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Xen 4.2: New scheduler parameters

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Xen 4.2 will contain two new scheduling parameters for the credit1 scheduler which significantly increase its confurability and performance for cloud-based workloads: timeslice_ms and ratelimit_us. This blog post describes what they do, and how to configure them for best performance.

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The timeslice for the credit1 has historically been fixed at 30ms. This is actually a fairly long time — it’s great for computationally-intensive workloads, but not so good for latency-sensitive workloads, particularly ones involving network traffic or audio.

Xen 4.2 introduces the tslice_ms parameter, which sets the timeslice of the scheduler in milliseconds. This can be set either using the Xen command-line option, sched_credit_tslice_ms, or by using the new scheduling parameter interface to xl sched-credit:

# xl sched-credit -t [n]

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