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Fourteen-year old design prodigy inspires others using AMD FirePro™ Professional Graphics

Thanks to AMD at Work for this story

By Bahman Dara, senior manager of worldwide marketing for AMD Professional Graphics.

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Riley Lewis is like a lot of kids today in that he spends hours in front of a computer screen.  What makes him unique is the professional grade software and hardware that is a regular part of his busy schedule.  Already an avid inventor, Riley started using SolidWorks® at the age of 11, when he used the program to do a failure analysis of his team’s entry in the prestigious Tech Challenge and helped make the design into an award winner at the event.  His participation there caught the eye of SolidWorks’ CEO, and in a blink of an eye Riley was headed to the annual SolidWorks users’ conference to learn more about his new-found passion.

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