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First release of oVirt scheduled for Jan 31

Thanks to Kernel-Based Virtual Machine for this story

The first release of the RHEV-M upstream project, oVirt, is scheduled for the end of January in a few days time. This release schedule comes shortly after the recent release of RHEV 3.0. Since the project kickoff workshop was held last November, installing the ovirt-engine is a whole lot easier at least on Fedora 16. There are now instructions on the ovirt wiki page for Debian and Gentoo although the Debian link is currently broken.

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There are currently nightly builds of the ovirt-node ( the managed node hypervisor ) available for you to start using. For installing the ovirt-engine ( management tool ) on Fedora 16, yum packages are available. Installation requires you to download a yum repo file, install the required packages with yum and run a handful of commands. This is a lot easier than the previous method of installation.

For more information see the oVirt wiki page.

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