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Best Practices for Oracle Linux for Production Systems

I found this needed a blog post because most of the customers I meet, just install their Redhat/Oracle Linux environment and start using it out of the box in production. I believe this list should be included in every post-installation procedure.

Looking “Under the Hood” at Networking in Oracle VM Server for x86

Nice article on the oracle website about the internals of OVM by Gregory King and Suzanne Zorn.
I really like these kind of articles.
Check it out :

Introducing the Oracle Linux Playground yum repo

We just introduced a new yum repository/channel on called the playground channel. What we started doing is the following:

When a new stable mainline kernel is released by Linus or GregKH, we internally build RPMs to test it and do some QA work around it to keep track of what's going on with the latest development kernels. It helps us understand how performance moves up or down and if there are issues, we try to help look into them and of course send that stuff back upstream.

IOUG Virtualization SIG – Day 1

So, Day 1 of the Virtualization SIG on is over. All by all an interesting day.
The schedule was :

Session 1 – Oracle on Oracle VM – Expert Panel
Session 2 – Maximizing your Virtualized Environment with Oracle VM
Session 3 – The RAC OVM Templates and the new DeployCluster tool on OVM3
Session 4 – The Latest on Oracle VM
Session 5 – Simplifying Application Deployment in Cloud Using Virtual Assemblies and EM 12c

Virtualization Strategy with Oracle VM and Oracle Linux

I’m giving a presentation on this topic on thursday 25 Oct for OracleOpenXperience. Here are the slides for my presentation. Hope you find it interesting.
Oracle OpenXperience – Virtualization Strategy with Oracle VM & Oracle Linux

Integrating Oracle Secure Global Desktop and Microsoft Active Directory

In this articles series the we will be performing installation and configuration steps to implement a basic Oracle Secure Global Desktop environment.

Installing Oracle Secure Global Desktop 4.7

This article looks into Installation and Hardware & Software requirements for Oracle Secure Global Desktop. Please refer to my earlier blog on Introduction to Oracle Secure Global Desktop in case you are new to Oracle Secure Global Desktop.
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