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Oracle VDI 3.2.1 available for download

Thanks to Dirk Grobler for this story

A number of people have been asking, when the new update of Oracle VDI is available: Well, now, it is done. You can get the release from the good old Sun download center. It will appear on Oracle eDelivery soon. This release contains a list of important bugfixes as described inside the release notes. Besides the bugfixing work, we have some other interesting improvements, such as:

Oracle Virtualization and Cloud Consulting
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  • Oracle Solaris 10 (10/09) or later guest support
  • VMware vCenter 4.1 support
  • Black&White listing of AD Domain Controller for Kerberos based authentication. This allows to have fine grained control of the Domain Controller that are considered for authentication requests.
  • Removal of the Swap space requirement: Oracle VM VirtualBox host don't need to have swap space equal to, or greater than the host's physical memory size. What a relief ;-)

And of course, the latest available patches and updates of embedded products are included, such as Sun Ray Server 5 Patch 5 or VirtualBox 3.2.10.

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