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Riley {Ten Month Update}

Boy, do I feel sheepish.  It's been over a month since I last posted!  Spring has been a flurry of activity for our family, and I've been collapsing into bed at night without the energy to blog.  Now I'm posting Riley's ten month update when she's almost eleven months old!  Please forgive me.  I'll do better, I promise!

Oracle Property Manager : API’s availability

With recent Patch 10401569, you can take advantage of using API for Oracle Property Manager. The following APIs are available Lease creation and updation can be done using APIs. Index Rent creation and updation can be done using APIs. Variable Rent creation and updation can be done using APIs. Workflow, Business events for lease are [...]

March Babies

Our family has been blessed to know three, yes THREE couples who had babies on my birthday weekend!  March is a fantastic month to be born, and I am happy to share my birth month (and even my birthDAY in one case) with these new little sweeties!

Adventures in Babyfood Making

I've alluded to this several times on the blog, but Ryan and I are making Riley's baby food ourselves.  I had three big wishes for giving Riley the best start possible:  breastfeeding her the first year, cloth diapering, and making her baby food.  All three of those were pretty ambitious and would require a lot of work on my part, but I really wanted to make it happen.  Breastfeeding has gone very well, even after me going back to work when Riley was twelve weeks old.  I think a lot of that is helped by the fact that I'm home with her two days a week.

Birthday Extravaganza 2014

This weekend marked the annual event lovingly known as Birthday Extravaganza.  It's only the second time in history that it's been held in Fayetteville, so I loved having a house full of people over!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Apparently Alli wasn't aware of the tradition of pinching someone who isn't wearing green on this holiday, so when I told her last night as we laid out her green pants and green shirt, she got a gleam in her eye.

Last night before I went to bed, I made sure to put on a green shirt so that when I got up in the morning, she wouldn't be able to get me.  Ryan, however, wasn't so lucky.  He got a pinch on the arm this morning for forgetting his green!
When I walked in to put her green bow in her hair, Alli pinched my leg.

29 and Holding

Almost a week ago, a major event occurred:  I became 29.  We kicked off the party Sunday when I was headed out to take Alli to the barn.  The ground was still extremely wet from the snow and sleet we'd had the week before, so Ryan decided to give me a birthday present early, and they sure did come in handy!  Rain, mud, and snow just got a little brighter.

R12.2 Dictionary Corrupted error during adop phase=prepare

Do not follow the document 1576086.1.  I followed it and increased my invalid counts from 1000 to 100,000 and wasted 10 hours to get back to where I started.  Instead follow these instructions:

Alli's Anecdotes

The other night, we were feeding Riley chicken.  It's not the greatest thing in the world - it's boiled, shredded, and then blended with water to make a sort of paste.  I like to think it's better than the jarred baby food chicken, but in health only.  I'm pretty sure they taste equally terrible.

Anyway, we were feeding Riley who was not enjoying her chicken.  And Alli decided to encourage her.

"Riley, you have to like chicken.  Lots of good things come from chicken.  Like chicken nuggets, chicken patties…and pork chops…and…fish sticks!"

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