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Temp Directory Space When Installing FMW Products

Most of FMW products installer needs some free space in the TMP directory.

Usually, this is a prerequisite that is overlooked when starting to install the products.

Sometimes when it fails it means you have to start all over and suddenly you realize you really don't have any more available space in your disk.

A quick solution is to set the TMP or TEMP environment variables to another location where you have more free space:

export TMP=/some_other_location/tmp

export TEMP=/some_other_location/tmp

That does not always work.

Pivotal GemFireXD*Web, Web based Interface For GemFireXD

Pivotal GemFire XD bridges GemFire’s proven in-memory intelligence and integrates it with Pivotal HD 2.0 and HAWQ. This enables businesses to make prescriptive decisions in real-time, such as stock trading, fraud detection, intelligence for energy companies, or routing for the telecom industries.

You can read more about how GemFireXD and it's integration with PHD here.

Mobile App Designer mis-configuration error

I’ve been doing some work recently with OBIEE’s new Mobile App Designer (MAD). It’s a great bit of software that I’m genuinely impressed with, but it’s got its little v1 quirks, and helpful error messages are not its forte. I hit a MADdening (sorry) problem with it that Google and My Oracle Support both drew blanks on, so I’m posting it here in case it helps out others with the same problem.

Don’t always believe what you read

I was helping another consultant with a calc script as they were getting incorrect results. They wanted to do a @sumrange for a particular intersection of data..  They had coded the statement like :

@sumrange(actual,"no product","Final",.... 

I  asked why they didn't use a cross dimensional operator. They referred me to the tech reference:

Using a Proxy with BITeamwork and OBIEE

As part of the configuration process of leveraging a Proxy Server or HTTP Server with OBIEE, one configures the context-root paths accessible for routing to the target application server used by Oracle BI. This logic will apply when using a proxy with BITeamwork and OBIEE as the integration of the BITeamwork application is deployed to […]

The post Using a Proxy with BITeamwork and OBIEE appeared first on Art of Business Intelligence Blog.

RittmanMead BI Forum 2014 – Wrap – up

Last week I was (again) one of the lucky ones to join the Rittman Mead BI Forum 2014. This year we were served with a 3-day program. Just like the other years the program was varied. Varied in subjects  (Oracle BI EE, Oracle Endeca, Aggregation Persistence, Big Data, Oracle Exalytics, Oracle BI Cloud,  Oracle Information […]

Introduction to Websockets and JSON-P API in JEE7

Websockets (JSR 356) and the JSON-Processing API (JSR 353) are both introduced in the JEE7 specification. Together with JavaScript an HTML5, they enable web applications to deliver a richer user experience.

Websockets allow you to communicate bidirectional and full duplex over TCP, between your server and different kind of clients (browser’s, JavaFX… ). It’s basically a push technology, where, for example events or data originating from the server or a client, can be pushed to all the other connected clients.

Exploring Apache Spark on the New BigDataLite 3.0 VM

The latest version of Oracle’s BigDataLite VirtualBox VM went up on OTN last week, and amongst other things it includes the latest CDH5.0 version of Cloudera Distribution including Hadoop, as featured on Oracle Big Data Appliance.

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