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Plot bar charts using gnuplot (part 3/3)

Parts one and two of this series illustrate how to use gnuplot to plot a two-dimensional point graph with time-series data. This post, the third and final of the series, focuses on plotting a bar chart. The raw input data consists of the daily number of page views, and clicks for this blog from 2005 to 2014:

gnuplot explained (part 2/3)

Part 1 of this series presented a gnuplot script to plot the following two-dimensional graph. This post continues the discussion of the commands in the script.

How to plot 2D data using gnuplot

As the publisher of this web site, I am interested in visualizing readership growth over time. With that in mind, I set out to plot the number of page views and clicks over time. Linux is well stocked with data plotting software. This 3-part series introduces gnuplot, a command-line tool, to plot two-dimensional time-series data. Parts 1 and 2 explain how to plot a points graph; part 3, a bar chart.

Oracle VM 3: Application-Driven Virtualization

An Oracle White Paper August 2011
Email download file:

This whitepaper will discuss why application-driven virtualization, as exemplified by Oracle VM 3, is transforming the deployment of packaged applications, custom applications, databases, and middleware workloads, as well as why it is essential to truly efficient cloud deployments.

Technologies to Refer

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