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Big Data News – MesosCon (Europe), Unix Philosophy of Distributed Data and Advanced Algorithms

Apache Mesos (Europe) Conference Announcement, Martin Kleppmann on Distributed Unix Philosophy and Advanced Algorithms… today’s view into tomorrow’s world!!.. 

Planning - updating the cache after repository changes

This is one of those blogs that I meant to write up but never got around to doing so, recently I read an excellent article from the DEV EPM guys on using ODI to manage planning security which ignited my drive to write up this blog, don’t worry this post does not involve ODI in case you got worried and started to switch off.

SJK - missing link in Java profiling tool chain

Sometimes it just happens. You have a bloated Java application at your hand and it does not perform well. You may have built this application yourself or just got it as it is now.

Using a Tomcat provided buildpack in Bluemix

By default if you push a java application into public Bluemix you will use the Liberty java buildpack. If you want to use tomcat you can do that as follows.

1. Show the buildpacks available as follows

> cf buildpacks

2. The buildpack which uses Tomcat is as follows


3. Specify you would like to use the buildpack as shown below when using

Combining Spark Streaming and Data Frames for Near-Real Time Log Analysis & Enrichment

A few months ago I posted an article on the blog around using Apache Spark to analyse activity on our website, using Spark to join the site activity to some reference tables for some one-off analysis. In this article I’ll be taking an initial look at Spark Streaming, a component within the overall Spark platform that allows you to ingest and process data in near real-time whilst keeping the same overall code-based as your batch-style Spark programs.

Technology with Databricks, Xpoint™ and Doradus…

Technology and Big Data movers… A week of wonder in review…

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