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Securing Oracle XE and ApEx Apps

Thanks to Kristian Jones for this story
As some of you know, I'm fast becoming an ApEx convert and I've started to use it to knock together quick and dirty applications which make my daily work life as a consultant easier. Rather than installing a full Oracle DB instance on my laptop I've opted to install Oracle XE which comes with ApEx 2.1 and is basically a stripped down version of Oracle 10g Database. It suits my purposes and is not as resource hungry as the complete Oracle Instance.

However XE is not without its problems. I knew there would be potential security risks and other considerations when developing in XE rather than a later version of ApEx and a fully patched 10g.

I recently discovered a fantastic security article written by red-database-security. The article highlights the flaws with XE and how to overcome them and is well worth a read if your using XE for production systems.
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