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Automated Regression Testing for OBIEE

In the first article of this series I explored what regression testing is, why it matters, and by breaking down the OBIEE stack into its constituent parts where it is possible to do it for OBIEE. In this posting, I explore some approaches that lend themselves well to automation for testing that existing analyses and dashboards are not affected by RPD changes.

Per Domain Node Manager in WebLogic 12.1.2

The per domain node manager is one of the exciting new features of WebLogic 12.1.2. The basics are covered in the Oracle documentation  and Dave’s blog posting. The real beauty of having a node manager for every domain on a particular machine are the following two improvements: - Since the node manager is part of […]

Successful BI Apps Implementation Part 2: BI Apps 7.9.6

Welcome to Part 2. If you missed Part 1, where I give an introduction to BI Apps and discuss the project life cycle, the link is below.

Successful BI Apps Implementation Part 1: Introduction and the Project Life Cycle

BITeamwork “Love Your Analytics” Blogger Challenge

To inaugurate "Love Your Analytics" and to launch BITeamwork, the Collaborative BI solution for Oracle BI, into the hearts and minds of BI practicioners, we've designed a limited edition "Respect the Data…Love Your Analytics" T-shirt.

The post BITeamwork “Love Your Analytics” Blogger Challenge appeared first on Art of Business Intelligence Blog.

How-To: File hunt for OBIEE GUI changes

Among the questions I receive and that frequently come up on OTN, treated in blog posts etc. are questions pertaining to: How do I change a part of the GUI of OBIEE? Now in this post you'll find the answer to that specific question, but the point here today isn't simply to say "do X in Y", but rather "how do you get to know that you need to change X in Y?".

Smart View Member Misnomer

Believe it or not, I  will actually be updating my blog more frequently in the future. I’ve gotten 3 articles each half written and will be finishing them soon (I hope)! Two of them are on Formatted columns and an undocumented change to Smart view behavior. look for them soon.

But in the meantime, just to prove I’m not dead, Here is  a little tidbit that I have been asked too many times.  In Smart View connecting to Essbase, you have the options for member display of “Member Name Only” and “Member Name and Alias”  (For now I’m going to ignore qualified member names)

Successful BI Apps Implementation Part 1: Introduction and the Project Life Cycle

Since I am new to the Rittman Mead blog, let me first introduce myself. I am Mike and I have been working at Rittman Mead for the last year, mainly focusing on Oracle BI Applications. I have a background in Siebel CRM and many of my BI projects have involved integration with Siebel. Being an OBIA consultant, my work combines CRM, ERP, ETL, data warehousing and analytics.

Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) binding a User Defined service for Oracle 11g r2

In this example below I show how you would create a user defined service for Oracle 11g R2 which is running outside of the PCF instance and how your applications would bind to that service. The example below is from the spring-music sample application which is a spring based web application.

1. First lets create our user defined service for Oracle , here we just use a simple URI which the Spring Cloud library knows how to use.

OBIEE, Cloudera Hadoop & Hive/Impala Part 2 : Load Data into Hive Tables, Analyze using Hive & Impala

In yesterday’s post on analyzing Hadoop data using Cloudera CDH4, Amazon EC2 and OBIEE, I went through the setup process for Cloudera Manager Standard and then used it to set up a four-node Hadoop cluster in Amazon AWS’s EC2 service.

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