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Date Night

Don't be fooled by this title.  I am not referring to my own personal date night.  I haven't had one of those since my pre-Riley days, and even on that one I was 8.5 months pregnant so it's not like I really let loose or anything.  My back was killing me, I couldn't sip wine (because we all know I am a wine-sipper), and I needed to be home to get in bed by 8PM.

Self-Esteem by Alli

Alli Bree is full of wisdom, she looks at things plainly, and she's brutally honest.  Case in point, this Friday night heading to our neighborhood pool:

Alli:  "Mom, why don't you ever wear this swimsuit with the fringe?"
Me:  "Oh, I don't know.  I'm saving it for the beach," thinking to myself that it's a little Spring Break 2002 for the neighborhood pool.  Plus I didn't consider how much Riley would like to pull on the fringe.

R12.2 :Modulus Check Validations for Bank Accounts

The existing bank account number validations for domestic banks only check the length of the bank account number. These validations are performed during the entry and update of bank accounts.With R12.2 the account number validations for United Kingdom are enhanced to include a modulus check alongside the length checks. Modulus checking is the process of [...]

Oracle Adapters for Oracle Applications

The Adapter for Oracle Applications provides comprehensive, bi-directional, multi-modal, synchronous and asynchronous connectivity to the Oracle Applications. The Oracle Applications Adapter provides the necessary infrastructure to integrate Oracle Applications with the rest of your extended enterprise. Oracle E-Business Suite Adapter(Fig 1) is based on a set of standards such as J2EE Connector Architecture (J2CA), Extensible [...]

Alli's Third Grade Wrap-Up

Alli finished third grade on Friday and will embark on her last year of elementary school next in August.

Here we were on the first day of school:

Riley's First Birthday!

Last week, our little Riley girl turned O-N-E!  We decided to have a party at the house with family and friends - I didn't even send out invitations!  I just texted everyone to let them know what time.  I teased with one of my friends that the theme of the party was "Shut Up Pinterest."  I didn't put together a big themed party with invites and decorations and so much expectation I couldn't live up to.  I hung a banner, bought some balloons, ordered a cake, and made some dips.  And I really couldn't be happier about how it all went.

Pre-Mothers Day Recap

So even though my Mother's Day was by far the best day of the weekend (or ever), a lot happened this weekend before my special day.  First of all, I had to leave work early on Friday to pick up Riley.  She had a 101.5 degree fever.  Her fever finally broke today, and last night was one of my worst ever as a parent.  Nothing could make her happy, and I didn't know a child could cry for two hours straight.  But we survived, and how can you not love this face?

Mama's Day 2014

I've been a mama for nine Mother's Days now, and I've had some good ones.  But let me tell you - this year is shaping up to be one of the best yet.  Riley let me sleep in until 8:30am (she's had a fever all weekend, so we didn't go to church this morning).  Then Ryan and Alli went to go get me donuts and Starbucks, the breakfast of champions!  And since Riley seemed to be feeling all right, we decided to go on our first family bike ride.  Ryan and I got bikes last weekend, and we've been antsy to try them out all together.

Slang by Alli

A few nights ago I was getting Alli ready for school the next day by having her lay out her clothes.  She said "You know, Mom, I really need some new clothes."  "I know you do, Alli.  I'll go get you some.  What are you into these days?  Jeans and t-shirts still okay, or do you want to change it up?"

"I think jeans and t-shirts.  That's my swagga."  This statement was followed by two hands in deuces thrown up in the air.

Radio silence.  Then "Um, what did you say?"

"That's my swagga.  The jeans and t-shirts."  More deuces.

Revert R12.1.3 Homepage Layout to Link Style as in R12.1.1 or 11i

If you are using R12.1.2 , user may report some difficulty with Homepage responsblity , therefore they prefer similar to 11i or R12.1 In release 12.1.2 the E-Business Suite homepage has been re-designed using the configurable pages infrastructure. This is new Enhancement which allows customers to work with a WYSIWYG model of configuration. This allows [...]

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