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KScope Deep Dive input needed

As the time for KScope draws near, I’ve been busy revising my presentations and getting ready to go. Ill be there starting Saturday afternoon. I doubt I’ll get any sleep until next Thursday.

Speaking of Thursday. This year at KScope, something new is being tried. The different tracks will have “Deep Dive” sessions Thursday morning that are 2 hours long. These will be well worth sticking around for. For the Essbase track, a panel like no other will happen. Why do I say like no other, well, Some of the greatest minds in the Essbase world will be on the panel including

SampleApp v406 – Automatic startup of OBIEE

Last week Oracle released v406 of SampleApp. SampleApp is a one-stop-shop for a demonstration of pretty much any conceivable thing that OBIEE is capable of, and then some more on top of it.

Introducing the Updated Oracle / Rittman Mead Information Management Reference Architecture Pt2. – Delivering the Data Factory

In my previous post on our updated Oracle Information Management Reference Architecture, jointly-developed with Oracle’s Enterprise Architecture team, we went through a conceptual and logical view of the information architecture, introducing new concepts like the Raw Data Reservoir, the Data Factory and the Discovery Lab.

Trying to understand the Oracle Reference Architecture for Information Management

Last month I have been attending the RittmanMead BI Forum 2014. In the wrap-up I mentioned a presentation by Andrew Bond & Stewart Bryson. They had a very nice presentation about the Oracle Information Management Reference Architecture. This needed some further investigation from my part. This blogpost is a first summary of the information I found online so far. There is […]

Exploring OBIEE Collaborative BI – Webinar – June 20, 2014 (2pm EST)

If you’ve thought about commenting on OBIEE dashboards or believe that users need a way to tell the story about their data, you are not alone. We’re putting on the first webinar discussing Collaborative BI in Oracle Business Intelligence this Friday June 20th at 2pm EST. We’d like you to sign up for the webinar […]

New WebLogic 12.1.2 Webcasts Posted

Those of you who subscribed the WebLogic Book Youtube Channel already know that I published 2 additional webcasts (the 2014 edition of WebLogic Distinctive Recipes Book references them). I).  Per Domain Node Manager Note, that I keep receiving comments about the WebLogic 12c node manager bug. II). WebLogic Server Templates and Dynamic Cluster:

BITeamwork and Your Existing OBIEE Customizations

This post quickly looks at BITeamwork and Custom XML Template Configurations in order to give confidence that BITeamwork aligns with any existing configurations that your Oracle BI implementation currently has in place. Again, BITeamwork sits within the Oracle BI architecture and in no way interferes with normal system processes. It augments its features by aligning with the pages and HTML areas in which it OBIEE works.

Experts Agree Collaboration in BI is a High Priority

We mentioned Cindy Howson‘s research findings on Improvements and Innovation Priorities for BI this year, 2014, in our BITeamwork 2.8 release blog post. We know that the idea of commenting and collaborating in BI has crossed everyone’s mind but currently there is no massive adoption across BI tools – more innovative companies are understanding the […]

Introducing the Updated Oracle / Rittman Mead Information Management Reference Architecture Pt1. Information Architecture and the “Data Factory”

One of the things at Rittman Mead that we’re really interested in, is the architecture of “information management” systems and how these evolve over time as thinking, and product capabilities, evolve. In fact we often collaborate with the Enterprise Architecture team within Oracle, giving input into the architecture designs they come up with, and more recently working on a full-blown collaboration with them to come up with a next-generation Information Management architecture.

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