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Oracle Priority Service Infogram for 28-MAR-2012

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Just Out

Oracle Announces the Certification of the Oracle Database on Oracle Linux 6 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.

More in the realm of just out: 

Simplify Storage Management with Oracle’s Latest Software (learn about the new Oracle StorageTek Tape Analytics software).

Oracle Virtualization and Cloud Consulting
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This week Charles Hooper's Oracle Notes has two sojourns for us, Which PLAN_HASH_VALUE Appears in V$SQLAREA?, with a sidetrip to Hell.

Oak Table member Randolf Geist is offering some free webinars: (Virtual) Public Appearances - Free Webinars.

About Oracle is also talking seminars, this one is a one day offering: Mastering Oracle Trace Data with Cary Millsap, at About Oracle

Oracle Musings discusses a topic that I have encountered often in the past: what happens when developers replace lots of functionality that already exists in the database and is optimized with functions outside the DB that haven't been optimized, then proclaim that the database is slow. Some good, calm thinking here: Sqoop /*+ parallel */.


grassroots-oracle has a nice little APEX discovery to share: Changing Oracle Apex calendar icon.


From the Oracle Demantra blog: Demantra USA Based Companies and SOX Compliance.

Math from MIT

Eddie Awad tweeted a connection to what looks like a very comprehensive and approachable math textbook from MIT (and this is coming from me, a math chicken): Mathematics for Computer Science .


Don't miss the webcast on Hyperion Planning Performance Pitfalls coming up on April 5th.


Speaking of webcasts, take a look at some of the great ones coming up and preregister at the Oracle Database Security Webcast Series.


Gnomes, they're not just for lawn decoration anymore. Peter Korn's Weblog let's us know that: GNOME 3.4 released, with smooth & fast magnification.


ZFSSA - Tips & Tricks with your Oracle 7000 ZFS Storage Appliance, a contestant in the very popular 'Really Long Blog Title Contest', brings us this item on Analytics in the ZFSSA: Fun tips with Analytics 

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