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Rittman Mead BI Forum 2014 Call for Papers Closing Soon – And News on This Year’s Masterclass

Its a couple of days to go until the call for papers for the Rittman Mead BI Forum 2014 closes, with suggested topics this year including OBIEE (of course), Essbase, Endeca, Big Data, Visualizations, In-Memory analysis and data integration. So far we’ve had some excellent submissions but we’re still looking for more – so if you’re considering putting an abstract in, do it now before we close the process late this Friday night!

Exploring OBIEE Web Services through Python

My very first blog post for Rittman Mead was on the subject of Web Services in BI Publisher 11g, and now I want to return to the subject here, looking at the Web Services of OBIEE itself.

Looking at the ODI12c Hadoop Demos in the New Oracle BigDataLite VM

In a post earlier today on the blog I took a look at the new Oracle BigDataLite virtual machine that’s now downloadable from OTN, and walked-through some of the Cloudera Hadoop tools that come with the VM. At the end of the post I mentioned that there was also an install of ODI12c on the VM, and it comes with a couple of Hadoop integration examples already set-up for you. So what do these examples do, and how do they use the Hadoop tools and servers on the VM?

Sites Vanity URLs and error handling

Recently I worked with a customer that is using WebCenter Sites with the new Vanity URLs feature from version They reported that when a request was initiated for a resource that was not defined, Sites would respond with a 404 response status, but the error handler as defined in the web application was not invoked. As a consequence they could not define a error page in the same look and feel as the rest of the website.

Oracle “BigDataLite” VM Now Available for Download on OTN

Oracle released a new developer VM for download on OTN yesterday called “bigdatalite” – if you’re interested in big data, Hadoop and some of the SQL-on-Hadoop technologies I’ve been looking at recently on the blog, this is something you’ll want to download as soon as possible and play around with.

Catching key strokes using Dynamic Actions in Oracle APEX 4.x

One of the demands for a customer application built in Oracle Application Express was, that a part of the application could be completely operated by the numpad of a keyboard. This had to do with the physical aspects of one of the workstations. There was simply not enough room for a full keyboard.
When building an APEX application, you have several tools to your disposal to allow this. First of all there is the option “Submit when ENTER pressed” on text items that removes the need for buttons to submit a page.

OIM monitoring check-list

Systematic monitoring of OIM deployments helps to reduce risk of both technical and security related issues. It also can help to avoid performance degradation that can happen because of data growth over time. This post presents a set of topics about OIM and WebLogic monitoring, and it presents tools that can be used for both monitoring and diagnostic.This list is not intended to replace any official product documentation, instead, it should be used in conjunction with it.

Vectorized Functional Programing

There is a lot of new-born enthusiasm for functional programming, especially with the introduction of Lambda expressions in Java 8.

Functional programming is indeed quite interesting, but let me introduce this through an example.

WebLogic 12.1.2: RESTful Management Services Bug in AJAX Client

Seems to me like the AJAX frontend for the RESTful Management Service in WebLogic 12.1.2 is a zombie now. I tested on CentOS and MacOS with Chrome and Safari. The initial page shows up, but after submitting the request there is no sign of life, no result displayed. The AJAX frontend used to work fine […]

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