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Disney Vacation Day 4: Universal Studios & Epcot

So a little less than a month later, I am finishing the Disney recap.  Listen, y'all.  Fall is so hectic that I. can't. breathe.  I am sorry for the delay, but better late than never right?

Happy Halloween!!

From all of your favorite Nintendo characters!  And just in case you need a primer - -

Integration Options with Oracle Fusion Cloud Service

Do you know Oracle Fusion Financials Cloud Service is built with Oracle’s Application Development Framework (ADF) and provides four primary methods of integration with other applications: ADF Services (commonly referred to as Web Services) ADF Desktop Integration File Based Data Import Reporting Tools ADF Services A web service provides a standardized way of integrating two [...]

Go Mobile with E-Business Suite [Smartphone Apps]

Oracle has recently released 14 mobile applications for Oracle E-Business Suite. In order to support real-time business decisions and collaboration , today's increasingly mobile workforce requires instant access to targeted enterprise data and functions-wherever and whenever they want. These mobile applications, including horizontal apps targeted for all employees as well as role-based line of business [...]

Disney Vacation Day 3: Hollywood Studios

I don't need to tell you why I was so excited about heading to Hollywood Studios, but here's a reminder:

Disney Vacation Day 2: Animal Kingdom

After getting settled into bed around 12:45AM, the next morning came a little too quickly.  But when you're only in Disney World for a week, sometimes you have to just power through.  So we were all a little groggy and bleary-eyed for Animal Kingdom but we soldiered on.

Disney Vacation Day 1: Magic Kingdom

I called our arrival day in Orlando Day 0 because technically our that day was a travel day and we still got four hours in the Magic Kingdom.  When Day 1 rolled around, we already had the lay of the land and an idea of what we wanted to do.  Alli is such a little thrill seeker, but she loves getting autographs from the characters too, so we tried to make sure we balanced out what we did and spent our time wisely.

Disney Vacation: Day 0

Okay, I know it's been a while.  And so much has happened since I last wrote and I most definitely owe you some updates.  But before I get there (sometime next week), I am going to start fresh right now and tell you what's going on right this very minute because...


oracle.ias.cache.CacheFullException: J2EE JOC-017 The cache is full

Yesterday, the users of an EBS R12.2 instance got this error when they logged in:

Error Page
You have Encountered an unexpected error.  Please contact the System Administrator for assistance.

On checking the $EBS_DOMAIN_HOME/servers/oacore_server1/logs/oacore_server1.out, we found this error:

adopreports utility in R12.2

I discovered a utility in R12.2 when I was looking for the directory of adop :

which adop

cd $NE_BASE/EBSapps/appl/ad/bin/
$ ls
adop  adopreports

Curious I executed adopreports
$ adopreports

Enter the APPS username: apps
Enter the APPS Password:

    Online Patching Diagnostic Reports Main Menu

    1.  Run edition reports

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