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Technology with Databricks, Xpoint™ and Doradus…

Technology and Big Data movers… A week of wonder in review…

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Java 8 Lambda : the very basics

Functional interface

In many cases – when talking about Java 8 – lambda-functions are the first thing that comes up. I found it a concept hard to grasp, as it slightly changes the way you think about coding. In this blog, I would like to show you some very simple examples, and explain what is what in the lambda world.

A Universal Cloud Applications Adapter for ODI

Cloud computing is dramatically accelerating the number of systems and technologies with which integration solutions have to interact. As new Cloud applications seem to appear every day, defining the specifics for each one of these applications one at a time quickly becomes a daunting task. To address this new challenge, we have created a universal approach that allows us to better leverage ODI with all of these emerging technologies, from the latest fad to the most established ones.

Architecture considerations for integrating mobile applications with cloud and on-premise applications

A mobile application requires an easy to use, flexible, secure and fast integration to various backends to access the data required by the mobile application. Ideally such an infrastructure should also allow for leveraging an existing IDM stack to be re-used by the mobile application.
This article is intended to give architectural considerations how to integrate a nice-looking and modern mobile application with various backends using the new Oracle Cloud mobile/integration offerings.

Fusion Apps P2T Identity Synchronization Flow

In this blog we will take a closer look at Fusion Apps (FA) P2T tool identity synchronization between source and target systems and internally within FA. Understanding the logic around the synchronization can be helpful for a successful completion of the P2T tool. Also, we will further discuss this logic with an exercise of a trouble-shooting scenario. 

Oracle Data Integrator to load Oracle BICS and Oracle Storage Cloud Service

It is known that Oracle focuses its sales on cloud this year and in the BI world, we have seen the introduction of Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service – BICS – that we already covered on the blog. Another great product to store files and unstructured data is Oracle Storage Cloud Service, that can also be used as a staging area before loading a BICS schema.

Taking a Closer Look at Knowledge Modules in ODI12c – Component-Style and Multi-Connect KMs

Another question that came up from the ODI12c Bootcamp Course I’m delivering for a client in London at the moment is how to choose between the different knowledge modules that come with ODI12c.





Using Streams with ODI12c for Oracle-to-Oracle Change Data Capture

Although Oracle GoldenGate replaced Oracle Streams a couple of years ago as the recommended data replication and change data capture technology for Oracle databases, many customers still on Oracle Database 11gR2 or earlier still use Streams for Oracle-to-Oracle change data capture as it works and compared to GoldenGate doesn’t require any additional licensing.

#ForgeRock: Using #OpenIDM to sync Account Lockout Status #IDM

Use Case:

In an enterprise setup you would likely want to know when a user has locked their account (e.g. too many failed password attempts) and more than likely want to distribute that information to other systems in your environment. One solution would be to enable OpenIDM to monitor the user identity repository for changes to the user’s status.

This post will demonstrate one possible configuration for this use case.

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