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NOLA Family Style

When I found out my cousin Brooke was getting married in New Orleans, I definitely had my reservations about taking my whole family down there.  Where you hear NOLA, you think of beads, boobs, and Bourbon - but I'm here to tell you, there's a lot more to it than that.  We got up the morning after the wedding and headed to Cafe Du Monde to get beignets and cafe au lait.  The line was incredibly long, but it moved really quickly.  Plus we can always find a way to entertain ourselves.

GL performace

198437.1 198437.1 - How to Improve Journal Import Performance and Performance of Other GL Programs in 11i and R12 107059.1 - Journal Import - FAQ 134434.1 - How to Troubleshoot Low Performance Problems on General Ledger Concurrent Programs   within 2 or 3 minutes. Any one of these should answer your questions, or at least [...]

The Big Easy

We had a major family event this past weekend - my cousin Brooke got married to her fiancee Keith this weekend.  Of course I love Brooke, and Keith is an awesome guy.  I mean he's an engineer - what's not to like?  So we packed up the girls and headed to the Crescent City for the festivities.

Riley {Five Month Update}

It's that time again!  Can you believe another month has gone by?  Our precious Riley Roo has been with us five months, and what a wonderful blessed time it's been.  This little ma'am is showing her personality more and more every day.

Create JBoss EAP 6.1 default profile with

I made a shell function to create (copy) the default profile of JBoss EAP 6.1:

function create_profile
$JBOSS_HOME/bin/ -c --controller=${host}:${port} >> $LOG_FILE 2>&1 <batch
/profile=${1}/subsystem=logging/periodic-rotating-file-handler=FILE:add(autoflush=true,formatter="%d{HH:mm:ss,SSS} %-5p [%c] (%t) %s%E%n",file={"path"=>"${2}_server.log","relative-to"=>"jboss.server.log.dir"},suffix=".yyyy-MM-dd",append=true)

Alli's Assurances

A few nights ago we were eating on the run, and I made Alli corndogs.  She eats them with ranch dressing, and I forgot to put any on her plate.

Alli:  "Mama, you forgot my ranch."

Me:  "Gosh, I'm so sorry, Alli.  Can you go grab it?"

Alli:  "It's okay, you're still the best mom ever."

Sometimes it's nice to hear that you rock at your job.

Happy Halloween!!

This year Halloween dawned rainy, and the rain didn't completely stop until about 5PM.  But the ghouls smiled and the rain quit, and we Lowes got down to some real Halloween fun.  I picked Alli up and we set up our pumpkins by our front door.

Pumpkin Prepping

Happy Halloween!  Check back later for an update on our trick or treating!!

After we spent the day at the pumpkin patch this Sunday, we had our neighbors over that evening for pizza and to make Halloween cookies.  We used my mom's secret cookie recipe and the brand new cookie cutters Ryan bought.

Pumpkin Picking

This past weekend I had visions of perfection.  I was going to squeeze all of our fall fun into one weekend, and it was going to be awesome.  And then Alli threw up on the soccer field first thing Saturday.  And I thought my plans were ruined.

Alli's Anecdotes

Alli spent yesterday with a stomach virus, totally ruining my grand plans of cookie decorating, pumpkin carving, and pumpkin patching.  So instead, we engaged in my favorite fall pastime - football watching.  We watched the Tennesee-Alabama game, and this happened:

Alli:  "Mama, who are you rooting for?"

Me:  "Oh, gosh, I don't know if I care.  I'll root for whoever you want me to."

Alli:  "I'm rooting for Alabama."

Me:  "I think that's a good idea.  It's hard for me to cheer for Tennessee."

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