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Sun ZFS Storage Appliance : can do blocks, can do files too!

Thanks to Roch Bourbonnais for this story

Last October, we demonstrated storage leadership in block protocols with our stellar SPC-1 result showcasing our top of the line Sun ZFS Storage 7420.

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As a benchmark SPC-1's profile is close to what a fixed block size DB
would actually be doing. See href="">Fast
Safe Cheap : Pick 3 for more details on that result. Here, for an
encore, we're showing today how the ZFS Storage appliance can perform
in a totally different environment : generic NFS file serving.

We're announcing that the Sun ZFS Storage 7320's
reached 134,140 SPECsfs2008_nfs.v3 Ops/sec ! with 1.51 ms ORT running SPEC SFS 2008 benchmark.

Does price performance matters ? It does, doesn't it, See what Darius has to say about how we compare to Netapp : Oracle posts Spec SFS.

This is one step further in the direction of bringing to our customer
true high performance href="">unified
storage capable of handling blocks and files on the same
physical media. It's worth noting that provisioning of space between
the different protocols is entirely software based and fully dynamic,
that every stored element fully checksummed, that all stored data can
be compressed with a number of different algorithms (including gzip),
and that both filesystems and block based luns can be snapshot and
cloned at their own granularity. All these
manageability features available to you in this high performance storage package.

Way to go ZFS !

SPEC and SPECsfs are registered trademarks of Standard Performance Evaluation
Corporation (SPEC).
Results as of February 22, 2012, for more information see

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