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#443 PCS --> Process Documentation & Reporting

There are a plethora of reports available -

I am using the following sample process to illustrate -

#441 PCS --> Adding functionality to your Web Form (dynamic links)

As most you who are familiar with on-premise BPM know, web forms is one flavour of UI design time. In PCS it is the only one.

It is intuitive, easy to use and also quite powerful, although one needs a modicum of JavaScript knowledge.

Here is a simple example of adding a context sensitive link to Google Maps.
A big Gracias to my colleague Carlos C. for the example on which this post is based.

Here is my Form -

#439 ICS --> Sales Cloud 2 Marketing Cloud --> Contacts

A variation on the last post -

Here I want to sync contacts.

Here is the Integration -

#438 ICS --> Sales Cloud 2 Marketing Cloud Integration

Even I was really impressed - development time of ca. 5 minutes.

I created a couple of connections -

#437 Integration Cloud Service --> Sales Cloud 2 Service Cloud

Here is a very simple example of the above.
I need to create a new organization in service cloud for each new sales account in sales

Here are my connections -

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