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NFS mount errors with “clnt_create: RPC: Unknown host” for CentOS 6

When attempting to mount CentOS 6, my mount fails with
clnt_create: RPC: Unknown host
If we do a more thorough diagnostic, this is the issue

Using double dash to specify pesky command line parameters

Many Linux commands accept command-line options and positional parameters. The grep command searches for a pattern in a given file. Its 2 positional parameters are the pattern and the filename. It accepts options such as -i which specifies that the search is case insensitive. An interesting scenario is when a positional parameter has a value starting with a dash ('-'). This makes the parameter indistinguishable from an option. For example, you try to grep the string -tea in a given file.

JuiceSSH makes it easy to manage SSH from an Android device

Assigning ownership to disks for NetApp OnTap 8.2p2 Cluster mode

After replacing broken disks for NetApp Storage and if you want to manually assigned ownership back to the newly replaced but assigned disks, you can use the following command
1. Show Storage Ownership Information

Identify broken disk for NetApp OnTap 8.2p2 Cluster mode

1. Identify the Cluster Nodes
My-NetApp-Cluster::> cluster show

Node                  Health  Eligibility
--------------------- ------- ------------
cluster1-01      true    true
cluster1-02      true    true
cluster1-03      true    true
cluster1-04      true    true
4 entries were displayed.
2. Check for Broken Disk

10 awesome Google features you should be using

Tips on GNOME Classic workspaces

In the world of affordable, dual 27-inch monitors, the GNOME virtual screen feature (aka workspaces) may not hold the same prominent position as before. But, to people like myself who still operate machines equipped with only a single 19-inch monitor, using workspaces effectively is still a big productivity booster. Below are some tips for using GNOME Classic workspaces. Tip 1: Change # of default workspaces By default, the GNOME desktop has 4 workspaces available. The default number can be changed. I, for one, would like to decrease the number of workspaces to 2.


Dear All,There is currently an Ebola outbreak putting all of us at risk.

Create export domain or ISO Domain on RHEV 3

This is taken from Red Hat Portal How to create an export domain or iso domain? (Need customer access)
On the NFS, you need to do the following

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