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Find the Fedora/Red Hat package providing a command

My previous post explains, given a Debian or Ubuntu system, how to find the package that provides a command or file. This post covers the same topic but for Fedora or any modern RPM-based system. yum provides Suppose you want to run the mate-system-log command. $ mate-system-log-bash: mate-system-log: command not found

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Capturing 10G versus 1G Traffic Using Correct Settings!

A SANS Institute InfoSec Reading Room Whitepaper
Capturing 10G versus 1G Traffic Using Correct Settings!
GCIA Gold Certification
Author: Emilio Valente,
Advisor: Stephen Northcutt
Proper TCP/IP stack tuning has become an increased factor in host network performance. With 10 and 100 megabit Ethernet, default TCP/IP stack tuning parameters usually were sufficient to utilize the available bandwidth, almost to saturation.

Basic Health Monitoring of a Linux System

A whitepaper by M Ward 3/26/2009
Email download file:
Basic Health Monitoring of a Linux System
By M Ward 3/26/2009
The following whitepaper is an explanation of the commands contained within a script I use to perform basic health checks on a daily basis. Almost all of these commands are standard Unix/Linux commands with more details available via the “man” command.

Oracle Linux Hands-on Lab - Starting and Stopping Services

Services and Run Levels
This Oracle Hans-on-Lab (HOL) whitepaper covers the following topics:
  • Oracle Linux Services and Run Levels
  • Introduction
  • Requirements
  • Starting and stopping Linux services
  • Checking the status of a Linux service
  • Exercise: Enabling/disabling services at bootup

Getting Started with Linux Containers on Oracle Linux

Oracle Hands-on Lab - Linux Containers
This Oracle whitepaper covers the following topics:
  • Introduction
  • Requirements
  • Exercise: Installing and configuring additionally required software packages
  • Exercise: Creating and mounting a Btrfs volume for the container storage
  • Exercise: Creating a container
  • Exercise: Cloning an existing container
  • Exercise: Starting and stopping a container
  • Exercise: Logging into a container
  • Exercise: Updating and installing software inside a container
  • Installing and

Pro tip: How to work with Google Docs offline using Android

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