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What is Oracle/Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management (FDM)?

Financial data quality management is a business issue, and is defined as the practice by which companies can effectively and consistently combine the following four factors: Financial data collection and transformation Repeatable financial processes Internal controls Audit trails What is Oracle/Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management (FDM)? Oracle Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management, is an out-of-the-box […]

Oracle Mobile iProcurement for Oracle E-Business Suite

Oracle E-Business Suite mobile apps enable users to perform needed tasks or take action on Oracle E-Business Suite transactions from mobile devices, such as iOS smartphones. The Oracle Mobile iProcurement for Oracle E-Business Suite app enables requesters to monitor their requisitions and take action on the go. Using this app, as requesters, you can: Track [...]

Double Digits

Happy happy birthday to my beautiful, smart, strong, and ferocious big girl.  I've loved you since the second we met.

I cannot believe it's been a decade since I first laid eyes on this little sweetie.  Her little smile has been lighting up my life ever since.

Alli's Tenth Birthday Party

I think I need my head examined.  I had the bright idea that Alli should have a sleepover for her tenth birthday party this weekend.  And I let her invite ten people thinking at the most four would show.  It is Christmas, after all - you never know how people are spending their holidays,  Instead we had SIX RSVPs but I assured Ryan they were ten year old girls - what could be that hard?

Vodafone Mobile Connect - 3G Broadband data card

Having spent the day attending a business meeting in London, I had the opportunity to test out a recent purchase, namely a Vodaphone 3G Broadband Data Card. I have to say I’m really impressed with the speeds one can attain using this card - I wish I had bought it sooner! I managed to access the internet at a speed of 1.8mbps from London Victoria Train station and was able to happily surf all the way on the train home. Now I should be able to blog, check e-mails or surf from anywhere in the country.

Richard Byrom Consulting

Last year I left my permanent job and I am now going to be contracting as an Independent Oracle Applications Consultant and Solutions Architect.

Setting up Word 2007 for Blogging using the MetaWebLog API

In the past I’ve used Blogjet and Windows Live Writer (WLW) as blogging software clients. I prefer using blogging software clients rather than writing an article from scratch as I’m no HTML expert and once they’re setup they are fairly easy to use.

How we register and retain information

I sat in on a workshop recently and one of the slides had some interesting points about how we use our senses to register and retain information. It stated:

How we register information

  • 83% by sight
  • 11% by sound
  • 3.5% by smell
  • 1.5% by touch
  • 1% by taste

How we retain information

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