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Oracle Priority Service Infogram for 11-JAN-2012

Thanks to Oracle Infogram for this story


We've thrown the protective barrier out further: Oracle Database Firewall extends support to MySQL, over at Help Net Security.

Speaking of MySQL and security, the MySQL on Windows blog brings us a posting on Using MySqlClientPermission Class on Connector/Net 6.5 to restrict data access.

Last but not least in security is this posting at Security Inside Out entitled Is Your Organization Susceptible to a Data Breach? I don't think you're going to like the answer.

Better Life Through Clouds

So there you are, 3 AM, the stores are closed, you're bored, you have a pile of unmapped genes as big as your couch and you want to map them. But you don't have a supercomputer and that makes you bored and resentful. No more! You can rent one now, and it willl come to exist long enough for you to map that genome, cure cancer, and finish in time for the package stores to open: Amazon takes supercomputing to the cloud, from c|net.


The entirely technically named blog: EPM / OBI - Product Assurance Engineering (/PAE) fills us in on Essbase 11.1.2 - Commit Block Tuning.

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Blast from the Past

The wonderful command line world of Oracle 5 and Forms 2, now available for your viewing pleasure on YouTube as tweeted by Kyle HaileyOracle 5 and Forms 2 on DOS.

The People Behind the Screens

A couple of interesting items in the press of late about the people who speak with the machines, that would be us if you are reading this blog:

First a fairly scary but interesting item from Pulp Tech about: 

Tech’s Relationship With Depression, Suicide and Asperger’s.

Next, someone finally explains why it is most companies should try to keep their developers on an island somewhere in South Pacific with big-pipe internet but no cable TV or email:

Why programmers work at night (from the A geek with a hat blog).


The PeopleSoft Apps Strategy blog discusses how to Extend Business Processes with New PeopleSoft Forms and Approval Builder Capabilities.

Oracle Gurus

Cary Milsap speaking live, and you can listen, and it's free? That can't be beat. All Things Oracle tweeted it from Redgate: Oracle Database Webinars - Real Developers DO use Tools, presented by Cary Millsap on Tues 24th Jan 2012 @ 16:00 (UK time).

Oracle Support

It looks to me like Chris Warticki is trying to become to Oracle Support questions what Tom Kyte is to Oracle RDBMS and development questions - a central source, and I applaude the effort. Here's a really useful answer he gave to an enquiry about notifcations in MOS: Ask that Support Blogger...he'll know (Notifications).

Fusion Middleware

Did you miss the advisor webcast: How to plan for a new installation of Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g? Well there is a recorded version available (along with lots of others ).


The Oracle related stuff blog discusses: Dynamic Sampling On Multiple Partitions - Bugs.

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