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The Engineering-Friendly AMD Fusion APU

Thanks to AMD at Work for this story

Amtek was established almost 10 years ago by a group of design engineers with a passion for developing new and innovative handheld computing devices that meet specific customer needs. Currently, our focus is on engineering excellence and making use of the latest technology for our broad range of tablet PCs, used by customers world-wide.

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Now, for the first time, Amtek is working with AMD to create a new series of products based on the newest low-power AMD Embedded G-Series APUs. The Accelerated Processing Unit is a brilliant solution for both engineers and end-users that produces an efficient design with a long life-cycle. Not only is this great technology to introduce in our mobile industrial PCs, we’ve also received great design support from the AMD team.

Several factors help make our AMD-based products unique for our engineers and our end customers. For example, there is extraordinary graphic function with the DirectX® 11-capable graphics and no need to include additional graphic devices on the board, which greatly simplifies the design and production. Meanwhile customers can experience a vivid 3D video experience with multiple options for I/O. And of course, one of the more outstanding features is the very low power consumption with the 5.5W TDP of the AMD APU. It’s this opportunity for producing fanless designs that is especially attractive to Amtek and we look forward to continued collaboration with the AMD Embedded team to bring even more innovative products to market.

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