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2013 : A Year to Remember

2013 has been a year of changes for the Xen Community. I wanted to share my five personal highlights of the year. But before I do this, I wanted to thank everyone who contributed to the Xen Project in 2013 and the years before. Open Source is about bringing together technology and people : without your contributions, the Xen Project would not be a thriving and growing open source project.

Xen Project joins Linux Foundation

XenServer and its damn too small system disks

I love XenServer. I love the product, I believe it to be a very good answer for SMBs, and enterprises. It lacks on external support, true, but the price tag for many of the ‘external capabilities’ on VMware, for instance, are very high, so many SMBs, especially, learn to live without them. XenServer gives a nice pack of features, at a very reasonable price.

oVirt 3.3.2 hackery on Fedora 19

My final target was  to create two node oVirt 3.3.2 cluster and virtual machines using replicated glusterfs 3.4.1 volumes based on XFS formatted partitions. Choice of IPv4 firewall with iptables for tuning cluster environment and synchronization is my personal preference. Now I also know that postgres requires enough shared memory allocation like Informix or Oracle ( i was Informix DBA@Verizon for about 5 years , it was nice time ..)

Where Would You Like to See the Next Xen Project User Summit Held?

In 2013, we held the first major Xen event aimed specifically at users: the Xen Project User Summit. In 2014, we want to do it again — but where and when?

The Xen Project wants to hold its second Xen Project User Summit.  We’d like to hold it somewhere which is accessible by a large percentage of our user community.  And we’d like to schedule it at a time which makes sense, possibly in coordination with some existing conference.

We need your help to pick the time and place.  Give us your preferences in a very quick 2 minute survey found here:

What is the ARINC653 Scheduler?

The Xen ARINC 653 scheduler is a real time scheduler that has been in Xen since 4.1.0.  It is a cyclic executive scheduler with a specific usage in mind, so unless one has aviation experience they are unlikely to have ever encountered it.

The scheduler was created and is currently maintained by DornerWorks.

Announcing the 1.0 release of Mirage OS

We’re very pleased to announce the release of Mirage OS 1.0. This is the first major release of Mirage OS and represents several years of development, testing and community building. You can get started by following the install instructions and creating your own webserver to host a static website!

Xen on ARM and the Device Tree vs. ACPI debate

ACPI vs. Device Tree on ARM

Some of you may have seen the recent discussions on the linux-arm-kernel mailing list (and others) about the use of ACPI vs DT on the ARM platform. As always LWN have a pretty good summary (currently subscribers only, becomes freely available on 5 December) of the situation with ACPI on ARM.

RT-Xen: Real-Time Virtualization in Xen

RT-XenThe researchers at Washington University in St. Louis and University of Pennsylvania are pleased to announce, here on this blog, the release of a new and greatly improved version of the RT-Xen project.

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