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OBIEE BI Server Cache Management Strategies

The OBIEE BI Server cache can be one of the most effective ways of improving response times of OBIEE dashboards. By using data already in the cache it reduces load on the database, the network, and the BI Server.

Lessons Learned – Data Warehouse on Cloud – Amazon Redshift

I feel that these are the rules applicable for any cloud based data warehouse solution.  In general, I feel that the BI deployment on premise probably still the main stream. 1. For a columnar database, “select” * is bad I think that the projection needs to be done as early as possible and should be […]

The Difference: Docker vs. Virtualization

Technical Basics Docker is an open source container technology that became immensely popular in 2014. Docker itself is written in Google’s programming language Go and supported on all major Linux distributions (RedHat, CentOS, Oracle Linux, Ubuntu etc.). The technical underpinnings are not completely new, Docker leverages Linux kernel features for containers such as cgroups and […]

Tracing Data Lineage and Impact Analysis in Oracle Enterprise Metadata Management 12c

At the beginning of the year, I wrote a couple of posts about Oracle Enterprise Metadata Management, one about how to install the tool and another one explaining the harvesting (importing) and stitching (relating) processes. A lot of things have happened since then, including a new version of OEMM released on May with some nice features as HTML 5 support, a workflow for business glossary and including the concept of groups in security.

Another View: Your Data Center’s Degree of Cloud

Here is another view that I just developed to describe a customer’s level of cloud. I used this view because quite often a public cloud is just regarded as an “outsourced datacenter”, however there are many steps in between the two extremes. Sometimes it’s easier to approach the cloud computing topic from the classical perspective of virtualization. Anything […]

Big Data News – Predict Conference 2015… A Premier Big Data event!

From Predict Conference 2015 to Data Mining and Innovation at Twitter


Selling Books on Amazon vs. Intelivideo

For the last couple of years I've heard that publishers don't like selling their books through Amazon.  The way I heard it described sounded like Amazon was forcing (or pushing) you to sell books for under $10.  It's actually pretty complicated as to how their pricing works, so I've attempted to simplify for you here.  If you want the details, you can read more here:

Data Warehouse on Clould – Amazon Redshift

Here is a brief summary of what I learned by reading the materials. 1. The data warehouse are stored in clusters It can support scale out, not scale up. Extend the existing data warehouse rather than adding hardware 2. Use SQL to access the data warehouse 3. Load data from Amazon S3 (Storage Service) using […]

Advancing data-driven projects in your organization

John Nettuno SSGData is increasingly becoming the fuel on which the world runs. Whether your objective is sales and marketing efficiency, regulatory compliance, or decreased costs, your success requires the ability to provide clean, safe and connected data to the right stakeholders.

12 Public Cloud Benefits and Features You Should Know

The last few years I spent a quite a bit of time talking about public clouds. When I published my cloud computing book, public clouds were mostly still believed to be a hype. Availability, security, persistence of data, and much much more was questioned. Today only few IT professionals are stuck with this old school thinking. […]

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