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Understanding OBIEE RPD - Chapter 1

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Deploying Oracle BI Mobile HD within Good, Oracle OMSS and Other Secure MDM Containers

A few months ago ODTUG announced their ODTUG Mobile Day in Utrecht, Netherlands and asked if I’d like to put forward an abstract for a presentation. Something that’s been on my mind for a while is the issues some of our customers have been reporting trying to run Oracle BI Mobile HD with the Good Mobile Device Management toolkit, so I thought this might be a good opportunity to look into the topic in more detail and try and come-up with some recommendations on how to get this working.

New Oracle Magazine article on Oracle BI Cloud Service

NewImageThe May/June 2015 edition of Oracle Magazine is now out, and my Business Intelligence article in this edition is on Oracle BI Cloud Service (BICS).


idea剛完成了HKRoadCam Version 3 的開發,打算繼續開發下一個Apps,但卻未能下手,原因是我在掙扎開發哪一類型的Apps。遊戲,工具,社交平台為三個我有意發展的方向,工具與社交平台類開發過程上尚算相似,但遊戲類卻分別甚大。三類同時發展或是專注發展令我十分掙扎。

Connecting OBIEE to Hive, HBase and Impala Tables for a DW-Offloading Project

In two previous posts this week I talk about a client request to offload part of their data warehouse top Hadoop, taking data from a source application and loading it into Hive tables on Hadoop for subsequent reporting-on by OBIEE11g.

Opportunities for Cloud based BI

Three opportunities for the future Cloud based BI: 1. Provide the tools for consolidating data  Investing the the data matching and merging technologies is too costly for on-premise BI implementations. Providing the services within the cloud BI will lower the cost. 2. Provide the External Data Bringing the external data into the individual on-premise env […]

Loading, Updating and Deleting From HBase Tables using HiveQL and Python

Earlier in the week I blogged about a customer looking to offload part of the data warehouse platform to Hadoop, extracting data from a source system and then incrementally loading data into HBase and Hive before analysing it using OBIEE11g.

Using HBase and Impala to Add Update and Delete Capability to Hive DW Tables, and Improve Query Response Times

One of our customers is looking to offload part of their data warehouse platform to Hadoop, extracting data out of a source system and loading it into Apache Hive tables for subsequent querying using OBIEE11g.


startupApps Insight 不是本人寫的第一個網誌,在開始這個網誌前已放棄了數個網誌,最長的一個寫了一年多。放棄的原因主要是網誌不受歡迎,或找不到網誌的方向。吸取過去的經驗教訓,我開始了這個網誌,分享我生活中得到,有關於創業,軟件開發等的想法和靈感。而我視Apps Insight 為我創業的第一步。


Introduction to Oracle Database 12c

With the launch of DB 12c in 2013, Oracle introduced a new architectural concept, called “multitenant databases”, where you have one super database (=container; CDB) and one or more sub databases (= pluggable DBs; PDB).

Before running the installer on an Oracle Linux 6 environment, a library can be installed through yum to meet all the system per-requisites:

yum install oracle-rdbms-server-12cR1-preinstall

The software installer and DBCA are similar to 11g, except for this screen where you can pre-configure your CDB and PDBs:

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