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Pushing the Limits - Howto use AeroGear Unified Push for Java EE and Node.js

At the end of 2014 the AeroGear team announced the availability of the Red Hat JBoss Unified Push Server on xPaaS. Let's take a closer look!


Securing Big Data Part 5 - your Big Data Security team

What does your security team look like today?

Or the IT equivalent, "the folks that say no".  The point is that in most companies information security isn't actually something that is considered important.  How do I know this?  Well because basically most IT Security teams are the equivalent of the nightclub bouncers, they aren't the people who own the club, they aren't as important as the

Java EE, Docker, WildFly and Microservices on Docker

If one thing survived all the New Year parties, it is Docker. It was hot at the end of 2014 and it looks like it is getting even hotter in 2015.

#372 File Adapter Valves --> convert xlsx to csv

Simple scenario here - I need to process an excel .xlsx file in SOA Suite.

This was very straightforward, as Mark Foster from the A-Team has detailed the steps for doing this, albeit with BPM. He details exactly how to implement the file adapter valve, leveraging Apache POI for the xlsx to csv conversion.

Check out his post here

Btw. I am using JDev SOA Suite 12c Quickstart.

Securing Big Data - Part 4 - Not crying Wolf.

In the first three parts of this I talked about how Securing Big Data is about layers, and then about how you need to use the power of Big Data to secure Big Data, then how maths and machine learning helps to identify what is reasonable and was is anomalous.

The Target Credit Card hack highlights this problem.  Alerts were made, lights did flash.  The problem was that so many lights flashed and

JBoss Data Virtualization 6.1 Beta Now Available

JBoss Data Virtualization (JDV) is a data integration solution that sits in front of multiple data so

#371 how to execute a shell script command from SOA Suite

Simple approach here -

execute the shell cmd from Java.
Expose the Java class as a web service.
Invoke from BPEL.

I got the Java code from here
Essentially the web service operation accepts in a website as string.
All I do is execute a ping and then return the result.

I massaged it a bit and then deployed as a web service to Weblogic.

I then created the composite -

#370 MFT --> Resubmitting successfully transferred files

I have a simple MFT transfer --> MyAA 2 MyBB

#369 UMS Email adapter (part 2)--> send PDF file as an email attachment

Simple scenario -

Read in a pdf file and send it as a pdf attachment.

Securing Big Data - Part 3 - Security through Maths

In the first two parts of this I talked about how Securing Big Data is about layers, and then about how you need to use the power of Big Data to secure Big Data.  The next part is "what do you do with all that data?".   This is where Machine Learning and Mathematics comes in, in other words its about how you use Big Data analytics to secure Big Data.

What you want to do is build up a picture of

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