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More Storage Options for VDI 3.4

Thanks to Matthias Müller-Prove for this story

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Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure 3.4 has been released. This time we focused on the storage area. Until now Solaris ZFS and Oracle OpenStorage had been the primary storage solutions for VDI. In fact it was the only option for VDI with the hypervisor VirtualBox. Now you can connect almost any storage solution in combination with VirtualBox.

I am going to update my VDI Overview presentation for 3.4.  But here is a sneak preview with the updates in the storage layer:

Oracle VDI 3.4 layers

In more detail we have:

Storage Type VDI 3.4
VirtualBox on Solaris
VDI 3.4
VirtualBox on Enterprise Linux
Sun ZFS yes yes
Sun ZFS (pool on Solaris) yes yes
iSCSI - new
Network File System new in 3.4.1 new
Local Storage new in 3.4.1 new

But there is more. Read about multimedia and security enhancements in Sun Ray Software 5.3 and Oracle Virtual Desktop Client 3.1.

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