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More fun with Jabbar

Not long after Jabbar was officially ours, John Patrick and Nini ventured up to the Hill to meet him.  First we brought him up to the barn for some grooming.

Lucky Seventeen

What a challenging year to be a Hog fan.  We started with a close then not so close game in Auburn and then a few solid victories over non-SEC schools.  Riley got to witness her first full Razorback game!

FAQ : Custom Request with host Type

How do you return status code to concurrent request that calls a shell script through HOST program. Host scripts run as concurrent request have two options, competed normal and error. Return (0) - Normal Return (1) - Error How to pass an environment(such as $APPLCSF) variable to a Host Concurrent Program? Normally , host scripts [...]

Mystery of java.sql.SQLRecoverableException: IO Error: Socket read timed out during adop/adpatch

While applying the R12.2 upgrade driver, we faced the issue of WFXLoad.class failing in adworker log but showing up as running on adctrl

Worker  Code      Context            Filename                    Status
------  --------  -----------------  --------------------------  --------------
     1  Run       AutoPatch R120 pl  WFXLoad.class               Running      
     2  Run       AutoPatch R120 pl  WFXLoad.class               Running      

solr and alfresco integration on jboss eap 6

When configuring solr with alfresco on jboss there is a lot of certificate bullshit. I was hitting the error:

Destin In Pictures

Apparently I took some time off from blogging this fall and summer and I completely didn't give you the day by day account of Destin!  We went the third week of July this year which is about two weeks later than usual.  I thought I was going to die of anticipation, but turns out I made it.  The Destin trip is really the highlight of the summer and going two weeks later prolonged the season in a good way.

We made an overnight stop in Ruston to see our family and these two got along famously.


So this summer, Ryan and I did something a little crazy.  It really all started early in the summer when Ryan decided to take up cycling.  He'd been thinking about it for a while and decided in May to take the plunge and buy a hybrid bike.  Then it spiraled into a family of bikes for us and a trailer for Riley and even my parents getting in on the action.  Within a few months, Ryan was full-fledged obsessed.  He and my dad planned long rides, spent hours on message boards, and reading their endless magazine subscriptions.  Ryan was happier, skinnier, and really feeling great.

Disney Vacation Day 5: Universal Studios

Since we'd already spent half a day enjoying everything The Wizarding World of Harry Potter had to offer, we started the next day Universal hitting up the roller coasters - including the truly scary Rip Ride Rockit where you pick your own personal music that plays for you during pretty much the most terrifying roller coaster ride of your life.  Which Alli made us ride three times.

Then it was on to Minion Mayhem, which much like several of the other rides is a 3D simulator that's about as intense as a roller coaster!

Disney Vacation Day 4: Universal Studios & Epcot

So a little less than a month later, I am finishing the Disney recap.  Listen, y'all.  Fall is so hectic that I. can't. breathe.  I am sorry for the delay, but better late than never right?

Happy Halloween!!

From all of your favorite Nintendo characters!  And just in case you need a primer - -

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