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Solaris 11 Automated Install with no network (Standalone)

Thanks to Andrew Watkins for this story

After my last blog entry about Solaris 11 Automated Install without a network boot I was thinking that we have all the building blocks to do a true standaone install of Solaris 11 without any network connection at all.

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Oracle gives us the iso's for "Oracle Solaris 11 11/11 Automated Installer" and the full "Oracle Solaris 11 11/11 Repository Image" from the Solaris download page, so why do we need a network!

The problem is that the repository is 7GB so testing it is a little difficult and trying to put the above two ISO's onto one 8GB USB is even harder. At this stage I have been unable to put the 7GB repository ISO onto a USB stick. Also, unable to combine the 2 ISO into 1 ISO which works (I end up with repository errors on install)!

But, in theory it will work and to demonstrate the idea I will use VirtualBox and a network for the manifest file (ONLY for manifest file!).  You can use my previous blog to replace the AI boot image with a modified one.

  1. Download the above iso for x86:
    • sol-11-1111-ai-x86.iso
    • sol-11-1111-repo-full.iso

  2. Create a new VirtualBox Solaris client
    • it needs to be on the network (download manifest file)
    • Storage we will add both ISO files as CD

  3. Create a manifest file for the installation and place it on a web server:
    • There is only one change required from the default manifest (download version default.xml):


      Change to:


  4. Now boot you client:
    • Pick default option Oracle Solaris 11 11/11 Automated Install custom:

    • Enter the URL for the modified manifest file:

At this point it should go off and install the software.

The perfect solution which I am happy for someone to try is to place the both AI boot and repository onto one ISO and then use no network, but I have failed so far!

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