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29 and Holding

Almost a week ago, a major event occurred:  I became 29.  We kicked off the party Sunday when I was headed out to take Alli to the barn.  The ground was still extremely wet from the snow and sleet we'd had the week before, so Ryan decided to give me a birthday present early, and they sure did come in handy!  Rain, mud, and snow just got a little brighter.

R12.2 Dictionary Corrupted error during adop phase=prepare

Do not follow the document 1576086.1.  I followed it and increased my invalid counts from 1000 to 100,000 and wasted 10 hours to get back to where I started.  Instead follow these instructions:

Alli's Anecdotes

The other night, we were feeding Riley chicken.  It's not the greatest thing in the world - it's boiled, shredded, and then blended with water to make a sort of paste.  I like to think it's better than the jarred baby food chicken, but in health only.  I'm pretty sure they taste equally terrible.

Anyway, we were feeding Riley who was not enjoying her chicken.  And Alli decided to encourage her.

"Riley, you have to like chicken.  Lots of good things come from chicken.  Like chicken nuggets, chicken patties…and pork chops…and…fish sticks!"

Riley {Nine Month Update}

It's that time again!  Is it flying by for you like it is for me??  Our sweet Riley ma'am is nine months old!  She's officially been out longer than she was in!

ORA-20010: ERROR: Unable to acquire lock on ad_adop_sessions table. ORA-06512: at "APPS.AD_ZD_ADOP", line 523

I reported this error to Oracle on an SR:

The adop phase=prepare fails before generating any log files. Whatever we get on the screen is what we have. I'll paste it for you again:

$ adop phase=prepare

Enter the APPS password:

Valentine's Day 2014

So I haven't had a chance yet to update on our Valentine's Day this year.  I don't keep much of a secret of the fact that I love Valentine's Day - candy?  Good.  Hearts?  Good.  Pink and red?  GOOOOD.

We made and decorated some delicious heart-shaped cookies the week before.

Resident President

The weekend before last, something special happened.  First of all, my parents came up.  This girl loves her parents so that in itself was special.  We had a weekend of woo piggin' planned - Hog baseball and basketball followed by a horse show for Alli.  Alli, Ryan, and Dad went to the Razorback game.  Alli saw Ribby, almost caught a foul ball, and continued to improve her seed spitting.  She's going to be quite the softball player this spring.  Ryan worked on getting a wicked tan.

Picture Day

Yesterday was spring picture day at Alli's school.  I knew she'd be doing a class picture and an individual picture, and I braced myself for the bi-annual fight.  You know, the one where I want her to wear a nice shirt and let me style her hair, and she wants to wear a t-shirt with her favorite cartoon character on it.  Just in case everyone couldn't tell by the fact that she draws them on everything she owns (and some things she doesn't own).

Product Restrictions during R12.2 online patching

This information is from page 75 of Oracle® E-Business Suite Maintenance Guide Release 12.2 Part No. E22954-13, published in July 2013 available here
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