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Health Care Exchange in Oregon Not Meeting High Hopes

Oregon may have among the most dysfunctional online insurance exchanges in the nation.

Net Income at Oracle Rises, but Results Worry Investors

Shareholders are still concerned about slow spending and growing competition from smaller, nimble rivals.

Outrage Over Wall St. Pay, but Shrugs for Silicon Valley?

Opposition to outsize pay packages should not be reserved just for executives on Wall Street, Steven M. Davidoff writes.

Oracle Agrees to Buy Cloud-Based Service

Oracle’s purchase of Corente pushes the once web-shy technology giant further into the Internet age.

Why Older Technology Companies May Attempt Desperate Deals

Acquisitions, combined with cost-cutting, tend to be a popular way for corporations to try to rejuvenate. But as Robert Cyran of Reuters Breakingviews notes, it is often a losing proposition.

Oracle to Buy Responsys for $1.5 Billion

The acquisition will extend Oracle’s reach into online marketing. The software maker allows brands to coordinate advertising across the web.

A Vote Goes Against Outsize Executive Pay, But It's Hardly a Blow

Shareholders rejected the Oracle chief’s $78 million pay package in a nonbinding vote. But there are better ways to shrink C.E.O. pay.

Oracle Shareholders Oppose Compensation for Ellison

A majority of shareholders demonstrated their opposition to the compensation of chief executive Lawrence Ellison, voting against a resolution on the company’s pay practices.

[Script] Breakdown of Oracle SGA into Solaris Locality Groups

Goal: for a given process, find out how the SGA was allocated in different locality groups on a system running Solaris operating system.

CSO Summit Open World

If you attended Open World, you were present for a historic occasion, not only was this the largest Open World, but the Oracle team also won the America's cup against incredible odds. There are a few lessons we can apply to security. Security, like the America's Cup race, is about latency. Since 2007 the boat speeds have gone from 14 mph to 50 mph with greater control and roughly the same number of crew on-board.

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