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Oracle Solaris, Solaris 10, Solaris 11 Express, Solaris 11, Oracle VM for SPARC and Illumos resources, news, and support articles.

Cloud Performance Traning

Next week (Nov 18-22) I’m teaching a 5 day class on Cloud Performance, based on my book Systems Performance: Enterprise and the Cloud. I’ve taught this twice internally, and this will be the first class available publicly. I hope to teach it again, but one never knows, this may be the first and last chance to attend!

Have you Been Missing the 'About This Record' Functionality on the Customer Form...?

Do you have fond memories of the 'Help -> About This Record'  functionality that used to be available in the old Customer form - when it was a form, and not a java html screen?  Back in Release 11i, we had the ability to identify when the customer record had last been updated and by whom.

agghist, aggzoom and aggpack

As I have often remarked, DTrace is a workhorse, not a show horse: the features that we have added to DTrace over the years come not from theoretical notions but rather from actual needs in production environments. This is as true now as it was a decade ago, and even in core abstractions, extensive use of DTrace seems to give rise to new ways of thinking about them.

APEX Listener supported App Servers

     With the latest news on Glassfish, I thought it may be a good time to review the options for the APEX Listener to deploy.  The huge caveat is this is as of today, 11/6/2013 , the future can change anything however there’s nothing planned.

The Licenses

I'm just putting the important parts here for reference.  They are linked to the entire license.

OTN License

 The APEX Listener is

Tracing Silex from PHP to the OS with DTrace

In this blog post I show the full stack tracing of Brendan Gregg's
php_syscolors.d script in the href="" >DTrace
Toolkit. The Toolkit contains a dozen very useful PHP DTrace
scripts and many more scripts for other languages and the OS.

Oracle Secure Global Desktop (SGD) 5.1

Last week, we released the latest update of Oracle Secure Global Desktop.

Release 5.1 introduces a number of bug fixes and smaller changes but the most interesting one is definitely increased support for html5-based client access. In SGD 5.0 we added support for Apple iPads using Safari to connect to SGD and display your session right inside the browser. The traditional model for SGD is that you connect using a webbrowser to the webtop and applications that are displayed locally using a local client (tta). This client gets installed the first time you connect.

Webcast: Applications Integration Architecture

Webcast_icon.jpgWebcast: Applications Integration Architecture - Overview and Best Practices

Date:  November 12, 2013 (EMEA & APAC) & November 13, 2013 (US).

Join us for an Overview and Best Practices live webcast on Applications Integration Architecture (AIA).

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