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Learning command arguments using

Suppose you come across the following command in a script. You are not quite sure what it does. Specifically, you want to know the meaning of each command argument. $ wget --spider -r -nd -nv -H -l 1 -w 2 -o test.log Traditionally, to find out what each argument does, you look up the man page for the wget command. Then, you scroll through page after page of information, and extract the description for each argument. This is a time-consuming, and eye-straining exercise.

Python – find files in directory with extension

The glob module finds all the pathnames matching a specific pattern according to the rules used by the Unix Shell. No tilde expansion is done, but *, ?, and character ranges expressed with [] will be correctly matched.
To list all files ending with *.txt in /home/guest directory:

>>> import glob
>>> glob.glob("/home/guest/*.txt")

[‘/home/guest/syslog.txt’, ‘/home/guest/mysql.txt’, ‘/home/guest/topics.txt’, ‘/home/guest/bus.txt’]

Get 56GB of free cloud storage in one folder!

Dropbox gives you up to 16GB free. Google Drive & Gmail give you 15GB.OneDrive gives you 15GB.Box gives you 10GB.

CVE-2015-0235: Replacing the CloudStack systemvm template

Due to the Ghost bug aka CVE-2015-0235, we had to upgrade 500+ system vm’s. We’re running CloudStack 4.4.2. The version of the systemvm template it uses was 4.4.1 and so we created 4.4.2 and used that instead. It was quite some work to get it done so we thought it was worth sharing how we […]

Username and password with wget/curl

To download a url with basic authentication we need to pass username & password.
To acheive this functionality with wget or curl observer following examples:
With curl:
$ curl -u 'username:password' ''
With wget:
$ wget --user='username' --password='password' ''
Wget with cookie:

Python – remove first and last character

By using slicing technique we can remove first ans last character from a string.
Observe following example for more details:

>>> input = "abcd"
>>> input[1:-1]

In above example I removed a and d from input string (‘abcd’) with input[1:-1], so out our output is ‘bc’.

Using gdebi to install and resolve dependencies for a local deb file

Debian comes with over 37,500 packages in its default distribution. Yet, occasionally, we still need to install a package which has not made it into the default distribution. If your current system already has all the prerequisite packages installed, then life is good. You simply download the deb file, and install it with the dpkg command: $ sudo apt-get update $ sudo dpkg -i somelocal.deb

A Personal Victory: Oracle Database Sample Schemas are on GitHub

For anyone who ever deleted a row from a table in Oracle's Sample
HR schema and wanted it back, help is nearby. You no longer have to
download the full "Oracle Database 12c Release 1 Examples" zip
(499,228,127 bytes worth for the Linux bundle) and run the Oracle
installer. Now you can clone our href="" >GitHub
db-sample-schema repository and run the creation SQL scripts in

This new repository installs these six sample schemas:

Introducing node-oracledb - a Node.js driver for Oracle Database

When we announced we were working on a Node.js driver for Oracle
Database, it was to a large, enthusiastic audience at Oracle
OpenWorld. I'm excited to let you know we have just pushed
node-oracledb to >GitHub.

Node.js is an upcoming, open source, cross-platform runtime
environment for writing server-side and networking applications in

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