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Cloud Integration & SOA Governance & Fast Data & API Management Resource kits available

Do you want to learn more about the hot topics in SOA? Make sure you access:

PeopleSoft Services Procurement Highlighted by Leading Industry Analyst

PeopleSoft Services Procurement, part of the PeopleSoft Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) 9.2 suite of applications, was the subject of a positive article written by Jason Busch of the leading industry analyst firm Spend Matters.

Oracle Fusion Applications Simplified UI Translated (NLS) Versions Release 7

Oracle Fusion Applications 11G Release 7 has been released. The translated versions now available (with language and and region codes) are as follows:

1. Arabic (ar / AR) 

2. Chinese (Simplified) (zh_CN / ZHS) 

3. Chinese (Traditional) (zh_TW / ZHT) 

4. Czech (cs / CS) 

5. Danish (da / DK)

6. Dutch (nl / NL) 

7. Finnish (fi / SF) 

8. French (fr / F) 

9. French (Canadian) (fr_CA / FRC) 

10. German (de / D) 

Oracle OpenWorld 2013 - Highlights from Oracle Cloud Application Foundation with WebLogic, Coherence, and more….

Originally Published on  Cloud Application Foundation Blog

Author: Ruma Sanyal, Director, Oracle

Availability Best Practices - using a mirrored ZFS pool with virtual disks

With all the excitement of the past weeks (and other work assignments), I didn't publish a queued-up
Availability Best Practice blog entry about using mirrored disk devices.

Previous blog entries emphasized service domain and path resiliency, rather than redundancy for disk media,
though I did hint at it in
Availability Best Practices - Example configuring a T5-8.
In that blog entry, I configured
two identically sized virtual disks, each in its own mpgroup pair, to be used as a ZFS mirrored

Webcast - Comment assurer la qualité des données de votre entreprise?

Inscrivez-vous dès maintenant à la session webinar du 16 octobre, de 11h à 12h dédiée à Oracle Enterprise Data Quality.

Comment assurer la qualité des données de votre entreprise ? Donnez l’autonomie au métier !

NetBeans for Pure HTML, JavaScript, and CSS Developers

Let's imagine all you care about is development of applications using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. For example, you only want to create Knockout or Angular JS applications. How best to set up your IDE so that exactly those features, and no more, are included? You might want this very small minimalistic IDE if you're concerned about performance, startup time, and removing the clutter of all the buttons and menu items that don't relate to what you're doing.

Advanced Oracle BPM in 21 Days book by EAIESB

pictureThis book address all latest features included in PS6.

Sick and Vacation Accrual

Here I am sharing useful code to find out Sick and Vacation net entitlement. User of this script should feed  following input to attached script.

  • Assignment Id
  • Period End Date
  • Business Group Id

Improve Office Productivity with JavaFX and the NetBeans Platform

CaseLnk Case Management System, by CaseForge Technology, is a brand new piece of software for improving office productivity, user collaboration, and customer satisfaction. It supports cases, documents, tasks, events, processes, and contacts.

The technologies used are Java 7 with NetBeans Platform 7.3 and JavaFX.

NetBeans Visual Library API is used to design workflows:

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