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We are looking to hire someone who loves working with open source developer communities.

We are looking to hire someone who loves working with open source developer communities.

The ideal candidate would have experience with the Oracle Database and at least two or more open source developer environments. The successful candidate would join a team of people responsible for helping database app developers be more productive while using prominent open source development tools. That person would also help to represent the needs of the community back to Oracle development.

rsyslog branches and git history

There was a lengthy mailing list discussion in November and December  of 2014 of whether or not to avoid git merge entries. There was also an intermingled discussion on QA and CI. The idea was to trim the git history and make sure tests are run a quickly as possible. As a result of that discussion, I added more automated testbench runs, which also required a new branch master-candidate, which is used as a staging area to run the test, and from which changes are (manually) migrated to master when all testbench runs are OK.

VLC Player – install H.265 / HEVC codec on Ubuntu Linux

To play H.265/HEVC videos with VLC player in Ubuntu OS we need to install vlc-plugin-libde265 module.
Use following command to install vlc-plugin-libde265
$ apt-get install vlc-plugin-libde265
After install we can ply H.265/HEVC formate videos with VLC player.

ssh disable warning messages – Linux/Ubuntu

To disable ssh warning message we need to add LogLevel to quiet in $HOME/.ssh/config file.
We can also diable warning messages with ssh command as shown below:
$ ssh -o LogLevel=quiet
With following example we can also disable Host Key Checking, set known hosts file to null and disable logging:
$ ssh -o UserKnownHostsFile=/dev/null -o StrictHostKeyChecking=no -o LogLevel=quiet

ssh remove offending key – Linux/Ubuntu

ssh-keygen command is used to remove offending key entries from .ssh/known_hosts
Syntax to remove offending key of a host:
$ ssh-keygen -R hostName/IP_Address
Example 1:
$ ssh-keygen -R
Above example will remove ssh key associated with hostname
Example 2:
$ ssh-keygen -R
This example will remove ssh key associated with IP Address

Checking for Constant Time Stamp Counter

A Constant Time Stamp Counter is included in more recent Intel Processors (TSC) to reads at the processor’s maximum rate regardless of the actual CPU running rate. While this makes time keeping more consistent, but it can skew benchmarks, where a certain amount of spin-up time is spent at a lower clock rate before the OS switches the processor to the higher rate. For more information on Time Stamp Counter, do look at Time Stamp Counter (wikipedia)
To check whether your CPU support TSC, you can issue the command

Creation of Logical Networks on RHEV

Logical Networks allow segregation of different types of traffic. According to Red Hat Training Manual, it is recommended to have 3 types of network

  1. Management Network – Network to connect hypervisor (RHEV-H) nodes to the RHEV Manager
  2. Storage Network – Network to connect RHEV-H  to NFS and iSCSI. If you are using FC, there is no need to create a separate network since it is using SAN
  3. Public Network –  Connect the Gateway Router, the RHEV-M systems and RHEV-H Nodes

Configure Logical Networks

Coming to America for Entrepreneurs

It is no secret that some of Silicon Valley’s tech giants were founded by immigrants. Sergey Brin, a Russian emigrant, co-founded Google; Andrew Grove, originally from Hungary, co-founded Intel; both Steve Chen of YouTube and Jerry Yang of Yahoo came to the U.S.

Why Prolonged Sitting And Standing Is Unproductive

Sitting too much will probably shorten your life. Entrepreneurs sit a lot.

How Steve Jobs Started – The Life Of Apple’s Founder

Apple just announced its first new product category since the iPad. And since Steve Jobs.

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