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OBIEE Hack: Putting prompts in file names

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New In Oracle BI Cloud Service – Oracle Visual Analyzer, and Data Mashups in VA

Oracle released an update to Oracle BI Cloud Service a few weeks ago that included Oracle Visual Analyzer, along with some other improvements including support for full Oracle Database-as-a-Service as the database backend, the ability to upload RPDs and run them in the cloud, and support for a new utility called DataSync. In this post though I want to take a quick look at Visual Analyzer, and in-particular look at the data-mashup feature it provides.

Planning data source in OBIEE

In the recent release of OBIEE there was one interesting new feature from an EPM perspective.

OBIEE at last supports planning as a data source, it has been a long time coming as other EPM data sources such as Essbase and HFM have been supported in OBIEE as a data source for a long time.

The ability to use a planning data source compared to an essbase source should give the additional reporting features such as Smart Lists, Text, Date type measures and cell comments.

Interview in Oracle Magazine

I was interviewed in this month’s edition of the Oracle Magazine. Apart from myself in a life vest and talking about Yosemite, you can also see René van Wijk in his outdoor look. Also I recommend to get the magazine and read what Tom Kyte has to say about DB security: It’s an interesting article about least privileges […]

Optimizing EhCache configuration for WebCenter Sites

In this blog article I would like to share my ideas and strategies that I have used on how to configure WebCenter Sites’ page, pagelet and inCache. I will discuss several trade-offs in configuring the cache. I would not go into detail on ticket caching for CAS.
This blog expects that you have a good understanding of WebCenter Sites’ and its caches. It also focussed on Delivery server cache tuning. For Editorial servers the Asset Cache and resultset cache are much more important than pagelet cache.

Data Warehousing in the age of Big Data. The end of an era?

In this series of blog posts we will explore how the age of Big Data is changing the data warehouse landscape for good. There are a multitude of issues that today’s data warehouse implementations face. What are the steps that you as a CIO or Data Warehouse executive can take to implement the next generation of data warehouses.

Part II: RDBMS Scalability, Exploding Data Volumes and License Costs.

Multiple Spark Worker Instances on a single Node. Why more of less is more than less.

If you are running Spark in standalone mode on memory rich nodes it can be beneficial to have multiple worker instances on the same node as a very large heap size has two disadvantages:

– Garbage collector pauses can hurt throughput of Spark jobs.
– Heap size of >32 GB can’t use CompressedOoops. So 35 GB is actually less than 32 GB.

User Engagement – Why Does it Matter?

The value of any system can be measured by how often you interact with it. The perfect example is Slack, which is now seen as the most successful collaboration app ever and is valued at $1.2bn. The key metric for this is DAU/MAU (the ratio of daily users over monthly users), which scales from 0 (no visits) to 1 (every user visits daily) based on how active your users are.

JEE : Using EJB and Context annotations in a JAX-RS Provider class

A lot of new annotations have been introduced since the JEE6 spec. Before we had EJBs and servlets to cover most of our server-side objects in a JEE application. But in JEE6, CDI and JAX-RS have been added, along with a few other JSRs that are implemented using annotations. This results in a long list of annotations, where – in my opinion – it is not always clear which one to use, nor to understand how they work together.

In this blog, I would like to show you how EJB and CDI work or don’t work together, in combination with a JAX-RS Resource.

EPM workspace integration with OBIEE

It wasn't so long ago I wrote a post about integrating EPM workspace with OBIEE, now with the recent release of OBIEE I have to keep up the tradition and test out if the integration is still working, if I don’t then I will just get asked the question so I thought I would get there before it gets asked.

Once again I am not going to go into too much detail because I have covered it all before and you can read about it in the following blogs:

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