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Tips'n'Tricks for WebCenter #1: How to apply custom resources in Spaces

Thanks to Matthias Müller-Prove for this story

This is the beginning of a little series of tips'n'tricks for Oracle #WebCenter Portal Spaces. The background is our migration from Confluencethat we used at Sun – to WebCenter Spaces as a collaboration tool for the VDI engineering team. I want to share my insights so that other teams and users can get a smooth(er) start with WebCenter.

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As a space owner and administrator you might have been to Pages and Spaces Actions > Mange > All Settings

Actions - Manage - All Settings

… then opened the Resources tab,
and skimmed through the lists of page templates, navigations, and skins.
And you might have asked yourself, "which of these is actually used in
my space?"

It took me quite some time to figure it out. And that's the reason for this posting. You are looking at the wrong spot! You have to go to Pages and Spaces Actions > Mange > All Settings > General
to look at the right column under Display Settings. This is the control
area where you set the default Page Template, Skin, and Navigation for
your space:

WebCenter Spaces - Display Settings

So in order to customize any of these for your space, you have to
copy an existing resource, add your changes, save, go to the General tab
and select your new Page Template, Skin, or Navigation. If you go now
back to your space you can see the change in action, a new page
template, an updated look and feel, or a new menu bar.

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