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Docker Compose on Windows with Python And Babon

Compose is a tool for defining and running complex applications with Docker. With Compose, you define a multi-container application in a single file, then spin your application up in a single command which does everything that needs to be done to get it running. It is the only tool in the Docker tool-chain, which doesn't have a native binary for Windows in place right now and to get it up and running on Windows requires quite some work.

Using Babon and Python

NoSQL with Hibernate OGM - Part three: Building a REST application on WildFly

Welcome back to our tutorial series "NoSQL with Hibernate OGM"! Thanks to Gunnar Morling (@gunnarmorling) for creating this tutorial. In this part you will learn how to use Hibernate OGM from within a Java EE application running on the WildFly server. Using the entity model you already know from the previous parts of this tutorial, we will build a small REST-based application for managing hikes.

Java EE Deployment Scenarios for Docker Containers

I've been posting some content around Docker since a while and I like to play around with containers in general.

#402 BPM - Reusable Processes

So what are reusable processes in BPM?
reusable, you may say and who am I to disagree!

But there must be something more to it, right?

Let's begin with the ORCL docs -

You can invoke a process from another process using call activities. The invoked
process is a child of the process invoking it.
When you run a call activity, the engine does not create a new token for the reusable

My Toddler Knows More About Computers Than I Do. Help?

This is a feature post written by Tonya Rae Moore (@tonyaraemoore, website). Long years working for Oracle as t

#401 API Manager basics


A short introduction to the product -

post #378 described how to install, let's now look at what we get.

To quote the ORCL docs -

Oracle API Manager facilitates the creation of APIs that expose functionality of
backend systems or other services. These APIs are published for use by application
developers and are managed and monitored at runtime.

Strange data in Fusion Middleware Console regarding OHS

I have an OHS cluster in my environment. Due to a change I needed to bounce the servers one by one.

As this is a production environment I wanted to make sure that everything is working - so I decided to restart them one after another.

I was then looking at the performance page of the OHS and saw the following:

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