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Supporting OracleApps : Debuging Oracle Alerts

Alerts in EBS allows you to Monitor your Business information's to keep Be informed of database exceptions as and when they happen Sending Notifications to business user Performing routine database tasks automatically Calling Concurrent Programs, Shell Scripts and Operating System Scripts Types of Alerts in EBS Basically they are two types: Periodic Alerts :These alerts […]


From PO to PC and then to Fixed assets. Based on business process decide at what level cost are to be allocated in Projects whether it is at Top level or Task Level. Create Projects in Project Costing Create Task and Sub Task for every Project. Also create Assets that would be created for a […]

Customer Data Hub

Customer Data Hub is a packaged solution which tries to integrate the customer information from a set of heterogeneous systems across the organization and strives to provide a single view across departments. Helps in maintaining clean, reliable and consistent customer data Key Components Oracle Customer Online – provides the UI for the customer data Customer […]


Oracle Customer Data Hub (CDH) is not a mandate for EBS users. However, it solely depends on the Organizational needs. If an Organization decides to have SSOT (Single Source Of Truth) for it's customer data they can go with CDH solution. CDH is a complete packaged solution that allows companies to create a single, enterprise […]

Jim pinged me with this error today:

R12.2 Single file system

With the release of AD and TXK Delta 6, Oracle has provided the feature of single file system on development instances for R12.2. Here's what they have mentioned in article: Oracle E-Business Suite Applications DBA and Technology Stack Release Notes for R12.AD.C.Delta.6 and R12.TXK.C.Delta.6 (Doc ID 1983782.1)

You Are Trying To Access a Page That Is No Longer Active.The Referring Page May Have Come From a Previous Session. Please Select Home To Proceed

Shahed pinged me about this error.  It was coming after logging in.  This R12.1.3 instance had just migrated from an old server to a new one. Once you logged in this error would be displayed:

You Are Trying To Access a Page That Is No Longer Active.The Referring Page May Have Come From a Previous Session. Please Select Home To Proceed

Chrome and E-Business Suite

Dhananjay came to me today.  He said that his users were complaining about forms not launching after upgrading to the latest version of Chrome. On launching forms they got this error:

/dev60cgi/oracle forms engine Main was not found on this server

I recalled that Google Chrome team had announced that they would not support java going forward. Googling with keywords chrome java brought this page:

It states that:

opatch hangs on /sbin/fuser oracle

Pipu pinged me today about opatch hanging. The opatch log showed this:

[Apr 11, 2015 5:24:13 PM]    Start fuser command /sbin/fuser $ORACLE_HOME/bin/oracle at Sat Apr 11 17:24:13 EDT 2015

I had faced this issue once before, but was not able to recall what was the solution.  So I started fresh.

As oracle user:

/sbin/fuser $ORACLE_HOME/bin/oracle hung

As root user

/sbin/fuser $ORACLE_HOME/bin/oracle hung

As root user

lsof hung. hangs

Rajesh and Shahed called me about this error where after a reboot of the servers, wouldn't start.  It gave errors like these:
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