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Virtualization Strategy with Oracle VM and Oracle Linux

I’m giving a presentation on this topic on thursday 25 Oct for OracleOpenXperience. Here are the slides for my presentation. Hope you find it interesting.
Oracle OpenXperience – Virtualization Strategy with Oracle VM & Oracle Linux

Integrating Oracle Secure Global Desktop and Microsoft Active Directory

In this articles series the we will be performing installation and configuration steps to implement a basic Oracle Secure Global Desktop environment.

Installing Oracle Secure Global Desktop 4.7

This article looks into Installation and Hardware & Software requirements for Oracle Secure Global Desktop. Please refer to my earlier blog on Introduction to Oracle Secure Global Desktop in case you are new to Oracle Secure Global Desktop.

using ovmd and ovm_vmmessage to (re)configure your virtual machines.

What you need

  • Installation of ovm_utils on your manager ( available on metalink )
  • A VM with ovmd installed. Keep in mind that all OVM3 templates come with OVMD already installed. If you need to install it manually see this manual

How it works
ovmd is a listening process on your vm that allows messages to be send from and to the manager.

News from Oracle Open World 2012

I’m just back from OOW and the following is a small summary of the items that were hot and new.

Cannot install Oracle VM 2.2.2

Product Name and Version: 
Oracel VM 2.2.2
Problem Description: 
Probing For Video Card

Dear All,

I have installed Oracle VM (2.2.2) on ASUS workstation using SATA hard disk, during I boot up Oracle VM Server (2.2.2) it got error message "Probing for video card: ....." and cannot install.

I try to install other Linux platform like Oracle Linux, RedHat is still got error message the same but when I try to instal with Microsoft Window like Window 7 (64bit) can install normally.

Please kindly give advice for this.

Thanks and regards,

Oracle VM 3.1.1 request for trial

Product Name and Version: 
Oracle VM 3.1.1
Problem Description: 
Request to have Oracle VM 3.1.1 Trial
Trial for Testing

Dear Oracle Team,

I am a very poor student and can continue study by scholarship in one Non-profite Organization called CIST(Center for Information Systems Training).

I like to study about Oracle product so much, I would like to test new release of Oracle product so much but I don't have money to buy it.

So I would like to suggest Oracle Company or your company make a trial product of Oracle VM 3.1.1 for testing.

I can help to advertise your products to all students in my Oragnization.

Thanks and regards,



Installing rlwrap on Linux saves you time

Small Blog entry to spread the word. I hate having to manage a Linux system without this  
rlwrap is an utility that allows you to use up and down arrows in the various commands like sqlplus, rman, adrci, …  To enable it, you only have to do the following : 

  • Install readline-devel
    (root) # yum install readline-devel

Oracle VM Manager Crushes

Product Name and Version: 
Oracle VM Manager 2.2.2
Problem Description: 
Oracle VM Manager is crush and cannot access to it any more.
Oracle VM Manager uses default database (10g XE) and not connect to external database whilst installation. Oracle VM Manager installed on RHEL 5

Dear Support Team,

Oacle VM Manager has 2 Oracle VM Servers are added into it. Each Oracel VM Server have 2 Virtual Machines are running.

The electricity power is not stable (up and down) makes Oracle VM Manager is crush and cannot access to resources any more.

How can I recover the resources back?


Pease kindly give advice.


Thanks and regards,


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