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JBoss EAP Quiz

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EPM workspace integration with OBIEE

In the past I have covered in detail workspace integration with OBIEE so today I am not going to go over old ground and only provide an update with integration in EPM

I suspect because OBIEE is still at and there not been too many changes relating to configuration with EPM that the process should still be the same but I feel it is worth testing out to be sure.

The blogs outlining the steps in more detail are available at:

Google’s Polymer and Paper Elements


An interesting take on web future at Devoxx 2014 was Polymer. This framework is build on top of the HTML Web Components specification. It allows you to create your own HTML elements. These elements have their own element-contained HTML (called shadow-dom), private CSS for styling and even some JavaScript for the user to be able to interact with the component.

Previewing Three Sessions at the Brighton Rittman Mead BI Forum 2015

As well as a one-day masterclass by myself and Jordan Meyer, a data visualisation challenge, keynotes and product update sessions from Oracle and our guest speaker from the Oracle Data Warehouse Global Leaders Program, the Br

Building iBeacon based apps with Oracle MAF

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Realtime BI Show with Kevin and Stewart – BI Forum 2015 Special!

Jordan Meyer and I were very pleased to be invited onto the Realtime BI Show podcast last week, run by Kevin McGinley and Stewart Bryson, to talk about the upcoming Rittman Mead BI Forum running in Brighton and Atlanta in May 2015.

Market Segmentation and Data Mining

Market Segmentation in the academic world  Market Segmentation is part of marketing process. It is described in Philip Kotler’s book as part of the step of defining the market strategy.The idea is to segment consumer market by some variables and to divide the market into different segments. Selecting the segments for your products is the result of the marketing […]

How to integrate Oracle Data Mining and Oracle BI

Here are the various ways that we can use Data Mining inside BI. We can build Advanced Analytics applications. The scoring function can be called within the opaque view or with EVALUATE function. The opaque view method may provide a better flexibility since multiple columns can be exposed. Here is an old Oracle white paper […]

Latest Review of Middleware and Cloud Computing Book

I gifted 3 copies of my Middleware and Cloud Computing book for Christmas. One of the winners even wrote a review on He seems to enjoy the book, so good news :-). Although it was published as early as 2011 (a year before Larry Ellison announced the Oracle public cloud!) it continuous to be a comprehensive […]

5 Minute JavaScript #12: extending native functionality

In the previous blogpost we took a quick look at the prototype of a value in JavaScript. We also noted that primitive data types such as String and Object have prototype objects of their own. JavaScript allows you to extend these prototype objects with.

A useful example is to add formatting functionality to the String prototype. JavaScript does not have a format function on String, even though this functionality is very useful. So, let’s add it ourselves.

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