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Using HAWQ with PHD service in PCF 1.2

The following demo shows how to use the PCF 1.2 PHD service with HAWQ by loading data into the PCF PaaS platform.

1. First lets setup our ENV to use the correct version of HADOOP on our local laptop.

export HADOOP_INSTALL=/Users/papicella/vmware/software/hadoop/hadoop-2.0.5-alpha
export JAVA_HOME=/System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/CurrentJDK/Home


Silence. Sometimes sought after, but in reality almost certainly feared - the absence of not just sound but voice. Silence is often associated with divine encounter - the neptic tradition of the Philokalia comes to mind - but also and perhaps more accurately with abandonment, divine or otherwise. I recently read Shusaku Endo's Silence, a remarkable work, dwelling on the theme of abandonment in the context of the extirpation of Kakure Kirishitan communities in Tokagawa Japan.

Why Oracle Big Data SQL Potentially Solves a Big Issue with Hadoop Security

Oracle announced their Big Data SQL product a couple of weeks ago, which effectively extends Exadata’s query-offloading to Hadoop data sources. I covered the launch a few days afterwards, focusing on how it implements Exadata’s SmartScan on Hive and NoSQL data sources and provides a single metadata catalog over both relational, and Hadoop, data sources.

Spark: A Discussion

A great presentation, worth watching in its entirety.

With apologies to my Hadoop friends but this is good for you too.

How to increase the heap size of the integrated server in JDeveloper 12c

Sometimes there may be a need to increase the heap size of the integrate weblogic server within JDeveloper.   Obviously one can modify the setDomainEnv file in the domain’s bin directory -
For Unix, it is in  $HOME/.jdeveloper/system12.1.3****/DefaultDomain/bin
For Windows,  it is in %APPDATA%\JDeveloper\system12.1.3***/DefaultDomain/bin
But, you can also change it within JDeveloper, you can do this by
Right click on the integratedWebLogicServer in Application Window and select properties->Launch Settings

Introduction to FMW 12C REST adapter

In this entry, I will present the usage of the new REST adapter using OSB 12C.  This adapter is a new feature providing support for RESTful web services; it also supports JSON request and response.   One important thing to keep in mind is the internal implementation of the message within OSB is SOAP/XML, there are transformations between JSON and XML during the message processing.
Use Case
I have deployed a JAX-RS service on the server with the following interfaces and we are going to expose this on OSB.

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