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Free Administrative Software for Schools Around the World

Easy steps for better Google Drive security you've followed the news lately, you know iCloud was hacked and a number of celebrity photos were leaked from accounts.

Number of open files or file descriptors associated with a process

Since in *nix every thing is a file, When you try to find open files or file descriptor associated with a process you will see Actual file log, Unix Sockets, Library files, Network Sockets,  /dev files and others.
lsof is a command to list all open files.
To list all open files or file descriptors by a process:
$ lsof -p PID
$ lsof -a -p PID
$ ls /proc/PID/fd
where PID is a process ID of any process that is running.

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How two-step logins protect iCloud, other accounts

Understanding AIX Logical Volume Management

Create video screencasts using recordmydesktop

Why make a video screen capture, aka screencast? Some possible reasons are:

  • Create a software demo.
  • Capture a video game session for playback later.
  • Keep a record of what transpires on the computer screen.

I create screencasts mainly for recordkeeping. As a result, I don't expect to edit the output video, for example, to obfuscate sensitive data, or to insert call-outs to draw attention to specific screen areas.

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