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OBIEE SampleApp v406 Amazon EC2 AMI – available for public use

I wrote a while ago about converting Oracle’s superb OBIEE SampleApp from a VirtualBox image into an EC2-hosted instance. I’m pleased to announce that Oracle have agreed for us to make the image (AMI) on Amazon available publicly. This means that anyone who wants to run their own SampleApp v406 server on Amazon’s EC2 cloud service can do so.

Monitoring OAM Environment


Security systems, including OAM, reside in a dynamic environment where the parameters that affect system performance are ever changing. On top of that, access management Infrastructure like OAM serve as the front door or gate to every application/system in an organization. Therefore continuous monitoring of such key components is mandatory to ensure continuous success of not just your access and SSO solution but indeed your very applications themselves.

Creating Custom Fields in Oracle BRM

Jenny Streett SSG BlogAs developers, sometimes we need to represent data that does not fit into any of Oracle BRM’s out-of-the-box fields. The following steps detail how you can easily create your own custom fields and use them in your custom code.

Auditing OBIEE Presentation Catalog Activity with Custom Log Filters

A question that I’ve noticed coming up a few times on the OBIEE OTN forums goes along the lines of “How can I find out who deleted a report from the Presentation Catalog?”. And whilst the BI Server’s Usage Tracking is superb for auditing who ran what report, we don’t by default have a way of seeing who deleted a report.

Connection to VirtualBox BPM 12c Project Access Manager (PAM) from Local JDeveloper

I attended Oracle BPM Suite 12c partner training in Finland and the labs had Oracle Virtual Box image that we used in the training. Virtual Box had JDeveloper embedded but I wanted to use my local copy of BPM Quick Start JDeveloper running on my bare metal laptop. When trying to set up Project Access Manager (PAM) and connect to the repository I would get errors like: Could not connect to repository endpoint: localhost:7323

Adding a custom case activity to your case Maven-style

In this blog I’ll show you how to add a simple custom case activity to the case we’ve developed in my earlier blogpost here. I’ll update the GitHub code so that it will reflect the changes I made in the course of this writing.

Caching in OSB 12c without Out-Of-Process Coherence Servers

One of the most popular use cases for Oracle Service Bus (OSB) is the mediation of synchronous service interactions. In this scenario, a client invokes the service through a proxy instead of the actual service endpoint, guaranteeing that the consumer is decoupled from the producer. This type of architecture allows producers to be changed without impacting the consumers, allowing greater agility for projects with volatile requirements.

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