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pinta: a lightweight paint app that has (requires) no manual

Want a tool for editing image files, but shun GIMP because of the steep learning curve? For me, I needed an app to edit screenshots for my blog posts. Pinta turns out to be the perfect tool for that purpose. I use pinta to edit the following image file formats: JPG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, ICO, TGA, ORA. To install pinta: $ sudo apt-get install pinta # Debian Wheezy$ sudo yum install pinta # Red Hat

How I ensure CFEngine is always running while also allowing an easy way to disable it

I’m currently finalizing the CFEngine 3 setup at my $current_work because by the end of the month I will start a new job. In a little over a year, I fully automated the Linux sysadmin team. From now on, only 2 sysadmins are needed to keep everything running. Since almost everything is automated using CFEngine […]

rsyslog Ubuntu Packages: calling for contributors

Adiscon is providing Ubuntu packages for recent rsyslog versions since quite a while. We would now like to go one step further. I have created a git repository on github for all the package build source files and Andre (who creates the packages) will populate it shortly. First of all, this will enable all folks interested in building their own packages to do so based on what we use.

Using the command “ls” options and arguments

ls has some interesting format which is very useful. Here are some arguments which you can use. For example, I like

OCR Scanning

This post describes how to scan pages from a printed book and convert the image to text using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. The tools that I use are:

  1. SimpleScan
  2. tesseract

Preparation SimpleScan is a GUI scan application that comes pre-installed in many Linux distributions (including Debian Wheezy). To manually install it on Debian: $ sudo apt-get install simple-scan tesseract is a command-line OCR program. To install: $ sudo apt-get install tesseract-ocr

Ubuntu 12.04 remove icon from top/bottom bar

To remove any icon from top or bottom bar in Ubuntu 12.04 OS you need to press Windows + Alt and then right click on the icon.
Here you will see following 2 option:

  1. Move
  2. Remove from panel

Now select remove from panel option, this will remove selected icon from top/bottom bar.
Similarly to edit properties of top/bottom bar press Windows + Alt and then right click on top/bottom bar.
Here you will see following 4 options:

Linux one-liner example to quickly automate a boring task

Recently a colleague came by and asked whether I could help him with finding out how much memory was already assigned to Oracle databases. It was fun to find out what was exactly he needed and to construct the one-liner bit by bit, as I detail below. When it seemed to work ok, I wrapped […]

Deleting PBS and MAUI Jobs which cannot be purged

 If the Compute Node pbs_mom is lost and cannot be recovered (due to hardware or network failure) and to purge a running job from the qstat output or show
1. Shutdown the pbs_server daemon on the PBS Server
# service pbs_server stop
2. Remove Job Spool Files that holds the hanged JobID (For example 4444)

Compiling Chelseio IWARP Drivers ( on CentOS 5

The below is a subset of the Chelsio ReadMe
The Chelsio Unified Wire software has been developed to run on 64-bit Linux
based platforms. Following is the list of Drivers/Software and supported Linux
distributions. Here is a subset of the README.
The OS I used was CentOS 5.8

Python logging to file

Here is a simple example for logging with python:
import logging
logging.basicConfig(format='%(asctime)s %(levelname)s %(message)s', filename='example.log', level=logging.DEBUG)
logging.debug('This is debug message.')'This is info message.')
logging.warning('This is warning message.')

Output logged in example.log file:

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