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Sorry for the interruption....

Some of you may have noticed that my email, or my blog, or website, was down.

I discontinued my hosting service with BlueHost, and when I did, I mistakenly thought that by keeping my domain registration with them, that I'd still have DNS services.  It was both a foolish mistake, and yet an easy one to make.  (I should have known better...)

Anyway, things are back to normal now, once the interweb's negative caches have timed out...

It does seem unfortunate that BlueHost:

R12 Master Generic Data Fix Diagnostic for Purchase Orders and Requisitions

Do you wish you could proactively check your Purchasing documents for known data integrity issues or is there a Purchasing document you are having problems with?

Worst Company ... Ever

So I've not blogged in a while, but my recent experience with a major mobile provider was so astonishingly bad that I feel compelled to write about my experiences.  (Executive summary: never do business with T-mobile again!)

I had some friends out from Russia back in November, and they wanted to purchase an iPhone 5s for their son as a birthday gift.  Sadly, we couldn't get unlocked ones from the Apple Store at the time, because they simply lacked inventory.

Introducing OTL Analyzer

Oracle Time & Labor
Product Support is announcing the new Proactive Diagnostics Script: "OTL
that will considerably save the time taken for supporting your
issues, and will proactively help you enhance your OTL setup! 

Order Batch Pricing

Have you ever wondered if there was an easier way to reprice existing orders?

One way to price or re-price existing Orders is by querying for those Orders and manually choosing the “Price Line” or “Price Order” action from the form. Alternatively a call can be made to Process Order API with “PRICE_ORDER” or “PRICE_LINE” action for the specified Orders / Lines.

Effective Solaris System Monitoring

In order to maintain a reliable IT environment, every enterprise needs to set up an effective monitoring regime.

A common mistake by new monitoring administrators is to alert on everything. This is an ineffective strategy for several reasons. For starters, it may result in higher telecom charges for passing large numbers of alerts. Passing tons of irrelevant alerts will impact team morale.

EBS Release 12 Certified with Mac OS X 10.9 with Safari 7 and JRE 7


Suite Release 12 (12.1.1 or higher) is now certified with the Safari
7 browser and the JRE 7
plugin on the following Apple Mac

OS X desktop configuration:

  • Mac OS X 10.9 ("Mavericks"
    version 10.9.1 or higher)

Procurement Accounting - Don’t Delay, Be Proactive and Apply These Necessary Patches

Are you using procurement accounting processes?  Then don’t delay, be proactive and apply these necessary patches to avoid known issues.

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