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Using SQL XMLTable, XMLType, and XPath to Extract HTML CLOB Data

I recently had a colleague ask me for assistance on extracting particular pieces of data from an HTML CLOB stored in a database. The data represents some of the content from one of our wiki sites and he was trying to generate a report on some of that data. We considered using dbms_lob functions (e.g. dbms_lob.instr and dbms_lob.substr) to search and extract for the data, but ran into string length limitations. The solution we ended up with was to basically treat the HTML like XML and use XPath expressions via the XMLTable\XMLType features in the Oracle database.

5 Minute JavaScript #4 Global Object

Now that we know how to create scopes and how to bind variables to them, we should also be aware of JavaScript’s global object. Whenever we declare a variable with the var-statement, the variable will be bound to the nearest scope. But what happens when there is no scope? It needs to be attached to something, right?

EPM - Java versions and why Windows Server 2012 is not correctly recognised

Today’s post looks at an issue with not correctly picking up Windows 2012 and explores the reasoning behind it.

If installing EPM on Windows 2012 Server the following OS information is shown in the installer prerequisite checks:

EPM finally available on edelivery

After the most disorganised EPM release I can remember the downloads are finally available on edelivery.

Important log files and their location in Fusion Applications

Log files are critical for the maintenance of system health, debugging performance problems, and functional or technical issues. Fusion applications (FA) is an integrated suite of products and hence it is important to know the log file locations for all the products and components to effectively troubleshoot a problem. A single transaction can span various components with the application, identity and database tiers.

Bare-Bones Example of Using WebLogic and Arquillian

The Arquillian project is proving to be very popular for testing code and applications.  It's particularly useful for Java EE projects since it allows for in-container testing to be performed, enabling unit tests to use dependency injection and all the common services  provided by the Java EE platform.

Oracle Business Analytics Update

Last week I visited the Oracle Business Analytics Partner Update at Oracle NL in Utrecht, the Netherlands. The NL (Pre-) Sales gave us an update of the Oracle Analytics Roadmap. There is a lot of movement in the world of Oracle Analytics. I have written about the publications during Oracle Open World 2014.

Social Coding Resolves JAX-RS and CDI Producer Problem

The inimitable Bruno Borges picked up tweet earlier today commenting on a problem using @Produces with non-CDI libraries with WebLogic Server 12.1.3.

The tweeter put his example up on a github repository to share - quite a nice example of using JAX-RS, CDI integration and of using Arquillian to verify it works correctly.  Ticked a couple of boxes for what I've been looking at lately

Forking his project to have a look at it locally:

Planning New Features

So much was promised for the release of planning but unfortunately some of the key new functionality missed out on the release and it looks like it will be delivered in a PSU.

The main new feature is the simplified interface even though it is not really new as it first appeared in and was aimed purely at accessing the interface through a tablet which I blogged about here.

Rittman Mead BI Forum Abstract Voting Now Open – For One Week Only!

The call for papers for the Rittman Mead BI Forum 2015 closed a couple of weeks ago and we’ve had some excellent submissions on topics ranging from OBIEE, Visualizations and data discovery through to in-memory analytics, cloud, big data and data integration. As always, we’re now opening up the abstract submission list for scoring, so that anyone considering coming to either the Brighton or Atlanta events can have a say in what abstracts are selected.

The voting forms, and event details, are below:

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