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#401 API Manager basics


A short introduction to the product -

post #378 described how to install, let's now look at what we get.

To quote the ORCL docs -

Oracle API Manager facilitates the creation of APIs that expose functionality of
backend systems or other services. These APIs are published for use by application
developers and are managed and monitored at runtime.

Strange data in Fusion Middleware Console regarding OHS

I have an OHS cluster in my environment. Due to a change I needed to bounce the servers one by one.

As this is a production environment I wanted to make sure that everything is working - so I decided to restart them one after another.

I was then looking at the performance page of the OHS and saw the following:

#400 Using the SOA/BPM APIs to check for running instances (leveraging Sensor Values)

I have a very simple scenario here - the requirement is to be able to check whether
a process for orderNR nn is already running.

This check will be done to avoid duplicate order processing.

Here is my simple BPM process, in all its simplicity -

Docker Machine on Windows - How To Setup You Hosts

I've been playing around with Docker a lot lately. Many reasons for that, one for sure is, that I love to play around with latest technology and even help out to build a demo or two or a lab. The main difference, between what everybody else of my coworkers is doing is, that I run my setup on Windows. Like most of the middleware developers out there. So, If you followed Arun's blog about "Docker Machine to Setup Docker Host" you might have tried to make this work on windows already.

Red Hat is now a Strategic Eclipse Member

The Eclipse Foundation announced today, that Red Hat has become a strategic member of the Eclipse Foundation.

#398 BPEL-> Mediator -> BPEL: Passing Business Errors back thru Mediator

Sync BPEL1 calls Mediator that calls Sync BPEL2.
SyncBPEL2 throws a Business Error, Mediator needs to pass this back to SyncBPEL1.
In the following example I have the following components -

#397 SOA 12c Fault Handling

Here is my composite - a Sync BPEL process, invoking a web service -

#396 Whitepaper -> BPM 12c New Features

I don't know how I missed this whitepaper from OTN,
but, thanks to Juergen, here it is - BPM 12c New Features

Continuous Delivery with Docker Containers and Java EE

Organizations need a way to make application delivery fast, predictable and secure and the agility provided by containers, such as docker, help developers realize this goal. For Java EE applications, this enables packaging of applications, the application server, and other dependencies in a container that can be replicated in build, test, and production environments. This takes you one step closer to achieving continuous delivery. At least this was the abstract on the Webinar Thomas and I have been giving a couple of days ago.

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