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Why you should Patch NTP

This story about massive DDoS attacks using monlist as a threat vector give an excellent reason as to why you should apply the patches listed on the Sun Security Blog for

Enterprise support and the term abroad

Delphix customers include top companies across a wide range of industries, most of them executing around the clock. Should a problem arise they require support from Delphix around the clock as well. To serve our customers’ needs we’ve drawn from industry best-practices while recently mixing in an unconventional approach to providing the best possible customer service regardless of when a customer encounters a problem.

Broadening node.js contributions

Several years ago, I gave a presentation on corporate open source anti-patterns. Several of my anti-patterns were clear and unequivocal (e.g., don’t announce that you’re open sourcing something without making the source code available, dummy!), but others were more complicated.

Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again error message

Sometimes the Windows uninstall program leaves orphan files after a removal event. Here were the error messages and some background information."Windows cannot find 'C:\users\myuser\AppData\Local\Temp\iwebar.exe""Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again.""Windows cannot find 'C:\users\myuser\AppData\Local\Temp\sense.exe""Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again."

Setting up SSL for Solaris 11 LDAP (ldapclient to use LDAPS)

Following on from my last blog about "Setting up SSL for Solaris 11 LDAP client (changing AD password from Solaris)" I thought I would finish it off by changing my name service from LDAP to LDAPS. Hopefully your system is already talking to Active Directory over LDAP for all your authentication ("Solaris 11 Authentication Login with Active Directory").

illumos, identification, and versions

Recently, there has been a bit of a debate on the illumos mailing lists, beginning I suppose with an initial proposal I made concerning the output from the uname(1) command on illumos, which today, when presented with "-s -r" as options, emits "SunOS 5.11".

Virtual Disk Performance Improvement for Oracle VM Server for SPARC

A new Solaris update dramatically improves performance for virtual disks on Oracle VM Server for SPARC.

Prior enhancements improved
virtual network performance,
and now the same has been done for disk I/O.
Now, Oracle VM Server for SPARC can provide
the flexibility of virtual I/O with near-native performance.

How to prevent an IPS package from being upgraded

Recently I had a situation where some incorporating package depends on a package, say foo, version 3.1 and I had to wait for the update exactly to 3.2 and do not allow 3.1.1, 3.1.2, ...
"Freeze" option doesn't help here (may be should?) but it's a possible to use some versioning tricks in incorporating  manifest.
First option is to ensure that required version of 'foo' is published with trailing zero:


Setting up SSL for Solaris 11 LDAP client (changing AD password from Solaris)

I have been using LDAP for years for our authentication and using LDAP Active Directory for about 3 years, but this was always using ldap so I thought I would start looking at SSL.

This blog entry will look at the initial setup and how you can talk to the AD server over SSL. The information here is nothing new and is all covered in the references but hope this shorter version helps.


Win Free Copies of Implementing Samba 4

Readers would be pleased to know that Marcelo Leal has teamed up with Packt Publishing and we are organizing a Giveaway for you to celebrate the release of his book and three lucky winners stand a chance to win an e-copy of Implementing Samba 4. Keep reading to find out...
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