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Oracle VM 3: Application-Driven Virtualization

An Oracle White Paper August 2011
Email download file:

This whitepaper will discuss why application-driven virtualization, as exemplified by Oracle VM 3, is transforming the deployment of packaged applications, custom applications, databases, and middleware workloads, as well as why it is essential to truly efficient cloud deployments.

Technologies to Refer

VSIFaxSubversionInformation Risk Management (IRM)Java Legacy SecurityWMS - Direct Fulfillment (DF)OpenmakeJenkinsApplication Architecture (AA)Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM)Labor Management - Store LaborTeradataContent Segment - GridDocumentumSymantec CSPClearCaseOSE - Datacenter Unix Engineering ServerAppl_LogPuppetCassandraHadoopMQRDC CanadaStatistical Analysis Software (SAS)SpacewalkSAP SCORE

CCCNA’14 Video: Start using Configuration Management in 5 steps

Watch my talk “Start using Configuration Management in 5 steps”, at the CloudStack Collaboration Conference, Denver, Co, USA (April 9-11 2014).Filed under: CloudStack Tagged: cloudstack, configuration management, talk, video

Say the Time

Manage your time better than ever before. Say the Time will keep you on schedule by automatically announcing the date, time or both at specified intervals using a pleasant male or female voice. Keep track of important time commitments with fully-customizable appointment reminders. Manage ideas and information with colorful virtual sticky notes.

NFS Stale File Handle Error and Solution

Sometime NFS can result in to weird problems. For example NFS mounted directories sometimes contain stale file handles. If you run command such as ls or vi you will see an error:

How to extract the RPM package

We can extract the content of RPM package first into cpio archive using utility rpm2cpio on standard output. if a – argument is given using cpio command, an rpm stream is read from standard in. The syntax is as follows.

Security Modes/Type in Samba Setup in Linux

If you have read any of the Samba content

Append files to an Archive TAR file

The simplest way to append the files into existing archive is the “--append” or “-r” operation using tarcommand. Syntax:tar –rvf   ORtar –append –file=< Tar Archived File> 

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