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How the Big Boys Do It!

We have a number of VERY large (video on demand) customers.  We've broken our customer-base into 3 categories:

Is it really fame and fortune?

Fame and fortune and everything that goes with it, I thank you all!

Employee or Member Training

Do you have a group of employees or members that you would like to train?  Would you like to make the training available for a limited time only - such as for 2 weeks?  Would you like to have the ability to take the ability to view the training away at your discretion (such as when an employee leaves the company)?  Would you like to know who watched which videos?  For example, did Jim watch the introductory video on Tuesday as he said he did?

Funding = People = New Functionality

Funding Makes a Huge Difference

Once we closed on our series A funding in May, we were able to afford some of the top industry talent to take InteliVideo to the next level.  It's been a very exciting couple of months and it promises to be a very exciting next several years from the looks of it.

SO Many Great Uses

As we've been working with our customers, we continue to see so many impressive uses of our platform.  The easiest and quickest path to market for our customers is to use our platform from top to bottom.

嘟~! Octopus 讓你隨時檢查八達通餘額


由八達通公司 Octopus Cards Limited 所推出的Android Apps: Octopus, 讓你隨時檢查八達通餘額。

RTF Template : How to prevent split of row contents across the pages

How to prevent split of row contents across the pages. By default, row in table get split during page break. 


To keep the row together, uncheck the table ->row -> Allow row to break across pages.

Understanding product versions in workspace

Have you ever wondered how the display version operates in workspace or questioned why the version has not been updated after a patch has been applied, if so then this might be of interest to you.

BITeamwork 2.8.4 GA – Collaborative BI Focused

After one of our longest stints between releases we are happy to release BITeamwork 2.8.4. This version of the Collaborative BI Framework provides enhanced functionality and bug fixes.

The post BITeamwork 2.8.4 GA – Collaborative BI Focused appeared first on Art of Business Intelligence Blog.

Dept/Emp POJO's with sample data for Pivotal GemFire

I constantly blog about using DEPARTMENT/EMPLOYEE POJO'S with sample data. Here is how to create a file with data to load into GemFire to give you that sample set.

Note: You would need to create POJO'S for Department/Empployee objects that have getter/setter for the attributes mentioned below.

Dept Data

put --key=10 --value=('deptno':10,'name':'ACCOUNTING') --region=departments;

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