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Oracle Solaris, Solaris 10, Solaris 11 Express, Solaris 11, Oracle VM for SPARC and Illumos resources, news, and support articles.

Seeking Feedback: Procurement Mobile Applications: What features would you like to see included in a Mobile Solution?

As development works to enhance and expand the Procurement Suite of applications, we are interested in getting your thoughts around some of the features under discussion currently within the Development organization for Procurement mobile applications. 

Tracing PHP with DTrace - Five Minute Lightning Talk is on Youtube

I gave a 5 minute talk on DTrace in PHP at the href="" >SF PHP Meetup Lightning Talk session last
night. You can watch it href="">here. It starts
at the 14:10 mark.

Recommended Patching for Release 12 Procurement Accounting Processes

Not sure what patches you need to apply to optimize your Procurement Accounting processes and avoid known issues?  Well Doc ID 1594111.1 makes it easy for you.  Follow the steps in the ‘Recommended Patching Steps’ section to get the patches for all product groups including Purchasing, Payables, SLA and Costing that impact your Procurement Accounting Flows.   The note additionally provides information on who should apply the patching and how to perform an impact analysis, as well as any

Find Out How to Reduce Upgrade Downtime

Are you looking for documents that discuss upgrading Oracle E-Business Suite and the considerations to reduce downtime?  Explore options for your upgrade that could improve your cut-over downtime window based on the experience of other customers and Oracle Support.

Oracle Linux containers continued

More on Linux containers... the use of btrfs in particular and being able to easily create clones/snapshots of container images. To get started : have an Oracle Linux 6.5 installation with UEKr3 and lxc installed and configured.

lxc by default uses /container as the directory to store container images and metadata. /container/[containername]/rootfs and /container/[containername]/config. You can specify an alternative pathname using -P.

Windows 7 client Printer Queue fails when printing to CUPS Server via IPP

A short entry, since if you have setup a cups server and you have set up the Windows 7 clients to print to it via IPP you may find the windows printer spooler some times plays up. We had this for a while with our setup and I could not find a answer. It looks like Microsoft really tries hard for it software to only work with Windows.

I bet there is code inside windows which says if talking to non-windows system add bugs!!

What’s New for Oracle Shipping Execution in R12.2.2!

Process Return Orders
Oracle Shipping Execution now supports processing of return orders for Inventory and WMS-enabled organizations. The Return to Vendor functionality available in Oracle Purchasing enables Oracle Shipping Execution users to track the status of the return orders, print shipping documents, enforce export compliance, and ship returns to vendors.

Transmit Shipment Batch Information between EBS Instance and Data Warehouse Management Systems

Oracle Linux containers

So I played a bit with docker yesterday (really cool) and as I mentioned, it uses lxc (linux containers) underneath the covers. To create an image based on OL6, I used febootstrap, which works fine but Dwight Engen pointed out that I should just use lxc-create since it does all the work for you.

Dwight's one of the major contributors to lxc. One of the things he did a while back, was adding support in lxc-create to understand how to create Oracle Linux images.

How to do Replacement for an Unrepairable Item in Depot Repair

In Depot Repair one real-life scenario is that an item that is returned for repair turns out to be unrepairable.  This often causes headaches in modelling the transactions in the Depot Repair application, because originally the item was transacted back with the expectation that it would be returned to the customer.

HCM: UK Payroll 2013/2014 Tax Year Update Customer Seminars

Attention United Kingdom Payroll Customers! 

As in previous years, Oracle UK Payroll Support is providing customer seminars on the legislative updates for completing processing for the 2013/14 tax year, implementing legislative changes, and new RTI processes from April 2014. You have the option of either a WebEx or Oracle office-based seminar.

WebEx Seminar:

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