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Common Administrative Commands for RHEL and CentOS 5,6,7

This Common Administrative Commands Poster from Red Hat for RHEL and CentOS 5,6,7  is something l really appreciate as a system administrator. Read it for yourself and you will see what it meant.

Ubuntu 14.04 – ping icmp open socket operation not permitted

Recently when I am trying to do ping got following exception:
$ ping
ping: icmp open socket: Operation not permitted
Reason for the issue:
On Linux (and other flavours) you have to be root to open up a socket. The SUID bit must be set in the ping binary to allow it to open sockets. This issue is common on jailing users as most disto’s ping binary will have this set by default.
Set the SUID bit:

RHEV 3.4 – Explanation of Settings in the New Data Center and Edit Data Center Windows

The table below describes the settings of a data center as displayed in the New Data Center and Edit Data Center windows. Invalid entries are outlined in orange when you click OK, prohibiting the changes being accepted. In addition, field prompts indicate the expected values or range of values.
Figure 1: RHEVM Portal -

RHEL 5,6,7 Common Administrative Commands

Taken from RedHat Portal, I found the Guide very useful.

Data OnTap 7-Mode to Cluster-Mode Command Map

If you have been using Data OnTap 7-Mode but if you need the equivalent for Cluster-Mode. Do look at this pdf for the mapping. You will find it very useful.
PDF References:

Tools for checking broken web links - part 2

Part 1 of this 2-part series on Linux link checking tools reviewed the tool linkchecker. This post concludes the series by presenting another tool, klinkstatus. Unlike linkchecker which has a command-line interface, klinkstatus is only available as a GUI tool.

Docker CIFS – How to Mount CIFS as a Docker Volume

Overview In my environment I’m using a drobo CIFS NAS storage device. Data on the NAS is exported over CIFS to various servers. I have a few docker containers that need read/write access to the data stored on CIFS. However, when attempting to use the docker -v option to bind mount the cifs share into […]
The post Docker CIFS – How to Mount CIFS as a Docker Volume appeared first on Backdrift.

Inbox by Gmail

Gmail’s New App ‘Inbox’ Is Your Personal Email Assistant

CloudMonkey 5.3 on OSX Mavericks or OSX Yosemite

CloudMonkey is an easy way to interact with the CloudStack API without the need to do any code writing. Think of it like a way to “query” the CloudStack infrastructure. Very useful in day-to-day operations to get a “quick look” at things. Version 5.3 is on its way, and recently I had a look at […]

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