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Oracle SOA Suite 12c Released - Administration Highlights

Today Oracle has released SOA/BPM Suite 12c - see the official Press Release.
This is quite a big event: it may be hard to believe but SOA 11g was
released well over 4 years ago now and, though in reality Oracle has
delivered significant amounts of functionality in "Patch Sets"*, this
release has still been a while in the making.

Monitoring OIM R2 PS2 Orchestration

The OIM R2 PS2 ( release provides a great new feature: monitoring of OIM orchestration processes through Enterprise Manager console.

Such feature provides the capability of querying orchestration data to check orchestration processes details. For example, you can check what happened during a user modification operation, or you can get details of failed orchestration processes, such details can help you to fix issues in your environment. It is also possible to check configuration information, like which event handlers are defined for a specific orchestration process.

Recommended Best Practices for Securing WebLogic Server.

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Disable SSL V2, Weak Ciphers, and Null Encryptions

You can use the following jvm options to disable Weak Ciphers.

Steps to disable SSL V2 follows later.

Use Secure Cookies to Prevent Session Stealing

Please refer to this article : link

Going Beyond the Summary Advisor with TimesTen for Exalytics

I’m over in Seattle at the moment for ODTUG KScope’14, and one of the topics I’m presenting on this week is the use of TimesTen with OBIEE; what I’m going to talk about is taking TimesTen beyond its current use as an in-memory cache for aggregates created by the Summary Advisor, and instead using it to store additional custom aggregates, “hot” data from the source data warehouse, and other custom structures created using SQL*Developer and potentially loaded using Oracle Data Integrator.

Access your MDS-SOA repository from your ADF application

In our Enterprise Landscape the SOA Services and our Canonical Data Model (CDM) live on a different WebLogic Server than our ADF application. But often we want to use these services and CDM in our ADF application. Calling WebServices from an ADF application is not that difficult, however, we often want to manipulate the result that comes from this WebService. In 90 percent of the time, this are little adjustments to the existing CDM that are UI specific.

Disabling and Enabling the Auto Map for XSL

When working with more complex XSL files, it can sometimes be useful to disable the Auto Map option. This can easily be achieved in the Auto Map Preferences popup you get when drawing lines in the design view of an XSL Map.

Using RolesAllowed and SecurityRole annotations to secure Webservices on Weblogic

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1. Write a JWS that uses the RolesAllowed and SecurityRole annotation

How to load webservices security policy from classpath

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1) Add the following JAVA OPTION to the classpath


2) Write a simple policy.



UKOUG Middleware SIG - All About Patching

I don't usually write about UKOUG Middleware Special Interest Groups
(SIG) meetings - they're much more about face-to-face discussions - but
in this case I thought I'd write up some notes mostly of things from the flip-chart for the benefit of those who attended
(and anyone else interested).

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