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Oracle VM templates for Database 12c both single instance and rac

Today we made available a few new Oracle VM templates on edelivery. A set of VM templates for database 12c and another set for database 11g

You can find more information on the otn pages here.

A very important new feature added is the ability to deploy single instance database.

The Ksplice differentiator

It's been exactly two years since we acquired a small startup called Ksplice. Ksplice as a company created the zero downtime update technology for the Linux kernel and they provided a service to their customers which tracked Linux kernel security fixes and providing these fixes as zero downtime Ksplice updates.

Essentially the ksplice technology allows us to create Linux kernel patches that can be applied in an online fashion. We are not talking about the ability to install a patch while the system is running and make it active after reboot.

clarify oracle linux and oracle clusterware

Someone forwarded a document to me earlier today that had Some Company make a statement that implied that Oracle Clusterware was not free with Oracle Linux. I found it sort of amuzing because I think we've been rather clear on this for quite some time.

So let me spell it out to make sure it's very, very clear.

When a customer purchases Oracle Linux support subscriptions (Basic, Basic Limited, Premier, Premier Limited) or purchases an Oracle x86 server with Support, they have the full right-to-use included for Oracle Clusterware without any additional fees.

easily install Oracle RDBMS 12cR1 on Oracle Linux 6

This week we released the latest version of our database, Oracle database 12c Release 1.

ovm_utils 0.6.5

Finally found some time to play with ovm_utils again and added another little tool to the package.

ovm_utils is a collection of little tools I wrote over the last year or 2. They can help make command line use a little easier. Of course we have since introduced a real ovm_cli in Oracle VM Manager in 3.1 which is officially part of the product and officially supported. ovm_utils is provided as-is, for fun.

ksplice and how it really helps with 0day stuff

So a nasty bug report came out the other day on linux, a serious exploit.

Oracle Secure Global Desktop 5.0

We just released version 5.0 of Oracle Secure Global Desktop (for those that don't know what it is, formerly known as Tarantella...). It's a great product that I have been using every for a long time now. I have it installed at home on my servers so that I can get access to my home network from anywhere...without vpn.

Anyway, a few nice things that I personally like in the new release :

(1) html5 client support. In particular, at this time the ipad. So now, I can use my ipad to log into SGD and connect to my apps without having to download and install a client.

TTS in Combination with RMAN backups on dataguard

At a Customer’s site we recently upgraded a database from to by using Transportable Tablespace ( TTS ). This worked flawlessly but we ran into an issue taking backups at the dataguard location of this database.
We followed the normal procedures for being able to take backups on Dataguard and use them for Primary

Importing Oracle VM templates through a proxy

I am working on a little tool that makes it easy to import an Oracle VM template in a more automated fashion, using python's built-in SimpleHTTPServer. While working on this, I realized that in many environments the Oracle VM Servers might be in an isolated network so that they don't have direct access to the intranet. We're talking about the management network here.

One simple way around this, is to take one server that's on the same network as the Oracle VM Server's management network, for instance, the Oracle VM Manager system... and install something like TinyProxy on that machine.

new Oracle VDI and Oracle Sun Ray Software releases!

A good Monday morning for Desktop Virtualization at Oracle.

We just released a few new products :

Oracle VDI 3.5

  • support for Ubuntu 12 and Windows 8 VMs
  • complete single server installation and the ability to just add nodes to scale
  • includes the latest version of Oracle VM VirtualBox 4.2.10
  • install on top of Solaris 11 and/or Oracle Linux 6 support added
  • hd 720p video playback on the Sun Ray thin clients with Windows Media Player
  • Oracle Sun Ray Software 5.4

  • install on top of Solaris 11 and/or Oracle Linux 6 support a
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