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Concurrent Development Model for WebCenter Sites

1.0 Introduction
Several times we are asked the question, “I need to develop multiple versions of the Site at the same time. I have completed phase one and version 1.0 of the website is live on delivery. I am working on version 2.0 in the development environment. It will take another 3 weeks to complete version 2.0 and deploy it to delivery. In the meanwhile, I need to start working on version 3.0. How can I do this?”

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Replicating Hive Data Into Oracle BI Cloud Service for Visual Analyzer using BICS Data Sync

In yesterday’s post on using Oracle Big Data Discovery with Oracle Visual Analyzer in Oracle BI Cloud Service, I said mid-way through the article that I had to copy the Hadoop data into BI Cloud Service so that Visual Analyzer could use it; at present Oracle Visual Analyzer is only available as part of Oracle BI Cloud Service (BICS) so at some point the data prepared by Big Data Discovery had to be moved into BICS so that Visual Analyzer (VA) could access it.

Oracle Service Bus Transport for Apache Kafka (Part 1)

Few of us realize it, but the heart of OOP (Object-Oriented Programming) has more to do with messaging than with objects and classes or related design principles like inheritance and polymorphism. At very beginning, OOP was designed to help developers implement data exchange between objects, so these objects would be coordinated to execute some business process and divide the problem into smaller pieces with a key benefit being code that is easier to maintain.

Functional programming a brief introduction to Scala

In this blogpost I’ll try to explain on a very basic level what functional programming (FP) is about. look at is as an introduction to the amazing world of FP. FP is already here for quite a few decades. It was mostly used in the academic world and specialized industries. Since the coming of Scala, FP became more and more mainstream.

Combining Oracle Big Data Discovery and Oracle Visual Analyzer on BICS

So now that Oracle Visual Analyzer is out as part of Oracle BI Cloud Service, and Visual Analyzer (VA) is due to ship on-premise as part of OBIEE12c sometime in the next twelve months, several of our customers have asked us if they need both VA and Oracle Big Data Discovery if they’re looking to analyse Hadoop data as part of a BI project.

HFM as a data source in OBIEE

Continuing on the theme of EPM data sources in OBIEE I thought I would just put together a post of about using the HFM thin ADM driver, recently I have asked a few times about the correct process for getting up and running with a HFM as a data source in OBIEE.

The OBIEE documentation has not yet been updated to include HFM even in the recent release and to be honest it what exists in the documentation is a little confusing anyway.

Can Better Visual Design Impact User Engagement?


For every dashboard succinctly displaying key business metrics, there’s another that is a set of unconnected graphs which don’t provide any insight to its viewers.

In order for your users to get value from your business intelligence and analytics systems they need to be engaging, they need to tell a story.

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