Datasource point to a database for the metadata. This database sits in the database zone. As we are not allowed to connect directly to the database there is a CMAN in between.
After the setup of the CMAN and the database we had a connection using JDBC where the CMAN was our endpoint.

So far so good.

JavaOne 2014 - Some First Analysis on Submissions

Time is running away these days. So many things happening in parallel and of course the most important Java conference is in the middle of everything. JavaOne 2014 closed the CfP doors already and voting is well underway.

#317 BPM 11g Timeout Heuristics

Here are some basic heuristics to defensively deal with timeouts in your BPM processes.

The basic rule is - follow the hierarchy

JTA Timeout > BPM EJB Transaction Timeout > resource timeout
We can look at this as referring to the 3 different technical levels involved -

XRebel on GlassFish 4

The cool Zeroturnaround guys recently opened the private beta for their latest product which is an interactive and live profiler for your Java EE apps. Anton showed me the M3 at DevNation and I was curious to get my hands on it. Here is the first test-drive and some screenshots.

Getting It And Setting It Up

Business Analytics Guides for Microsoft SI Partners

Business analytics, including data warehousing, BI, and data integration, is a rapidly evolving space. To help its SI partners in this area, Microsoft hired me to write a couple of guides:

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