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GoldenGate and Oracle Data Integrator – A Perfect Match in 12c… Part 1: Getting Started

Over the years, I’ve blogged quite a bit about integration between Oracle Data Integrator and GoldenGate, and how to make it all work with the Oracle Reference Architecture.

Extract Data from Fusion Applications via Web Services

The BI tools packaged with Fusion allow a user to create and run reports against both the Transactional, and Warehouse databases, but  sometimes there may be a need to extract some of that data to an external system. On-Premise customers could create ETL jobs to run against the Fusion Database, but would need to figure out how everything joins together – the RPD does a great job in obfuscating that for the end user. For Cloud customer, it’s going to be even more complicated getting access to the source databases.

Cloning Code Base for BRM and Pipeline

Alex Bramford - SSG Blog - Oracle BRM and Informatica Data ManagementWhile new entire environments may need to be cloned, sometimes there is a need to only clone the code base for an environment.

Use of contexts within Talend

When developing jobs in Talend, it’s sometimes necessary to run them on different environments. For other business cases, you need to pass values between multiple sub-jobs in a project. To solve this kind of issues, Talend introduced the notion of “contexts”.

In this blogpost we elaborate on the usage of contexts for easily switching between a development and a production environment by storing the connection data in context variables. This allows you to determine on which environment the job should run, at runtime, without having to recompile or modify your project.

Fixing IE for Oracle BI and Hyperion Workspace Compatibility

You may have noticed that with both the Hyperion Workspace production and the Oracle BI portal that is does not conform to Internet Explorer’s subtle rendering tantrums, that is incompatibility.  This post quickly takes a look at the solution that you can use either for Oracle EPM or Oracle BI to ensure that any IE […]

Oracle Adaptive Case Management – Exposing the API – part 2

In the previous blogpost we’ve built a custom java API on top of the ACM api. In this blogpost we’ll make a service of this API exposing its public methods and test it against a small test case.

Announcement: ADF EMG XML DataControl

During the ADF community event at AMIS Services last Thursday (22 may 2014), Wilfred and myself announced a new upcoming open source project, named XML DataControl.On the AMIS Live blog there was a good summary about the functionality of the XML DataControl:

OAG/OES Integration for Web API Security: skin and guts


When it comes to defining a strategy for web API security, OAG (Oracle API Gateway) and OES (Oracle Entitlements Server) together present a very interesting choice and are a very powerful combination indeed.

Oracle Adaptive Case Management – Exposing the API – part 1

One of the most important building blocks of Adaptive Case Management is the ACM API. At one point or another you’re gonna need a way to get information (think about a list of stakeholders, available activities, milestones reached, etc.) out of the case. Since there’s no webservice available yet that exposes the internals of the case, your only option right now is the ACM API.

Visual Regression Testing of OBIEE with PhantomCSS

Earlier this year I wrote a couple of blogs posts (here and here) discussing the topic of automated Regression Testing and OBIEE. One of the points that I was keen make was that OBIEE is a stack of elements and depending on the change being tested, it may be sensible to focus on certain elements in the stack instead of all of it.

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