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Planning – setting the cell retrieval threshold and interesting hack

If you have been working with planning then no doubt you have experienced the web application JVM crashing at some point which can be caused by a number of different factors, the usual likely candidates are large forms and maybe the most deadly of all is ad-hoc analysis.

When a large form or ad-hoc retrieval is run then there is a possibility that an out of memory error may occur in the JVM, the common errors to be generated in the logs are:

Cloud Computing Workshop in Berlin

A Tad of Cloud Evangelism It’s always a pleasure to travel to Berlin for various reasons. A fortnight ago I was running an AWS/Google/Netflix OSS/Cloud Management workshop for a non-disclosed European Agency. I had about 3 dozens of attendees working at the forefront of technology.     Yesterday a Thank-You letter from their director arrived. “My […]

The Other

It is the nature of short essays or speeches that they can at best explore the surface of an idea. This is a surprisingly difficult task, since ideas worth exploring usually need to be approached with some rigor. The easy use of the speech form is to promote an idea to listeners or readers who already share a common view - that is one reason speeches are effective forms for political persuasion for rallying true believers.

GoldenGate and Oracle Data Integrator – A Perfect Match in 12c… Part 3: Setup Journalizing

After a short vacation, some exciting news, and a busy few weeks (including KScope14 in Seattle, WA), it’s time to get the “GoldenGate and Oracle Data Integrator – A Perfect Match in 12c” blog series rolling again. Hopefully readers can find some time between World Cup matches to try integrating ODI and GoldenGate on their own!

Create a 12c development server from the SOA 12c Quickstart

So at the time of writing there is only the “Quickstart” 12C SOA and BPM. That’s all fun and games, it installs straight out of the box.
However,  I want a real development environment, and run it on my dev server.
So, first thing first.

Using maven to deploy your Oracle 12c SCA

After installing SOA Suite 12c I created, as everyone else, my first composite. Jdeveloper will generate your project for you. The first thing you will notice is the new directory structure. Not every file is loaded in same directory like it used to be in SOA Suite 11g.

Two way SSL Webservice on Weblogic Server

Copyright 2013 - http://www.

This article provides sample Webservice and Webservice Client for two way SSL. It also demonstrates the use of WLSSSLAdapter class to send certificates to the server.

1. Create a JWS with the following policy  : Wssp1.2-2007-Https-ClientCertReq.xml


KScope 2014 - Smart View Recap

We had some really good sessions on Smart View at KScope 2014.  First we gave an product update and a glimpse at some new features in the Sunday Symposium (sorry not sharable) then Monday we had a great session on multiple data sources.  The session was in a packed room and we had some great follow-up conservations throughout the conference.

Here is Monday's presentation.

Using Automatic Network Resource in Solaris Zone on Exalogic

This article will show you how to use Automatic Network (anet) resource to configure IPoIB and EoIB bonded interfaces in a Solaris zone on an Exalogic machine running Solaris 11.1.
Let’s start with a basic configuration of a zone with no network interface configured:

Getting started with Oracle Service Bus 12c: importing 11g sources

Oracle has finally announced 12c, so now everybody can get their hands on it. One of the new features is that Oracle Service Bus development is integrated into Oracle jDeveloper Studio.
One way to get started quickly is by simply importing your 11g service bus sources into 12c.
First export your 11g sources, either from the Servicebus Console or Eclipse (OEPE):

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