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liblognorm's "rest" parser now more useful

The liblognorm "rest" parser was introduced some time ago, to handle cases where someone just wants to parse a partial message and keep all the "rest of it" into another field. I never was a big fan of this type of parser, but I accepted it because so many people asked. Practice, however, showed that my concerns were right: the "rest" parser has a very broad match and those that used it often got very surprising results.

Simple BASH script to setup shared SSH keys on Cluster

Here is my simple script to setup shared SSH keys on Cluster. You can put this script called into /etc/profile.d

Configuring Monit: a free system monitoring and recovery tool

Why Monit?One morning, I went on-line to check my WordPress website. Lo and behold, I saw this error: 'Error establishing a database connection.' My website had been down for 4 hours, luckily in the middle of the night.

Installing scipy and other scientific packages using pip3 for Python 3.4.1

I wanted to install the packages using pip3. Before you can successfully install the python packages, do note that you have to make sure the following packages are found in your CentOS 6.
# yum install blas blas-devel lapack lapack-devel numpy
After you install according to Compiling and Configuring Python 3.4.1 on CentOS

CloudStack Day Austin Video: Operating CloudStack – Sharing my Tool Box

Watch my talk “Operating CloudStack – Sharing my Tool Box” that I presented at CloudStack Day Austin, on April 16th 2015. The talk was originally written for ApacheCon North America and I presented it there a few days earlier. It was great to be able to do the talk again and reach an even bigger […]

Accessing LSF batch job ID and array ID

The variables are as followed:
LSB_JOBID: LSF assigned job ID
LSB_BATCH_JID: Array job ID. Includes job ID and array index number
LSB_JOBINDEX: Job array index

Upcoming Webinar on April 15th about Node-oracledb driver for Node.js

Tomorrow I'll be giving a webinar covering node-oracledb, the Node.js
driver for Oracle database.

Date: Wednesday, April 15th
Time: 9am (San Francisco time)
Webex - No need to register. Session will be recorded.
US Toll Free Audio (1-866-682-4770), with international numbers available (Meeting ID: 8232385# & PIN: 123456#)
Speaker: Christopher Jones

How do you install Node.JS on CentOS?

There's a ton of outdated information floating around the web on how to simply and effectively install Node.JS on CentOS, specifically one of my legacy boxes that runs 5.11. I spent about 15-20 minutes toying around with various hacky ways to do this. To save you the time, here's the easiest way I found:
Perform (as root):

curl -sL | bash -
yum install -y nodejs

Command-line network speed testing

Is your web app slow? Is network bandwidth the problem? To diagnose the problem, begin by measuring the network bandwidth. Many users run the popular, web-based to capture speed performance data. This is a good solution if the X Window System is installed on the webserver. However, I have a Linux VPS server without an X graphical environment. Command line is the only viable way to perform a speed test on that server.

ApacheCon NA’15 slide deck: Operating CloudStack – Sharing my Tool Box

Here are the slides from my presentation at both ApacheCon and CloudStack Day in Austin, TX. Get the code on Github.Filed under: CloudStack Tagged: apachecon, cloudstack, python, talk

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