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From VP of Engineering to CTO

If you search for “cto vs. vp of engineering”, one of the top hits is a presentation that I gave with Jason Hoffman at Monki Gras 2012. Aside from some exceptionally apt clip art, the crux of our talk was that these two roles should not be thought of as caricatures (e.g.

Implementing Samba 4 Book

Samba 4 Book

Wow! That was a long journey… From lights out to the finish line, from the first blank page to the credits… yes, it was a long journey! In the end, the most important part is that it was worth every word, chapter, and every script. And I would like to...
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SP protocols improved again!


As a result of some investigations performed in response to my first performance tests for my SP implementation, I've made a bunch of changes to my code.

First off, I discovered that my code was rather racy.  When I started bumping up GOMAXPROCS, and and used the -race flag to go test, I found lots of issues. 

Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance Webcast on April 16

You may have heard of the
Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance, an Oracle Engineered system for running virtual machines using Oracle VM. I've been working a lot with this product over the past several months, so I'm overdue to blog about it. It's really a powerful platform with built-in compute, network, and storage resources - something often referred to as "converged infrastructure".

Best Practices - Top Ten Tuning Tips Updated

This post is one of a series of "best practices" notes for Oracle VM Server for
SPARC (formerly called Logical Domains). This is an update to a previous entry on the same topic.

Top Ten Tuning Tips - Updated

Oracle VM Server for SPARC is a high performance virtualization technology for SPARC
servers. It provides native CPU performance without the virtualization overhead typical
of hypervisors.

Names are Hard

So I've been thinking about naming for my pure Go implementation of nanomsg's SP protocols.

nanomsg is trademarked by the inventor of the protocols.  (He does seem to take a fairly loose stance with enforcement though -- since he advocates using names that are derived from nanomsg, as long as its clear that there is only one "nanomsg".)

Early performance numbers

I've added a benchmark tool to my Go implementation of nanomsg's SP protocols, along with the inproc transport, and I'll be pushing those changes rather shortly.

In the meantime, here's some interesting results:
Latency Comparision

SP (nanomsg) in Pure Go

I'm pleased to announce that this past weekend I released the first version of my implementation of the SP (scalability protocols, sometimes known by their reference implementation, nanomsg) implemented in pure Go. This allows them to be used even on platforms where cgo is not present.  It may be possible to use them in playground (I've not tried yet!)

Oracle VM Server for SPARC 3.1.1 Now Available

Oracle VM Server for SPARC
release 3.1.1 is now available. It can be installed on systems with Solaris 11.1 control domains by upgrading to SRU 17.5. That automatically
updates the version of Oracle VM Server for SPARC.

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