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All Hail the Queen

You know what I completely forgot to celebrate with you?  I can't believe it - this happened about a month and a half ago.

Dog Days of Winter

I had the camera out this week, and you've seen the pictures on the blog - Ryan and Alli playing video games in Ryan's birthday post, Alli outside working on Olaf, Riley in her eight month update.

But here are a few I snapped of our boys during the early evening.  The light was shining through our front door, and I think they call this "the golden light" because it's the perfect light for snapping pictures.

Snow Much Snow

Well, you'll be astounded to know that after eight snow days this school year already, Mother Nature decided to make it nine (as of this posting)!  Sunday morning we got up to snow flurries.  My mom and dad were in town visiting, and they hurried home, passing over ten cars in the ditch on their way!  Within a few short hours, the snow was really coming down.  We ended up with around five inches by the time it was over, and Ryan had a very cancelled birthday party on his hands.

Happy Birthday, Ryan!

Happy 31st birthday to my wonderful husband Ryan!

Here's hoping your birthday is full of everything you love - video games, family time, chicken wings, college basketball, beer, and bacon!!

Riley {Eight Month Update}

Have three quarters of a year really gone by since Riley was born?  Shouldn't I be used to this now?  Well, guess what - I'm not.  I don't think I'll ever get over how fast time goes by!

Black Eyed Pea

Like I mentioned in some earlier posts, this past weekend was gorgeous.  After Alli's horse show on Sunday, we did our grocery shopping.  On the way home, we stopped by Academy Sports.  Alli asked me (again) to please sign her up for softball this spring, so I did a few weeks ago in a fast pitch league put on by Fayetteville High School.  I'm not sure if she's ready for her mom to turn into a crazy woman though.  I don't know anything about soccer, but she's about to get schooled in softball.

Leap of Faith

On Sunday, we started the day with a family walk.  It seems like every week since Riley's been born, I say to Ryan "We're going to church next week!" and then we always find a reason not to - illness, exhaustion, family.  So this was yet another week that we didn't make it, but we did spend some quality family time enjoying God's creation and the 60 degree temperatures he blessed us with, so I'm going to focus on the positive!

Brick by Brick

After a week of frigid temperatures, we had a beautiful and warm weekend.  Unfortunately for the first time ever, Fayetteville Public Schools decided to hold a make-up snow day on a Saturday.  So Alli went from a four day week (she was supposed to be off for Martin Luther King Jr. Day on Monday) to a six day week.  She was not too happy Saturday morning when we took her in, she said she was afraid we were going to do something fun without her.

jboss EAP 6.2.0 Remote JMX monitoring in domain mode

In the domain.xml of the domain controller the profile of the server should contain the following:


On the host which runs the server a application user must be created with $JBOSS_HOME/bin/

Riley {Seven Month Update}

Houston, we have a problem.  My teeny tiny baby has disappeared!  So much so that I can barely fit her into our shots for our monthly pics!  See what I mean?
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