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What Do Assistant Dogs And Java Have In Common?

You already know, that the RebelLabs team generates awesome content and you might have come across one of their surveys in the past.

#393 BAM 12c Continuous Queries and Streams

First to the docs -

The Continuous Query Service (CQS) is a BAM-specific wrapper around the
Continuous Query Language (CQL) engine within the Oracle Complex Event
Processing Service Engine. The CQS is a pure push system: query results are delivered
automatically. The CQS supports both stream (non-persistent) and archived relation
(persistent) data objects.
When you create a query, the CQS sets up tables in the CQL engine, registers the

#392 BAM 12c --> Data Retention, Hierarchies and Treemap views

Just some salient info on the above and other matters -

Data Retention

Click on the Administrator link and select your DO.
Click the Retention tab -

#391 BAM 12c --> Calculated Fields. Creation /Use of, in Business Queries

Very simple example here, based on the BAM example from post #389

Here I add a calculated field to the NCTestProcess DO -

#389 SOA Suite 12c & BAM

Many folks were impressed by the auto-creation of BAM data objects on deployment of a BPM project.

So how this work with BPEL?
Here is a simple example - My project is called NCTest and
it contains the following simple order process -

JavaLand4Kids Celebrates Successful Premiere and Thrills Tomorrow's Little Programmers

All of my readers should know, that I am part of the organizing team behind JavaLand.

Review: "WildFly Configuration, Deployment, and Administration - Second Edition" by Christopher Ritchie

Travelling has downsides. Especially when coming back to the office to catch up with all the tasks being actively postponed. One of them has been sitting here for too long: It took me a while to get this latest review for Packt Publishing out the door. But this is the good side of traveling, you have plenty of time to read and educate yourself on topics.


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