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OpenSCAP distributed with Oracle VM Server for x86

Security Compliance : true

We recently released Oracle VM Server for x86 3.2.7. For more information you can go here. In addition we also recently released Oracle Linux 6.5.

Solution: How to run the Oracle Universal Installer on Linux using SSH and X11 Forwarding

Posted on Mon 6, by mokumInstalling the Oracle components using the Oracle Universal Installer (OUI) GUI requires local or remote access to the server' console or a remote X Windows (X11) session. Please note that the only software requirements on the target

Solution: Oracle VM Manager 3.2.x Installation Fails with "Failed to add root user to MySQL Database for remote" message.

Posted on Mon 6, by mokumThis post applies to Oracle VM Manager 3.2.x on Oracle Linux and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6+

Oracle Linux 6.5

Oracle Linux 6.5 has been uploaded to ULN and public-yum. OL6.5 includes UEKr3 based on Linux 3.8 alongside the base 2.6.32-based kernel.

Spacewalk 2.0 provided to manage Oracle Linux systems

Oracle Linux customers have a few options to manage and provision their servers. We provide a license to use Oracle Enterprise Manager's Linux OS management, monitoring and provisioning features without additional cost for every server that has an Oracle Linux support subscription. So there is no additional pack to license and no additional per server cost, it's all included in our Basic, Premier and Systems support subscriptions. The nice thing with Oracle Enterprise Manager is that you end up with a single management product that can manage all aspects of your software stack.

Oracle Linux and Oracle VM pricing guide

A few days ago someone showed me a pricing guide from a Linux vendor and I was a bit surprised at the complexity of it. Especially when you look at larger servers (4 or 8 sockets) and when adding virtual machine use into the mix.

Oracle Linux 5.10 channels are now published

We just released Oracle Linux 5.10 channels on both and on the Unbreakable Linux Network. ISO's are going to be updated on edelivery in a few days. The channels are available immediately.

As many of you know, we are now using a CDN to distribute the RPMS for public-yum globally so you should have good bandwidth everywhere to freely access the RPMs.

Oracle Linux 6 on Microsoft Azure

One of the great keynotes at Oracle OpenWorld last week, was from Microsoft. You can watch the replay here. I think Brad did an awesome job, very engaging and a very positive partner message. There was a lot of Oracle Linux talk in the Microsoft session, just awesome.

We have worked closely with Microsoft to ensure that we can deploy Oracle Linux inside their Azure platform (and also just in general on Hyper-v).

Oracle Linux 6 UEK3 beta

Last week we published UEK3 beta on

It is very easy to get started with this and play around with the new features.

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