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Oracle SOA Suite 10g and 11g resources, news, and support articles.

Training 2014

Just a short post to let you know about my plans for training for the first part of this year.

I’ll be teaching the 5-day Advanced Distributed Systems Design course on the week of March 24-28 in London. Registration is currently open here.

The People's Democratic Republic of IT

IT is a communist state in many organisations, one that believes in rigid adherence to inflexible approaches despite clear indications that they inhibit growth and a central approach to planning that Mao and Stalin would have thought is taking things a little too far. This really doesn't make sense in the capitalistic world of business and the counter-revolution is well under way. Its

#303 BPM 11g Adaptive Case Management without UCM

Maybe you are trying out ACM and do not have UCM installed.
You enter such document details when creating a case.

REST, SSE or WebSockets on WebLogic 10.3.6

WebLogic 10.3.6 comes with Jersey1.9 and has no support for Server Side Events or WebSockets. But for one of our projects we are making a HTML5 / AngularJS application, which need to invoke some RESTful services and we also want to use of SSE or WebSockets.
Off course we can use WebLogic 12.1.2 but we already have an OSB / SOA Suite WebLogic 10.3.6 environment.

So when you want to pimp your

I'm speaking at OUGN Spring Conference 3rd-5th of April 2014, Oslo-Kiel

I'm pretty proud to announce, that I will be speaking at the annual OUGN spring seminar again. After my first time last year I was once again invited to speak by the Norwegian Oracle User Group (OUGN).

#302 Using the Human Workflow Event mechanism

Simple scenario - I want to pick up any re-assignment of tasks made in BPM workspace.

Here is my sample process -

How integration guys created a data security nightmare

There has been a policy in integration that has stored up a really great challenge of data security, and by great I don't mean 'fantastic' I mean 'aw crap'.  Its a policy that was done for the best of reasons and one that really will in future represent a growing challenge to Big Data and federated information.

The policy can be described as this:

Users authenticate with Apps, Apps

Six reasons your Big Data Hadoop project will fail in 2014

Ok so Hadoop is the bomb, Hadoop is the schizzle, Hadoop is here to solve world hunger and all problems.  Now I've talked before about some of the challenges around Hadoop for enterprises but here are six reasons that Information Week is right when it says that Hadoop projects are going to fail more often than not.

1. Hadoop is a Java thing not a BI thing
The first is the most important

#301 Invoking BPM processes programmatically - when to use what?

- A big thank you to my colleague David R. for his comments -

For invoking the process (initial BPM process instance creation) we could --

1. Create a web service proxy based on the BPM process WSDL.

Unable to change WS Policy Store to “App Server Connection” in JDeveloper

Today when trying different settings with Basic Authentication and SOA Suite, I wanted to from the embedded OWSM Policy Repository of JDeveloper to the one stored on the application server. In JDeveloper you can do that through preferences (Tools | Preferences). See this blog for more details.

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