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Installing BITeamwork on SSL Configured WebLogic Admin Server

Although not a very common integration but every now and then an organization will install OBIEE with SSL configured between the components. We probably see a bit more a company’s configuration of the Middleware WebLogic Administration Console with SSL.  This means that normally in order to access the WebLogic Administration Console, one would access it […]

Join the BITeamwork 3.0 release Beta Test

We are officially taking requests for joining the BITeamwork 3.0 beta release program. This is the release which includes the Embedded BI functionality and BITeamwork API Oracle BI functionality. This means that you can integrate your Oracle BI dashboards, graphs, views, tables, charts, etc. into any Company web site, portal, dashboard, EBS application, PeopleSoft application or any […]

The importance of content for Image and Perception

After Oracle's news about the changes at the helm, I was offered to follow a new user on twitter.

Introduction to Oracle BI Cloud Service : Provisioning Data

In the first post in this series I looked at the new Oracle BI Cloud Service, which went GA over the weekend and which Rittman Mead have been using these past few weeks as part of a beta release. In the first post I looked at what BICS is and who its aimed at in this initial release, and went through the features at a high-level; over the rest of the week I’ll be looking at the features in-detail, starting today with the data upload and provisioning process.

Introduction to Oracle BI Cloud Service : Product Overview

Long-term readers of this blog will probably know that I’m enthusiastic about the possibilities around running OBIEE in the cloud, and over the past few weeks Rittman Mead have been participating in the beta program for release one of Oracle’s Business Intelligence Cloud Service (BICS).

Oracle BPM 12c just got Groovy – A Webcenter Content Transformation Example

On the 27th June 2014 we released Oracle BPM 12c which included some exciting new features.
One of the less talked about of new features is the support of BPM Scripting which incorporates the Groovy 2.1 compiler and runtime.

WebLogic with Docker in the Cloud

Docker has been without any doubt the most hyped technology this summer. Apart from incrementally and quickly creating light-weight containers that can be hooked up together it seems to become the de-facto standard for spinning up instances locally and in the cloud. In the past there was no real compatibility between cloud providers on an OS/instance-level and also import/export features […]

Oracle Forms 12c?

Some people wonder whether there will be a 12c version of Oracle Forms or not.

Instead of making guesses, the best way is to ask the people who know best.
So, after getting this question, I asked Michael Ferrante, Oracle Forms Product manager.

Here’s his answer:

3 film non-meme

Riffing off previous post - was discussing with my wife last evening what we thought the three best "recent" films we had seen were. Here's my list:

1) Jia Zhangke's A Touch of Sin.

Reason: this is a powerful, powerful film that explores the effects of radical individualism, and economic inequality and of the overturning of normal, local, rooted communities. Banned by the Chinese government, it is as much a critique of the values of neoliberalism globally as it is of the current Chinese economic experiment.

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