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Resolving downed Interface Group on NetApp Cluster-Mode

netapp-cluster1::*> network port show
Auto-Negot  Duplex     Speed (Mbps)
Node   Port   Role         Link   MTU Admin/Oper  Admin/Oper Admin/Oper
------ ------ ------------ ---- ----- ----------- ---------- ------------
a0a    data         down  1500  true/-     auto/-      auto/-
e0a    data         up    1500  true/true  full/full   auto/1000
e0b    data         up    1500  true/true  full/full   auto/1000
e0c    data         up    1500  true/true  full/full   auto/1

Usages of Logical Interface (LIFS) in NetApp

Logical Interface (LIFS) can be hosted on physical ports, interface groups, VLANS and physical ports or interface groups that host VLANS.

To show information on the network ports and LIFs information, do use the following commands

node-oracledb 0.5.0 is on NPM (Node.js driver for Oracle Database)

It's been a long time between drinks so we are bringing out the 0.5.0 Preview Release version of the href="" >Node.js driver for
Oracle Database, warts and all.

  • Changed the isAutoCommit attribute name to autoCommit.

    Changed the isExternalAuth attribute name to externalAuth.

Making a XenServer unique after cloning from template

At work we’re creating a CloudStack development environment that can be created and destroyed as we go. One of the requirements is to quickly create a couple of hypervisors to run some tests. KVM is easy: they are just Linux boxes with some extra packages. XenServer is a different story. Imagine you create a XenServer […]

How to schedule background jobs using crontab

The cron daemon is a great user tool to automate tasks that don't require human intervention.

Restricting SSH Access when using Centrify-Free

To restrict users from accessing the system using Centriy free can be easily managed by using the following files
1. You have to manually create the the files accordingly and place it at /etc/centifydc. Next you have to  line 273 and uncomment the line

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