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node-oracledb 0.4.1 is on GitHub (Node.js driver for Oracle Database)

Just a few small changes in this update of the href="" >Node.js driver for
Oracle Database.

  • Support for External authentication was added
    This closes Issue #15.

  • The isAutoCommit flags now works with query execution. This
    is useful in cases where multiple DML statements are executed followed
    by a SELECT statement. This can be used to avoid a round trip to the
    database that an explicit call to commit() would add.

Crontab every 30 seconds

To run a cron every 30 seconds check following example:
* * * * * /path/to/your/script arg1 arg2
* * * * * (sleep 30; /path/to/your/script arg1 arg2)
In above example both commands will start at 0th second of every minute, but the second command will sleep for 30 seconds and then start.

Vim – highlight search keyword

By default search keyword won’t be highlighted in vim with Ubuntu OS.
To highlight search keyword we need to set hlsearch flag in vimrc.
Open /etc/vim/vimrc with sudo and append following line in it:
set hlsearch
After that save & exit from vimrc file. This will enable search keyword highlight across all vim sessions.
If you want to enable highlighting only for current session run following command in vim after opening a file:

Using Tuned to tune CentOS 6 System

Tuned is a Dynamic Adaptive Tuning System Daemon. According to Manual Page
tuned is a dynamic adaptive system tuning daemon that tunes system settings dynamically depending on usage. For  each  hardware  subsystem  a specific monitoring plugin collects data periodically. This information is then used by tuning plugins to change system settings  to  lower  or higher  power saving modes in order to adapt to the current usage. Currently monitoring and tuning plugins for CPU, ethernet network and  ATA harddisk devices are implemented.
Using Tuned

Unix - run multiple commands on remote machines in parallel

Assume you have a requirement of running two commands on 10 hosts.In this post I would like to show you how you can:1) Run multiple commands on remote host using ssh.2) Also instead of working on one host at a time serially, how can we execute the commands on multiple hosts in parallel to save the overall execution time.Example:Find the number of files under '/sdb/_read/' and '/sdb/_write/' directories on following 10 hosts.

How to merge or split pdf files using convert

convert is a member of the ImageMagick software suite for image manipulation. Two of my earlier posts dealt with using convert to slice and resize an image. It is a lesser-known fact that convert also works with pdf files.

How to update a MySQL table with data from itself

Suppose I want to update a MySQL table with data that refers to the same table. To make it easier to follow along, I will use the following actual WordPress administration scenario. My task is to copy the attributes of a WordPress theme named decode to its child theme named decode-child. Theme attributes are stored in the MySQL table wp_options. The table has 2 relevant fields:

  1. option_name

looking for Java stacktrace samples

I am currently working on log normalization as well as improvements for rsyslog's imfile. Among the things that regularly come up on the rsyslog mailing list is support for multi-line logs and Java stack traces in general.I would like to see what I can do to improve processing of these. To do so, I need a set of samples of such logs. As such, I look for people who would like to contribute log records for my research.

Compiling Gromacs 5.0.4 on CentOS 6

Compiling Gromacs has never been easier using the cmake. There are a few assumptions.

  1. Use MKL and Intel Compilers
  2. Use OpenMPI  as the MPI-of-choice. The necessary PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH have been placed in .bashrc
  3. We will use SINGLE precision for speed used MDRUN and MPI Flags

Here is my configuration file using Intel Compilers

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