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Batch processing in JEE7 (JSR 352)

A new feature in JEE7 is Batch Processing, an implementation of JSR 352 based on the programming model of Spring Batch. With batch processing, we understand the execution of a series of jobs (steps) , sequential or in parallel, without any user interaction. In this blog, we want to give a small overview of the capabilities of this new feature.
The code of this blog can be downloaded from here.

IBM Bluemix - Triggerring backing service creation from "Deploy to Bluemix" button

I recently posted about the "Deploy to Bluemix" button which will automatically deploy an application into IBM Bluemix from a single click.

Once A Week Is Never Enough

Over the last few months we have been looking at User Engagement and recently asked people take part in a global usage survey so we could create a series of benchmark metrics detailing how organisations used OBIEE.

We had a great response and have started to process the data. One of the first things that struck us was that the average user logs into their OBIEE system about once per week.

HCM Atom Feed Subscriber using Node.js

HCM Atom feeds provide notifications of Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management (HCM) events and are tightly integrated with REST services. When an event occurs in Oracle Fusion HCM, the corresponding Atom feed is delivered automatically to the Atom server. The feed contains details of the REST resource on which the event occurred. Subscribers who consume these Atom feeds use the REST resources to retrieve additional information about the resource.
For more information on Atom, please refer to this.

Consuming RESTful Web Services in Oracle Database Cloud Service using PL/SQL

Oracle Database Cloud Service with the Database as a Service option comes preconfigured with Oracle APEX and Oracle REST Data Services. These features can be used to easily create and interact with RESTful Web Services. This example is based on a specific customer requirement, however it can be useful across a range of options with RESTful Web Services. The customer had the task at hand to access RESTful Web Services using PL/SQL.

Troubleshooting Techniques for a JCS-SX ADF Application Embedded in SalesCloud

I have been playing around with embedding an external ADF application (running on Oracle Java Cloud Service – SaaS Extension) within Oracle SalesCloud to demonstrate the trusted association (SSO) between SalesCloud and JCS-SX and ran into a couple of issues.

Use SOAP-UI to correlate messages

At a project where I work I had an issue. Messages are put on a queue with the help of SOAP-UI and HermesJMS. The response message is put by the OSB on a separate response queue. In the request message there is a correlationID defined. I want that SOAP-UI checks the correlationID in the response message so that this does match the correlationID in the request message.
This is what I did to accomplish it:
First I created a Groovy script. In this script a correlationID is generated

Lot's Wife

Lot's Wife
by Anna Akhmatova
an interpretive translation by Greg Pavlik
The righteous Lot heard the voice of God
As if coming from the distant and black mountains.
But his wife,

Planning REST API

If you have had any involvement with Oracle PBCS then you will know there is a utility called EPM automate that allows to remotely connect to a PBCS instance and run a whole host of tasks such as run rules, refresh the application, import and export metadata.
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