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Why I *hate* external dependencies!

Thanks to Garrett D'Amore for this story
So, I've been trying to setup a system that can build illumos-gate.  Because my old system had a memory DIMM fault, and isn't usable anymore.
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I thought, hmm... let me try something other than OpenIndiana.

Big mistake.

Only OpenIndiana seems able to build vanilla illumos-gate right now.

Why?  Because of external dependencies!  I tried building on OmniOS.  The stopper there -- Python 2.4!  On SmartOS, the dependency is IPS itself.  It seems only OpenIndiana is suitable for building stock illumos-gate.

The problem is that our build is inherently very sensitive to the build environment.  It makes life incredibly unpleasant if you try to build on any system that is not configured exactly as we specified.

This, IMO, is an unacceptable situation.

I will speak loudly against any attempt to make changes that introduce further external dependencies.  The fact that some already exist is no excuse.  Every external dependency makes working on the tree more painful.  If you're thinking of a change that would move something out of tree, but add a build-server dependency, think again!  

These dependencies are a serious barrier for contribution.

We (illumos) should take a page from NetBSD, who have successfully arranged that their environment is self contained to the point that they don't care about their build server at all -- all it needs to be able to do is bootstrap gcc and run automake/autoconf.  There is something very elegant about this.

Expect to see me on yet another crusade to kill dependencies on external runtimes, be it Python, Perl, or whatever.   Our tree should, IMO, be as "stand-alone" as possible.

If that means you have to write C, so be it.  Grow up and get a real compiler dude.  I know languages like Python and Perl are attractive because they have a lower barrier to learn -- but depending on them -- and far worse -- depending on *specific* versions of them -- is toxic for anyone else who wants to work on the code in a different environment.   (This has nothing to do with your language of your choice, but everything to do with the pain and suffering your language choice creates for anyone who just wants to do "make install".)

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