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Tips and tricks: How to use Google like never before

Adding Static Routes On Various *NIX (Linux,AIX,HP-UX)

Static routes are generally required for  traffic that must not, or should not, go through the default gateway.

Basic Linux Filesystems tutorial : ext2,ext3,ext4,JFS & XFS

The original Linux system used a simple filesystem that mimicked the functionality of the Unix filesystem. In this tutorial we will discuss basic file system used in Linux.

Find the Fedora/Red Hat package providing a command

My previous post explains, given a Debian or Ubuntu system, how to find the package that provides a command or file. This post covers the same topic but for Fedora or any modern RPM-based system. yum provides Suppose you want to run the mate-system-log command. $ mate-system-log-bash: mate-system-log: command not found

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